What I Ate: Thursday, 3/29

This was a lighter day than usual… I was running on very little sleep, and very little appetite.


Green juice: Romaine, Kale, Carrots and lemon.


Most of the water from a fresh young coconut.

Followed by a “pudding” made up of all the coconut meat + the rest of the coconut water + cinnamon.


I needed a cup of tea to get me through the dreaded “3pm slump” today… something about sipping on a warm beverage perks me right up!


Large mixed green salad, topped with tomatoes, roasted peppers, steamed beets, a generous drizzle of flax seed oil, and a lemon-lime vinaigrette.

Two fried eggs, with a side of cooked veggies– a whole zucchini, and 4 oz. of fresh spinach, cooked in grass-fed butter and garlic.


Hot tea made from 1 teaspoon of Slippery Elm powder and a dash of cinnamon. (I got this idea from Sarah Wilson–> the slippery elm powder has a maple-y scent and creates a thick, soothing drink!) Not only is it supposed to be great for your stomach, it’s also thought to help with insomnia when taken at night.

If nothing else, it smells wonderful. 😀

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Loves your food, unfortunatelly I can not find young coconut here so eat only coconut oil and mature coconut. Like that you using butter do you know it is much better fro you than olive oil? That you would not gain weight likes from olive oil….. I am using raw butter and put on the top of it when it is not as hot.

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