Weekend Grins

Things that have made me smile so far this weekend…

Lemon Coconut Cupcakes–> with homemade vegan frosting!!

(recipe coming soon)

Rescue Pet Adoptions!! After enjoying coffee with a good friend, we ended up here… and she went home with the sweetest puppy ever!

Well, almost the sweetest puppy ever… ;)

California Pizza Kitchen To-Go. With my father-in-law in town, we ordered take-out salads one night– and I’m so impressed! Not only were the portions huge, they packaged all my roasted vegetable toppings separately, so my fresh greens wouldn’t wilt! Happy customer, over here. 

Soda Stream Fountain! Our in-laws got one of these cool machines, so we sampled some homemade soda water this weekend! Normally, I’m not a fan of carbonated water, but the Soda Stream lets you choose how bubbly you want your water to be–> so it wasn’t as harsh as store-bought carbonated water. Plus, it’s always more fun when you made it yourself!

The best Vegan Pesto Sauce I’ve ever made. Austin loves it. I love it. 

Soon, you’ll love it, too.

How’s YOUR weekend going so far?

12 comments to Weekend Grins

  • This weekend I went south for some of my clinical – which happens to be in the same town as M! So I’ve been doing a lot of catching up and cuddling <3

  • KellyB

    Could you talk more about the soda stream machine. My husband is trying to stop drinking pop. He said he likes the bubbles in pop and has asked about this machine after hearing ads during xmas. I just wasn’t sure it was worth it and didn’t like the idea of buying their flavor packets. Can you use any beverage, like a juice, in this machine? Or only use it with their bottled flavors?

    • We just used it for plain, filtered water– which turned out great! (We didn’t feel comfortable using any of their flavor packets, either.)

      I don’t think they “recommend” using it for other beverages, like juice, but I’ve heard that it can be done… it just may not turn out as bubbly as the water.

      • We have had one for years, and can make homemade “soda” with Sweet Leaf stevia drops {they have grape, orange and root beer flavors that my kids love}. We have tried carbonating juice, but I think it tastes odd. However, it’s kind of refreshing to add a little bit of juice to the carbonated water. I would highly recommend it! :)

        • Heather

          carbonated water = carbonic gas. As Natalia emailed me once when I got SO excited about the new stevia sweetened sodas – carbonation is death to oxygen in cells!. :( I miss soda but not the burping and excess gas and bloating…

          • Yes, that’s a good reminder, Heather, and why I tend to stay away from carbonated water for the most part.

            However, I do think it’s still a great transition tool for someone who is trying to stop drinking sugary sodas!

  • Sam

    I LOVE CPK salads! They are so (surprisingly) delicious/special/satisfying!

    Looks like you have a fun weekend :-)

  • Cheya

    Looking forward to that vegan pesto recipe! I love pesto! :)

  • Cute doggies!!! I can’t wait for the pesto recipe, love me some pesto on anything :)

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