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With warmer weather officially showing up, you may find yourself wanting to clean-up your diet or create a set of new healthy habits. It’s the perfect time to do so, thanks to the abundance of fresh summer produce and sunshine!

If you’d like my guidance to embark on a lasting lifestyle change, I’ll be hosting one more 8-week online coaching session of the Easy To Eat Well program.

(The last session of the year!)

eat well

This program includes:

An 8-week guidebook (PDF), with easy steps to create lasting lifestyle change.

  • Weekly goals to develop better eating habits
  • Sample meal plans
  • Exclusive & delicious recipes
  • Effective exercises
  • Helpful Supplements
  • Easy Meal Preparation Tips
  • Dining Out Guide
  • Emotional eating strategies
  • Omnivore, Vegetarian, Vegan and Low-Oxalate options included

PLUS, access to a private online community created exclusively for program participants!

I’m particularly excited about these exclusive online message boards. As a participant, you’ll be able to remain anonymous, while benefiting from the energy and support of a like-minded community, who are all following the same program at the same time. Past participants have created friendships that have lasted long after the program!

This private community setting will allow me to respond to any and all of your questions, tweaking the program to each individual throughout the 8-week program, as well as allow you to receive support and motivation from fellow participants. In my experience as a health coach, clients often have many of the same questions and issues come up, so this will allow me to offer support to everyone at the same time, as a group!

Another benefit of group coaching? It’s more affordable.

For only $99, you’ll receive all of the materials listed above in the 8-week guidebook, PLUS 8 weeks of access to the virtual coaching community! That’s a 60% discount when compared to my private coaching rates.

Here’s what previous participants had to say about the program:

“I can’t even begin to list what I have learned from this! I just am feeling so good about myself and the direction my body is going – and I honestly can’t say I have had that feeling for so long. Thank you so much Megan for doing this at a rate that I, a poor graduate student, could afford. I have learned a ton, and am so grateful. I always loved your recipes and your posts that featured your eats for the day – but just never really understood how to make it apply to ME. I am learning to pre-make and plan snacks and meals, finding out what things I really enjoy that are new to me, and just loving how happy I am. I remember last year in the fall adding myself to your email list to find out when you would be taking on new clients, and I’m pretty sure I bugged you in the comments too It was totally worth it! Thank you again for teaching me a new way of living. You were always great at answering my questions so quickly and not making me feel silly for asking any of them. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested!” -Kim

“Even though I knew a lot about eating healthy before I started the program, I didn’t necessarily put it into practice. These 8 weeks helped me to focus and really start doing the right thing. For me the most astonishing thing is that I am not craving anything. I’m not looking to run out tonight and eat a pizza or something. It’s not even in my “stomach thoughts.” Ha! I wasn’t eating a lot of processed foods before, but now I’m not eating any! (except for chocolate, goat cheese and sprouted grain bread). I can’t even imagine eating something made in a factory, or an animal that didn’t get the respect it deserved or the extra sugar in bottled drinks or cleaning with the usual chemicals. I’ve printed out some charts to tell me what is in season and I want to eat based on that as much as I can. Thanks for this Megan. I had fun.” -Heather

“I just wanted to also say that I really loved the program. Having a goal for the week really helped… and I definitely plan on repeating the weeks again to help stay on track and get more benefits. Before the program, I thought I was fairly healthy, but I realized how I was eating a lot of “healthy” packaged foods and not enough veggies, that really are not that nutritious. The first few weeks my body had a hard time adjusting… that goes to show how much it needed the change! Also, the information about toxins and reducing them in our personal and cleaning products was very interesting! After the program I feel like I have a much better idea on how to feed myself with good nutrients. It was surprising how easy (and quick to prepare) it can be to fill up on meals primarily (or entirely) made of veggies without feeling like I’m just eating raw carrot sticks. (And even those dipped in the tahini dressing are yummy!) I know I still have changes to make…the next one is really looking at sugar, but I feel so much better now and was really glad to be a part of the program!” -Anon

“This program has been a big help to me the last couple months. I feel like I was pretty healthy before I started this program but have still learned SO much about various topics and ways to improve upon what I had already learned. I have picked up some basic guidelines that are practical things which can be easily incorporated into anyone’s lifestyle that will end up being HUGE benefits in the long run. Thanks so much for all your hard work, the PDF, and being willing to answer any and all of our questions. It has been wonderful being able to get advice from someone I trust.” -Alyssa

The next 8-week program will begin on Monday, July 1st, so you can enjoy the rest of your summer with confidence!

*Note: This will be my LAST coaching session of the year, before I have to start worrying about a new little addition in our life, so this is the time to take advantage of this exclusive program.

Space is limited, to provide each and every participant with my full attention. To reserve your spot today, click on the link below:

(Pre-Sale) Easy To Eat Well: 8-Week Online Coaching Program

eat wellAdd to Cart

By purchasing this program, you are agreeing to the terms of service.

I look forward to working with this exclusive group, and seeing you all achieve your goals this summer!

Get more recipes + meal plans in my books:

detox book and meal plan

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I would love to do it but I travel two weeks a month for work. Is that possible?


    If you have access to a computer during your travels, you should still be able to fully participate. I used to travel often myself, so I can relate to that schedule!


I love reading your blog! I began cross fitting about 6 months ago and wanted to know if your plan includes any additional protein or allows room for after workout protein shakes meals? Thank you! Megan J


    I have included recipes for some protein shakes in the program, and you could definitely add additional shakes based on your workout regimen!


Is it fully on-line at our own pace, or are there live phone/skype sessions?


    Yes, it is fully online. Due to the various time zones of participants, we won’t be hosting any live sessions– so you can visit and participate in the online message boards at your own pace.


RIght now I’m doing a combination program. I started using a lot of your recipes (love them!), but realized I was still eating things that caused me problems. So now I’m food combining, adhering to FODMAP and Body Ecology principles. However I’m having trouble coming up with things to eat! Would this program help me?


    The program is not set up for FODMAP and Body Ecology specifically, but I’d be happy to work with you to come up with more meal ideas as we work together over the 8-week course.


Can you assist with paleo or mostly paleo plans?


    The program has plenty of grain-free and refined sugar-free options, so it could be considered paleo-friendly, with an emphasis on vegetables. I’d be happy to help you come up with more healthy meal ideas that fall into the Paleo regimen.


Is this easy to do on vacation? I will have computer access. Thanks


    If you are committed to making the changes, I’m pretty sure you could do the program from anywhere! Being able to prepare some of your own food would be extra helpful, but you should be able to find healthy options at most restaurants, too.


I am wondering if the program can be adapted to a low carb regimen? Thanks!


    It depends on how “low carb” you are looking to be? My program is not considered low-carb in an Atkins-like sense, but it can easily be adapted to be completely grain-free, and fairly low in sugar, if you desire.


Is course still open for registration?


    Dear Megan,
    I am obsessed with your site!!! Love love love it! I had a baby boy 8 months ago and I am trying with difficulty to go back to my


      Pre pregnancy size. I love your food and this new way of eating. If the course is still open, would love to join it. Enjoy the new baby, it is wonderful!!!


        Yes, registration is open until the start of the session on July 1st. You can enroll by clicking the “Add to Cart” button above!

Paula P. Martin

Hi Megan, I am a 58 year old women with Type II diabetes. I am on oral medication, short and long acting insulins. I need to loss between 20-30 pounds. Is your program designed for persons with diabetes? I really desire a more plant based food plan, but I need to be sure I get my required amount of proteins.
Thanking you in advance for your response.


    The program is not specifically designed for people with Diabetes, but its focus on whole foods and regular meals should be beneficial for anyone looking to lose weight or establish a set of long-term healthy eating habits. Any specific questions you may have can be addressed in the private online message boards.

      Paula P. Martin

      Good afternoon Megan,
      Thank you for your prompt rly. I am interested the 8 week program. In July I will be out of town at a conference for about 10 days with the facility preparing our meals. Do you think I could still participate in your program, follow as best I can, get the information when I return home and “start” again? I will have limited computer access.


I’m thinking about doing this, but am curious what exactly it is? Is it just meal plans and us asking questions or do you actually have a structure/plan to the program? Not sure if that makes sense : ). Thank you!!


    The PDF guide gives the participants one goal to focus on each week, along with sample meal plans, so that is the basic structure of the program. In the online message boards, participants are welcome to ask me questions about any issues that may come up about the program, or any other questions or concerns during the 8 weeks.


Just registered! Can’t wait!


Me too! Tha


Hi megan, I live in asia, can I join the programme? But how will send the supplements to me?


    Yes, you can participate as long as you have internet access. The PDF guide book is delivered via email, and the message boards where you can ask me questions during the 8-week program will be exclusively online.


Can you give me an example of what a weekly goal might be?


How well does this program work with menopause weight gain?


i am very interested in this, but due to allergies have to avoid: dairy, soy, corn, eggs, wheat, peanuts and almonds. i don’t eat meat, but that is not an allergy, just a preference. I have used a few recipes from your site successfully, but am wondering if this is too many limitations for the program? please advise, I would love to sign up if possible.


    That does sound like a challenge, but since you must eat this way regardless, you might as well have a group to help support you! My program is naturally free of soy, corn, peanuts and cow’s dairy, so you’d just have to avoid the recipes including eggs, almonds and goat dairy. We’d love to have you join us!

Paula P. Martin

Hi Megan, I am not sure if my last reply went through. If it did, please forgive the repeating email. I am going to be at a convention for 10 days in July. In your opinion, would it work for me to begin July 1st, work the program until I go to the meeting and follow the plan as close as possible while at the meeting. Then when I return home get back on track? I so need to do this program physically, mentally and spiritually. I will have little computer access.
Thank you for your kindness, passion and ministry.


    Hi Paula! Yes, you can definitely still keep up with the program, even with the 10-day break in July. You’ll get to keep the PDF guidebook for life (I’ve had some clients repeat the program on their own, to further their results!) and you’ll be able to see everything you missed posted on the forums, so you can pick up right where you left off!

Paula P. Martin

Megan, thank you for your prompt reply. Your program gives me hope in so many ways. I thank God for you.

Paula P. Martin

Megan, another concern. Are there any fasting periods or scheduled low calorie intake?


    Nope, I don’t encourage fasting or a low calorie intake in this program!


I signed up for the health coaching and just wanted to make sure I was on the list. I haven’t gotten any emails yet about the forum or PDF book. Just wanna make sure I’m not missing anything? Thanks!!!


    Hi Jessica! The email containing the PDF and forum access information will be sent out sometime tomorrow to all the clients who have signed up so far. 🙂


Hi Megan!

I am just curious if the program requires any special tools like a juicer?



    Special tools aren’t required, but a blender would definitely make it easier to create some of the recipes!


Hi Megan,

I’m thinking about signing up for your online coaching. Does the PDF we would receive outline the “schedule” of things? Also, is there a strong focus on food combining and the “why” behind certain changes or suggestions? Thanks!


    I’m not sure what you mean by a “schedule,” but the PDF does include guidance for each week, plus several sample meal plans (Monday-Sunday) and a sample exercise schedule. And yes, each week there is an explanation of what we’re focusing on and why.


Just placed my “order”! When should I expect the pdf and such, just so I can keep an eye out for it… 🙂


    Hi Aubrey! I haven’t received a copy of your order yet (I’m not sure how long it takes to get to me), so if you want to forward me a copy of your email receipt to detoxinista (at) gmail (dot) com, I’ll get the materials out to you ASAP!



Hi there –
Is it too late to sign up?
I just saw this.

Thanks! Love your site and your recipes.


    Since we’re still in the first week, you are welcome to still join in if you’d like to! Just use the button above to complete the enrollment process. 🙂

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