Reader Request: A Sample Day

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I’ve received numerous requests to post what a “sample day” looks like for me, so here it goes….


I usually try to start my morning by taking a probiotic on an empty stomach. The one I’m currently taking is called ProAlive Probiotic:

(I keep it in my refrigerator, and add only a couple drops to some lukewarm water to take it.)

Other morning activities may include dry skin brushing (I use this brush) and rebounding for 10-20 minutes (with this rebounder), depending on how I feel. I don’t necessarily do these things EVERY morning, but I aim to!

I usually don’t eat first thing in the morning. (no matter how many “experts” tell me I should!) Instead, I typically sip on a warm beverage (usually warm water, green tea, or occasionally a cup of coffee) throughout most of my morning, then wait for my body to tell me when it needs something. When I finally DO feel hungry, I like to start my day with a green juice or smoothie:

Typical green juice: A head of romaine, 3-4 stems of kale, 1/2 an apple and 1/2 a lemon.

Typical green smoothie: 6 oz. of organic spinach, 1 frozen banana, 1/2 tsp. spirulina, 1 cup almond milk, juice of 1/2 a lemon.

In my opinion, green juice is the “ideal” way to start your day, because it floods your body with alkalinity without putting a burden on your digestive system–> allowing your body to continue the “detox process” it goes into every night while you sleep! The longer you give your digestive system a break, the more “house cleaning” it can get done! However, some mornings I’m just too hungry to have juice! That’s when I’ll opt for a green smoothie, instead. Blended foods are also easier on the digestive system, making them a great choice any time of day!


Whenever I start to feel hungry again (after juice, it could be within an hour or so, or it may be longer after a smoothie) it’s lunch time!

If you’ve been reading my blog for the last month or so, you know my lunch is ALL about this pudding:

It just NEVER gets old. (How could a big bowl of creamy, chocolate-y goodness EVER get old?!)

But, since I feel like there should be at least SOME sort of leafy greens in each meal, I usually try to start off my lunches with a green salad:

(A simple salad of mixed greens and a few veggies with a Lemon Vinaigrette–> gotta keep it simple, so that it’s properly combined with my PUDDING!!)

Or… if I’m not in a “salad mood,” sometimes I’ll go for another green smoothie instead! (Bananas and fruit combine well with avocados, so we’re good in the food-combining department, too!)

I usually workout in the afternoon (I get off work at 3 p.m.), so sometimes I’ll break my lunch into two parts: I’ll have the salad or smoothie BEFORE my workout, and indulge in the pudding AFTER! Nothing like looking forward to pudding to get me through a workout!


Dinner is the most variable meal I eat. It really depends on my mood, what’s in season, and what I have in the kitchen!!

I often enjoy dining on HUGE goat cheese salads:

(I may also munch on some EXTRA goat cheese in the process…)

And it isn’t uncommon for me to indulge in a plate of cheesy veggies as well!

Detox Mac n’ Cheese!!

Another common dinner for us is Roasted Veggies and Quinoa:

It’s also a great combo in this pilaf:

And sometimes, I skip the quinoa and opt for a bed of mixed greens and goat cheese instead:
And, since it’s just about time for Fall weather, we’re getting excited for squash season!

I have a feeling some detox lasagna is in my future…

Yay for Fall!

And while my dinners may be variable, one thing isn’t… I almost always want to end my night with something sweet!

Usually, some 70% dark chocolate does the trick:

But if I’ve enjoyed a raw meal, I may indulge in a macaroon (or four) instead:

Perfect way to end the night, if you ask me! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hope you enjoyed my “sample day!” Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t eat the exact same thing every day (or, at least, I try not to!) but I do usually try to keep my meals well-combined and spaced at least 4 hours apart from each other to give my body a chance to digest!

Now that the weather is changing, and work is slowing down just a bit, hopefully I’ll be able to post more of my daily eats for you guys, and fill this blog with more creative ideas to make healthy eating FUN!! (because I know I won’t do it if I’m not ENJOYING it, either!)

Hope you’re all having a great day!!

Reader Feedback: What’s your average day look like? What are your favorite “go-to” meals? Does your diet change much with the seasons? I know I’m guilty of not changing my meals enough (I just can’t NOT eat my choco-cado pudding!), but I do tend to eat more cooked dinners, soups, and stews when the weather gets cooler outside!

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I love getting a peek into other peoples’ days!

Pure2raw twins

Enjoyed seeing what your day looks like. We do not eat right away in the morning either, it helps with our digestion. We just did a post on it, so glad to see it works for you too. It is not for everyone. And yes we usually start our mornings with a green smoothie.

Holly @ couchpotatoathlete

I just saw your last post: I hope you love P90x, I have heard such awesome things about that workout!

Thanks for posting a day of your eats, I like seeing what works for others, and I just will have to try your chococado pudding one of these days!


Hi there,

Do you still take the ProAlive Probiotic Drops?

Or do you now take and recommend another probiotic?

Have you ever tried GutPro?


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