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1. Vacations never seem to last long enough.ย 

resort in palm springs

I just got back from a long weekend in Palm Springs, but it felt like the shortest weekend ever. Time flies when you’re laying by the pool, I guess.

And I have a bit of a sunburn to show for it.

2. Dying your hair with henna isn’t the best idea while staying at a hotel.

lush caca marron henna hair dye It’s messy. It smells. And you have to keep your hair wrapped in plastic wrap for hours–> so leave your hotel room at your ego’s risk.

Our neighbors got a good laugh out of it, at least.

3. While henna is definitely an effective, natural hair dye, your hair will smell like swamp water long after washing it out. Aveda shampoo and conditioner bottlesI was desperate to find a new good-smelling shampoo, just to mask the residual swampy scent!

I’ve had terrible luck with natural hair-care products up to this point, but this Aveda shampoo smells amazing–> like cherries + almonds. And the matching conditioner actually leaves my hair feeling soft and moisturized… something other natural products I’ve tried have failed to do. Finally, success!

4. Turns out, Pressed Juicery’s almond milk is just as delicious as it was hyped-up to be.

bottle of pressed juicery almond milkI’m usually too cheap to pay for store-bought almond milk, but vacations seem like a good excuse to splurge. Spiked with vanilla bean and dates, this almond milk was truly a treat!

I’ll be working on re-creating this ASAP.

5. With all these mug-cake recipes going around, I decided to try my hand at creating a flourless, fruit-sweetened version.

peanut butter banana cake in a blue mugOf course, the key to the whole mug-cake idea is that you use a microwave to quickly cook them. We threw out our microwave last year, so I had to resort to baking mine in the oven… which took way longer than I expected.

The other downside to baking the mug cake?

holding peanut butter banana mug cake in a blue mug with a red oven mitThe mug gets ridiculously hot. So your spouse may look ridiculous while eating it for breakfast.

Next time, I think I’ll stick to baking muffins.

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Reader Feedback: Have you ever tried dying your hair with henna, or other natural dyes? Any favorite hair or body care recommendations? I’m still looking for a good body wash!

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Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat

Hehe that’s funny about the oven mitt, but good for you guys for going totally sans-microwave! I’m so jealous of your Palm Springs weekend. I’ve never been but it looks gorgeous! Since many natural hair care products don’t have strong scents, I wonder if putting some sort of essential oil in your hair would help? Granted it’d be oily (obviously), but it might work!


    Oily would definitely beat smelling like a swamp! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for the suggestion, I might give it a shot!!


All of my Indian relatives use Henna once they start getting grays. It turns the grays (or whites) a bright auburn or even orange color, but doesn’t affect the black hair. My hair is also jet black, so the only way for it to get color is to use something heavy duty unfortunately!

I love Aveda products. Everything smells yummy and they work great ๐Ÿ™‚ I also love the Rosemary Mint line for when your hair needs a good “deep” clean.

Your almond milk picture just reminded me that I need to get some medjool dates in my life.


Thanks for the Aveda tip – cherries and almonds would be very nice! I have no bathroom tips to share, I use pure soap and coconut oil for the most part. I was going to try that baking soda hair cleaning method, but am still…getting…around…to…it!
Your weekend sounds heavenly! Love that ovenmitt photo too :)))

jessica @ keep on sparkling

Super jealous of your trip to Palm Springs. Kudos to you though for attempting Henna! I don’t think I could do it, instead I go to an Organic Hair Salon, amazing products! As for body wash I ADORE the YES TO CARROTS body wash (paraben free). I have listed some other really good products for the house & skin on my blog-only just posted


I did a 3-day juice cleanse from Pressed Juicery and while all the juices were good, I pretty much lived for my last drink of the day – that delicious almond milk. It was like a prize.


Hello Megan, I would have had


Hello Megan, I wish I were with you as I would have had of little help for a clue about the smell. Indeed I am French and in French “caca” means “poo”, and “marron” means “brown…. So you had a hair car named “brown poo”! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Anyway I am sure the product has plenty other advantages than just the smell!


Henna turned my brown hair red. The color mellowed out after a couple weeks and looked pretty good. I’m sometimes temped to use the rest of the box up but scared that it’ll be too red.
I love the smell of Aveda products but don’t buy them anymore because they contain parabens.


I have been LOVING all of Alaffia’s products–particularly the Shea and Honey conditioner and Neem and Shea shampoo. Also Nubian Heritage Black Soap Body Wash and the accompanying black soap lotion–both great finds. I highly recommend!!


I absolutely adore the Jenuinely Pure product line http://www.jenuinelypure.com! I got the recommendation from Linda Wagner’s blog about a year ago. I am using almost every product on the site including the hand soap and cleanser. I love the body wash but the moisturizing body scrub in sugar in spice is my favorite!


Haha, I had no clue you could even try dying your hair with henna. Don’t think I’d be brave enough to try that. I leave my hair dye jobs to the professionals. I love how he ate that muffin with a mitt, instead of just letting it cool first.


What a fun post! I have a few areas in my roots that I touch up w/ henna color…it’s from Whole Foods, I believe it’s called Surya..I use chocolate and I love it! You can reuse it too, which is great bc I only use such a small amount. Do you touch up w/ the color or use it all over? I would love to know how you like the brand you used, color, how long the color lasts etc. Did you use the Aveda color shampoo..the red one..did that affect your henna color? Have a great day!!


You should check out this post from the Simple Mom:
I switched and it has made a huge difference.
Also check out her post about natural face cleansers:
I use the oily complexion proportion of 3:1 castor to olive oil.
Again, huge improvement in my skin.
Just FYI!
P.S. – my husband’s #1 requested sweet = your Almond Butter Freezer Fudge–thanks!!


I use a henna powder that I purchase at iHerb.com – http://www.iherb.com/Rainbow-Research-Henna-Hair-Color-and-Conditioner-Persian-Medium-Brown-Chestnut-4-oz-113-g/11613. I find that it works best for me. I used to use Surya, but it was not totally natural and my hair would shed real bad from using it. The Rainbow Research henna is totally natural (all henna) nothing else! It smells earthy to me. I have some greys to cover so I use the powder with some hot coffee and apple cider vinegar – works like a charm to cover and lasts a long time. Gives my hair lots of volume/ shine/ body. I don’t use the entire jar like they suggest (1/3 of the jar – I have long hair) and it works great!

I use coconut oil for face care and it has done wonders for me and will stick with it. Same for body care. Coconut oil takes care of it all!

I did a post a few days ago about a DIY dry shampoo for brunettes and all-natural eyeliners/eyeshadow tips – http://kibbysblendedlife.com/?p=545. Check it out!

I make my own almond milk with the same ingredients and it is wonderful and SO EASY to do. Absolutely luscious!


I use Dessert Essence Products, they are natural and really leave your hair in wonderful condition

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