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Classic Raw Cheesecake

As promised… here’s my all-time favorite raw cheesecake recipe!

For the Crust:

If you’d like a traditional cheesecake with a crust, prepare my graham cracker crust (<– recipe here) first.

Press the crust into the bottom of a greased 4″ springform pan, then place in the freezer to set until the cheesecake filling is ready.

For the Filling:

Start making the cheesecake filling by peeling and chopping up 1/2 a cup of fresh zucchini.

Process the zucchini in a mini-food processor, until very finely chopped.

To the chopped zucchini, add 2 1/2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice, 2 1/2 tablespoons raw honey, 2 dates, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract and 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt, and blend until smooth.

Finally, add 1/2 a cup of raw cashew butter to the mixture, and blend until smooth and well combined.

Assemble your cheesecake by pouring the batter on top of your prepared graham cracker crust

(You will probably have a little bit of cheesecake batter leftover–> I like to freeze this in a separate container and enjoy it on its own!)

Smooth the top with a spatula, and freeze overnight to set.

The next day, your cheesecake should be ready to devour!

Remove from the spring-form pan, slice and serve!

Straight from the freezer, this cheesecake is the PERFECT consistency, incredibly similar to the REAL thing!

(Make sure you serve it directly from the freezer, as it can get soft quickly at room temperature, and will go back to a more “pudding-like” consistency if left out too long.)

4.9 from 18 reviews
Classic Raw Cheesecake
A surprisingly authentic tasting cheesecake, but without the unhealthy ingredients!
  • ½ cup zucchini, peeled and chopped
  • ½ cup raw cashew butter
  • 2½ Tablespoons fresh lemon juice
  • 2½ Tablespoons raw honey (or agave nectar, for vegans)
  • 2 dates
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ¼ teaspoon sea salt
  1. In a mini food processor, blend zucchini until finely processed.
  2. Add the lemon juice, raw honey, dates, vanilla, and sea salt, and blend until smooth.
  3. Finally, add in the cashew butter and blend until well combined.
  4. Pour into a spring-form pan, over a raw graham cracker crust if desired, and FREEZE OVERNIGHT until set.
  5. Serve frozen for an authentic cheesecake texture.
You can make your own cashew butter by simply blending 2 cups of raw cashews in a high-powered blender (such as a Vita-Mix) until smooth.

This stuff doesn’t last long around my house–> so I highly recommend doubling the recipe if you have lots of cheesecake-lovers around!

Hope you all enjoy!!

124 comments to Classic Raw Cheesecake


    Incredible!!! I made this for a super bowl party and people raved about it!! They couldn’t believe there was zucchini in it.

  • Looks sooo great!! You can´t buy cashewbutter in germany, do you have a receipe for it to make?

  • Mary Pichotta

    Just wondering where you find a 4 inch springform pan? I’ve never seen one so small. These look really good and I’ll have to try them soon. Might just use the mini muffin cups like they did in a comment above.

    • I picked it up at a Home Goods store a few years ago! I used to have to make my raw desserts pretty small, because no one would dare try them– now, they all know better and I almost never use my small pan anymore. ;) You can double or triple the recipe to fill up a full-size pan, if you prefer.

  • Linda C

    I can’t wait to try this! YUM! Sounds like a great recipe and I have everything on hand. I haven’t had cheesecake in years, so this will be a real treat! Thanks so much for sharing! And great blog too!

  • Hi there,
    Happy to have discovered your website, just amazing! Thank you”
    Your raw cheesecake, we don’t have, oh oops I didn’t read all the recipe! I have just answered my own question.
    We don’t have graham cracker, ( biscuits) I take it? Are they are savoury biscuits?
    Big love from Rosie

  • Kaitlin

    This looks amazing! Can’t wait to try…. I do not have a spring-form pan… do you have another suggestion?
    Thanks :)

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  • Steven


    Looking for a dairy-free take on the (Japanese) Rare Cheesecake I came across this recipe. I’m really interested in trying this, but before I do I’m curious about your thought process: How did you came to include zucchini? I’m a lifelong foodie and this would just never have occurred to me.

    Great site, btw.


    • Megan

      I’m always looking for ways to sneak veggies into my recipes, so the zucchini addition made sense to me– it adds moisture and texture, without altering the flavor! I can’t imagine making this cheesecake without it now.

  • Nora

    Megan, if we would like to double this with an 8 inch spring form pan, we should make everything else doubled right?

    • Lisa

      Oh gosh, no, you should quadruple the ingredient amounts (not double). Basic math. Area of a circle is pi*radius*radius, or just (1/4)*pi*diameter*diameter. So if you double the pan size (double the diameter), you’re ending up with 4 times the original circular area. If this doesn’t make sense, find a math whiz to explain it better!
      Note that if you just double your ingredients, it’s not a disaster: you’ll end up with a very short but still very tasty cheesecake.

  • Katie

    I became lactose -intolerant around 2 years ago and have been missing cheesecake ever since!! This was the perfect recipie and I will deffinitly be making more of them! THANK YOU

  • John

    I made this a couple of times. First time I used almond butter instead of cashew butter. This was also very good! This last time I used the actual cashew butter. The first one came out a lot darker. It looked like it was a coffee cheesecake. This one looks more like the one on the picture:

    I could not find a 4″ pan, so I used a 6″ pan and doubled the ingredients. Everyone loved it. Thanks for sharing the recipe with us!

  • Payday is looking better and better. My shopping list is going to be pretty fun looking for the ingredients to so many of your recipes!!Since finding your blog tonight the hardest thing you ask?? Putting the laptop down & going to sleep!! LOL This looks amazing & I seriously can’t wait to try it. I may even offer to share with my family ;-)

  • Tammy

    Just thought I would share… you can totally skip the whole make your own cashew butter and just use cashews. I made it and substituted the cashew butter for a heaping 1/2cup raw cashews and put all the ingredients in the blender and blended until smooth – turned out great and super easy!! I skipped the crust and topped it with fresh berries.
    Thanks for a yummy recipe. Oh and I used yellow squash!

  • Cara

    I made this using almonds instead of pecans (for the base) and cashews, and it was amazingly yummy! Thank you!

  • zosia

    hi. just wondering how many servings this make?

  • Megan,
    Can you tell me how many does this serve? It looks like a single serving from the pictures. Thanks Michele

  • Sybil

    My son absolutely loves this recipe! He has requested it for his ‘birthday cake’

  • At the moment I have my first two cheesecakes in the freezer, a chocolate one with Zucchini and a lemon/strawberry without (see my blog). I’m excited to compare the two, thanks for the inspiration!

  • kerri

    how many does this serve????

  • hi! i really want to make this . . . but nuts r super expensive! i already have a recipe for healthy graham cracker pie crust, but what can i use to replace the cashew butter in the actual cheesecake? PLEASE HELP ASAP! thanks!

    • Megan

      Hmm… if you don’t want to use nuts, then you might want to look for a recipe calling for cream cheese? I can’t think of an authentic-tasting alternative other than using nuts or seeds for a vegan version.

  • It was okay. the ingredients were expensive, so i just used graham crackers for the crust ( i used chocolate covered katie’s recipe) and the crust was fine. the cheesecake tasted VERY lemony, i don’t know if i used too much lemon juice or what, but it was very sour! overall it was good, but just because it was so expensive for the nuts that i don’t know if i were to make it again! thanks for the recipe though.

  • Cassidy

    Eeek, I didn’t realize there were dates in this until I started making it. D: I don’t haz dates.
    I subbed a couple generous tablespoons of coconut oil…here’s to hoping it works! :P

  • Travis

    Where’s the cheese?
    No cheese, not a cheesecake.

    I’ll give you “cheesecake texture”, but this is not a cheesecake. I am sad. Cheesecake is sad.

  • Sarah

    I didn’t read any of the comments to see if this had been asked already or not, but my boyfriend is allergic to cashews; is there something we could use to substitute for cashews in this recipe?!

  • Jen

    Made this for dessert tonight. I agree,”not cheesecake” BUT so amazing & delicious! Everyone loved it & no one believed that there was zucchini in it. Yum! Thanks :)

  • Dom

    Does anyone know the Cal and Carb count on this?

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  • Elyssa

    Will this cheesecake taste the same if I used regular cashew butter? after making the recipe I realized the batter was a different color and that it called for “raw cashew butter”.

  • Dana

    This is my go-to cheesecake recipe. It’s great with fruit and I basically know the recipe by heart now. Everyone loves this one!

  • Tiffany

    Megan, OH MY GOODNESS!! This recipe is incredible, especially with the graham cracker crust with pecans. The only thing I changed was to add another 1/8 cup zucchini and a little bit more cashew butter as it was a lil “lemony” to my liking. But seriously, AMAZING! I had to stop myself from eating the whole batch. So excited to try out more of your recipes- a huge THANK YOU!

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  • jean

    I would like to know what size tin is used, or about how many serving can i get? Thanks.

  • Anna

    I’ve really been wanting to make this, but was hesitant as I have yet to purchase a food processor. Turns out I underestimated my lovely Oster blender who did a bang up job at making the cashew butter and “crust”. I used almonds for the crust instead, amazing results. Made it last night, and boyfriend and I had it for breakfast. We were astounded. He kept saying how it tasted “bad for you”. I’ll be the first to say this is a brilliant recipe that mimics cheesecake as close as possible. Megan, you are very talented! It was creamy and delicious, and no overwhelming sense of regret after having a nice helping :) I am going to trick my non-health conscious friends tonight! Thank you for being a guru to us health-minded creatures!

  • Rachel

    I figured all these fantastic reviews wouldn’t steer me wrong, so I made a quadruple batch today (only double for the crust, which is still a great ratio). I just checked on it in the freezer, and OH MY!! It’s heavenly!! People, don’t hesitate on this recipe, go for it! I found a brand of raw cashew butter called Eastwind at my health food store. It’s a great little company, it’s a teeny bit cheaper per oz than whole raw cashews (in my area), and you get a glass jar to reuse as well. I added a few sprinkles of cinnamon and nutmeg to my crust, and it’s the perfect hint of flavor. I’ll never go back to dairy cheesecake! Huge kudos to you, Megan, for this wonderful recipe! Love your blog!! Blessings, Rachel.

  • Rachel

    Totally forgot to mention I used stevia in both the crust and filling with no problem at all. I’m on a candida/leaky gut protocol right now, so no honey or dates for me, but I don’t know if I’ll need them with recipes like this. I did add just a bit of coconut oil to the filling, just in case, but I’m sure it would have set up just fine without it. Can’t wait to use zucchini in more sweet recipes after this!

  • Mattie

    So delicious! I didn’t have cashew butter, so I used an all natural peanut butter with great success. To compensate for a very different flavor between butters I reduced the lemon juice and increased the vanilla. Turned out delicious! I’m just beginning to get into natural cooking and baking, and your website is such a life saver!

    Thanks for making the journey that much less overwhelming!

  • I like to make all your cheesecakes into smoothies! I just add ice and almond milk, blend and enjoy! SOOO YUMMY! Thank you for your wonderful recipes.

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  • Seriously, you’re killing me. Too many great recipes, so little time!!!!

  • Debbie

    Just to let everyone know I purchased the mini spring pans at Target There were three in the box for under $10. Cant wait to try this, can you use prunes instead of dates? I can not find the dates.

  • Erica

    I made this yesterday and it was fabulous. My husband even enjoyed it and told me to definitely feel free to make it again. :) I honestly liked it enough that I don’t think I will ever bother making a real cheesecake again. This one took me about 15 minutes to make in my Vitamix, crust included. The only change I made was to add 1/8 tsp of ground ginger to the crust. Thank you so much for creating and sharing this recipe!

  • Tracy

    I made this last night. It’s delicious!!! I missed reading about using a small pan and just used a regular sized one. I doubled the recipe, which worked great for the crust, but the topping was pretty thin (1/2 inch). Next time I will triple the filling. Still wonderful though!!!

  • Amber

    I can’t have dates, what could I use instead??

  • Christy

    I saw this recipe back in 2012 but never tried it until about a year later because I was skeptical about how zucchini and cashews could taste like cheesecake. When I finally made it my husband and I immediately feel in love with it. It is so good I think we made it like four times in that first month.

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