Tuesday Things

1. I’ve found a new favorite treat.

dried mango

Dried mango!

I tried it for the first time at a friend’s house last weekend (Trader Joe’s brand) and it’s amazing. Sweet and chewy, these fruit snacks easily satisfied my craving for dessert! I’m making a batch at home in my dehydrator as we speak, for a cheaper version. Hopefully they’ll turn out just as well!

2. As much as I love my sweets, I can’t stand a sweet toothpaste.

box of salt toothpaste

That’s why this Salt Toothpaste is perfect for me! Not only does it contain no artificial sweeteners, it’s also free of fluoride and sodium laureth sulfate, both of which I always try to avoid. The salty taste is pretty unusual as far as toothpaste goes, but I got used to it quickly, and now I can’t imagine using anything else.

My teeth feel super-clean since using it, too!

3. I can’t imagine going back to the old “rubber band” style hair ties.

hair ties

These soft, stretchy hair ties have been gaining popularity over the past couple of years, and with good reason–> they’re cute and don’t leave kinks in your hair like the old styles used to! I remember when I used to only be able to find these trendy accessories at Nordstrom, but this particular set pictured above was created by a fellow IIN graduate who started her own Active Accessories company!

The creator sent me this adorable complimentary set to try out, complete with an On-The-Go Accessory Pouch and a set of assorted blue hair ties. They are fantastic! The pouch is the perfect size for bringing a few necessary items to the gym, without having to drag an entire purse with you. It’s also perfect for running errands! (Which has been my main use for it, since I haven’t had a gym membership for a while…) I can never have too many hair ties in my house, so these are much appreciated. I’m never without one on my wrist!

4. I wish I had purchased this book 5 months ago.

the 100 healthies foods to eat during pregnancy book

I mentioned last week that I’ve needed visual motivation to find food appealing lately, and this book is the perfect tool for encouraging new, healthy foods during pregnancy. The author breaks down the best foods for expecting mothers by each trimester–> so you’ll get new ideas every 3 months!

Since reading this book, I’m already more motivated to eat cherries, chia seeds, romaine, avocado, nori, and a variety of other healthy staples that are perfect for women in their second trimester. (Though, I’d be happy to eat all of these things, pregnant or not!) The author also offers detailed explanations of the health benefits of each specific food item, so it makes for some interesting reading!

5. The FIVE winners of the Earth Friendly Products have been selected!

Click here to see the list of winners.

Reader Feedback: Have you tried anything new this week?

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I tried 2 new foods this week but nothing special haha. I tried a gluten-free brownie made with coconut flour, which I was disappointed it tasted super sweet and no hint of flour, and a Subway honey oat bread, which tasted fantastic with avocado and and red wine vinegar! Oh yeah, i had some dried mangoes.too they were delish ~ 😀


Hi Megan, congrats on your pregnancy! I love dried fruits too since I have a pretty big sweet tooth- but my friend who’s a dentist cautioned that her patient who had dried fruit regularly as a snack continually had a lot of decay (both sticky and sweet = bad for teeth). Since then, I’ve switched to fresh banana or apples with a bit of nut butter- just as satisfying. New things for the week, I recently tried Macro bars and absolutely love them! They’re low in sugar & really satisfying.

Rande McDaniel @ The Vegetable Centric Kitchen

I totally love that salt toothpaste!


They don’t leave kinks in your hair?! Sign me up!!


Nottt sure I can get my mind around the salt toothpaste, even though I use the mud one from Ascended Health haha. I did notice our matching hair ties on Saturday. 🙂


They sell the same type of hair ties at Old Navy too.


Megan: I have been using your website for months and I just wanted to say how inspiring and helpful you are. I have tried several recipes, such as the blondies and the cookie-version, and have experimented with smoothies and salads following your many tips. Also, I love your other healthy options such as with deodorants. When I found your website, I suddenly felt much less alone, because you have brought together a strong online community of people who enjoy healthy living and pursue it as regularly as possible.
This week, I tried an avocado “pudding”. Basically, we used all the leftover extra-ripened fruit and blended it to create a breakfast pudding with an applesauce type texture: 1 avocado, cut canteloupe, 1 pear and fresh strawberries to top it off. Delicious!


That’s so funny! I’ve become recently addicted to TJ’s dried Mangos too! Can’t wait to see if yours turn out! I’ve got a dehydrator and have thought of doing them myself, but haven’t tried.


Do you worry at all about heating the plastic that is in contact with your food when dehydrating? I’ve heard that heating plastic causes it to leach chemicals into your food. I have currently stopped dehydrating because of this. When dehydrating, your food can be in contact with the heated plastic for prolonged periods of time which sounds like a bad idea to me. I saw that Excalibur makes a 100% stainless steel tray you can order as an upgrade, they are about $16 each though before any shipping charges. Depending on how many trays one needs that can get pricey!

Nicole Mortensen

One of my favorite things I had when I was pregnant was frozen mango! Oh, and not the ones ou buy in a package prefrozen from the store, those ones are hard as a rock. Buy your own mangoes and cut them up into tiny bite sized pieces and put them in a big freezer bag so you can separate them a little. When they’re done freezing its like eating little bits of mango sherbet that are perfect for those fruity ice cream cravings. It was my biggest obsession while I was pregnant.


I just put in an amazon order yesterday for more pregnancy books and essential oils! Dangit! Wish I would have known about this book. So perfect and exactly what I’m in to right now. To be ordered next week! LOL


Recently started making my own toothpaste with coconut oil and baking soda…the baking soda actually makes it salty…I added stevia and peppermint oil to counteract the saltiness, but you could just leave it salty.


I’ve never seen that kind of toothpaste before! I am intrigued to try it, because I try to stay away from those ingredients too. I love those hairbands. The fact that they don’t damage or leave a crease in your hair is awesome!

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