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1. Last week was just not my week. In a matter of 48 hours, my website was hacked and the items in our storage unit were mistakenly discarded by our landlord. All of our holiday decorations collected over the years, along with many sentimental items (Austin’s baby photos! Our honeymoon souvenirs!) were all lost, and we’re pretty heartbroken over it.

To get through the week, while I deleted my blog and started over from scratch to remove the hack, I decided to treat myself to some green juice from Pressed Juicery. My favorite combo is Greens 3 mixed with Greens 4, for a not-too-sweet-or-too-spicy mix.

It wasn’t until I got home that I realized that they gave me the wrong juices.

pressed juiceTwo bottles of Greens 4, and no bottle of Greens 3 to balance it out. Bummer.

But, not surprising for the week I’ve had.

2. Luckily, my week has been getting better. I finally found a deodorant that really seems to work. Up until recently, I had been using Tropical Traditions and Simply Divine Botanicals products, but I found the former to be far too herbal-smelling and the latter didn’t seem to last long enough.

My new solution?

baking soda and coconut oil

Homemade deodorant! I looked up some homemade recipes, but ultimately, they all sounded too complicated for me. I like to keep things simple. So, I just mix a small amount of coconut oil and a pinch of baking soda in the palm of my hand each day (both are in my bathroom already) and apply. It works amazingly well!

Eventually, I may end up mixing a big batch of this stuff for an even faster application, but this method works pretty quickly so far.

3. I’ve also found a super-simple solution to washing my fresh produce.

white vinegar in a spray bottleI used to spend money on that bottled “fruit and veggie” wash available in the produce section of the grocery store, but I’ve found that plain white vinegar is just as effective, at a fraction of the cost! Just spray and rinse with water, like you would with any other solution.

Plus, if you soak your produce in a water and white vinegar solution, then rinse and dry, it seems to extend the shelf life of the produce in the fridge! It works amazingly well for fresh berries and leafy lettuce.

4. Another new item in my kitchen this week? Mila seeds.

mila seeds

A special type of chia seed, Mila is loaded with extra Omega-3’s, fiber, antioxidants and nutrition, but it has the same neutral flavor and binding qualities as traditional chia seeds. I received this complimentary sample from a representative at Lifemax, and have been happily enjoying it in my Vanilla Chia Pudding for breakfast. These seeds come pre-ground, so preparing breakfast is even quicker now!

I can’t claim to “feel” a difference from the boosted nutrition yet, but I do love changing up the ingredients in my daily routine to achieve a well-rounded balance of nutrients, so this is a nice alternative!

5. Despite salt’s bad reputation in some health circles, it’s probably one of the few ingredients I can’t live without.

bag of fine salt

After all, if you’re using a natural sea salt, I don’t think there’s much to worry about. Salt is critical to our health, and it’s the refined versions, which have been stripped of their natural mineral content, that cause health problems that are traditionally associated with salt consumption. My friend just finished reading an entire book on Salt, so I’m extra interested in these little crystals lately. They just make everything taste better.

The salt pictured above, Real Salt, is the type I use in all of my recipes. It comes in cute little refill packages, which I use to fill a glass jar that I keep over my stove. I always need salt close by!

Reader Feedback: How’s your week going so far? Anything new that you’ve tried?

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For vinegar/water berry soak, what’s the ratio of v:w and how long do you soak?

Love your blog. Thx so much for all you share!!


    I believe the proper ratio is 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water, but I rarely measure… I just throw a splash of vinegar into however much soaking water I’m using!


Sorry to hear of your loss. Just a note on your homemade deodorant which sounds very interesting, I have been using a product called Lavilin http://www.lavilin.com/products/deodorant/underarm-deodorant-cream.html
The company claims one application lasts for 7 days. This does work as stated and even better – sometimes two weeks or more depends on temperature, activity, etc.


talking about deodorant – ever tried Potassium alum? i’ve tried it for the first time 4 years ago, and i’m never going back!

Rhonda Devine

I love using vinegar to soak my fruits and veggies–works great!


I’m amazed by your deodorant recipe! I’m 8 weeks pregnant and have been desperately looking for a safe deodorant. Nothing seemed to work until last night, I tried coconut oil and baking soda after my shower. It’s amazing!! Thank you so much!
P.S. I love your website, recipes etc. So many wonderful and inspirational ideas for living a healthy life. 🙂


I know you wrote this post a while ago, but I’m sorry for what happened. Regarding the vinegar – after you spray berries with it and rinse them off, (1) do you dry them? and (2) do you put them back in the plastic container they came in from the store? Thanks so much!

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