The Secret To Perfect Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Pizza has to be one of my very favorite meals.

Since traditional pizza is mis-combined, thank goodness for whoever came up with the idea of making a cauliflower-based pizza crust. Now we can have our crust AND cheese, and eat it, too!

All without feeling sluggish and greasy afterward.

You may remember that I’ve tried my hand at a cauliflower crust before. It was fine, but definitely more egg-y than traditional pizza crust—> and it certainly couldn’t be picked up by hand!

Luckily for us, chef Doris has taught me the secret to making perfect cauliflower pizza crust.

The kind you can pick up with your hands.

The kind that will fool your family.

The kind you’ll want to eat again and again!

Cauliflower Pizza Crust
Serves 2 to 4 people

Recipe courtesy of Doris Choi


2 pounds cauliflower florets, riced
1 egg, beaten
1/3 cup soft goat cheese (chevre)
1 teaspoon dried oregano
pinch of salt


Preheat your oven to 400F, then get to work on your crust.

Step 1: Begin by making your cauliflower “rice.”

Simply pulse batches of raw cauliflower florets in a food processor, until a rice-like texture is achieved.

Step 2: Cook & Strain the rice.

Fill a large pot with about an inch of water, and bring it to a boil. Add the “rice” and cover; let it cook for about 4-5 minutes. Drain into a fine-mesh strainer.

Now here comes the secret:

Once you’ve strained the rice, transfer it to a clean, thin dishtowel.

Wrap up the steamed rice in the dishtowel, twist it up, then SQUEEEEEEEZE all the excess moisture out!

It’s amazing how much liquid will be released, which will leave you with a nice and dry pizza crust.

Step 3: Make & Shape the dough.

In a large bowl, mix up your strained rice, beaten egg, goat cheese, and spices.

Don’t be afraid to use your hands! You want it very well mixed.

It won’t be like any pizza dough you’ve ever worked with, but don’t worry– it’ll hold together!

Press the dough out onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. (It’s important that it’s lined with parchment paper, which is not to be confused with WAX paper– they’re very different!)

Keep the dough about 1/3″ thick, and make the edges a little higher for a “crust” effect, if you like.

Step 4: Bake!

Bake for 35-40 minutes at 400F.

The crust should be firm, and golden brown when finished.

Step 5: Load on the Toppings!

Now’s the time to add all your favorites– sauce, cheese, and any other toppings you like.

This goat mozzarella is ridiculously good, without a “goat-y” flavor.

Time-Saving Tip: I recommend making a double-batch of cauliflower pizza crusts–> make one for now, and save one for later. After baking the crusts and adding the toppings, wrap up the whole pizza in foil, and FREEZE it for a quick “frozen pizza” to enjoy another night! Simply thaw and bake at 400F, as directed below, until the cheese is hot and bubbly.

Return the pizza to the 400F oven, and bake an additional 5-10 minutes, just until the cheese is hot and bubbly.

Then slice and serve immediately!


*Tip: If you need to avoid eggs or dairy, try making my Vegan Cauliflower Pizza Crust instead!

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The Secret To Perfect Cauliflower Pizza Crust
Serves: 2-4
A grain-free alternative to traditional pizza crust, that you can pick up with your hands!
  • 2 pounds cauliflower florets, riced
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • ⅓ cup soft goat cheese (chevre)
  • 1 teaspoon dried oregano
  • pinch of salt
  1. Preheat your oven to 400F.
  2. To make the cauliflower rice, pulse batches of raw cauliflower florets in a food processor, until a rice-like texture is achieved.
  3. Fill a large pot with about an inch of water, and bring it to a boil. Add the "rice" and cover; let it cook for about 4-5 minutes. Drain into a fine-mesh strainer.
  4. THIS IS THE SECRET: Once you've strained the rice, transfer it to a clean, thin dishtowel. Wrap up the steamed rice in the dishtowel, twist it up, then SQUEEZE all the excess moisture out! It's amazing how much extra liquid will be released, which will leave you with a nice and dry pizza crust.
  5. In a large bowl, mix up your strained rice, beaten egg, goat cheese, and spices. (Don't be afraid to use your hands! You want it very well mixed.) It won't be like any pizza dough you've ever worked with, but don't worry-- it'll hold together!
  6. Press the dough out onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. (It's important that it's lined with parchment paper, or it will stick.) Keep the dough about ⅓" thick, and make the edges a little higher for a "crust" effect, if you like.
  7. Bake for 35-40 minutes at 400F. The crust should be firm, and golden brown when finished.
  8. Now's the time to add all your favorites-- sauce, cheese, and any other toppings you like. Return the pizza to the 400F oven, and bake an additional 5-10 minutes, just until the cheese is hot and bubbly.
  9. Slice and serve immediately!
Time-Saving Tip: I recommend making a double-batch of cauliflower pizza crusts--> make one for now, and save one for later. After baking the crusts, wrap up the extra pizza crust in foil, and FREEZE it for a quick "frozen pizza" to enjoy another night! All you need to do is add toppings and bake at 400F, until the cheese is hot and bubbly.

Hope you try this the next time a pizza-craving strikes!


      • Karen says

        I tried this and it was WONDERFUL. I made two personal size round pizzas and had one for dinner and brought the other into work the next day. Lets just say I should have brought in more than one because a few of my co-workers wanted to try it and they absolutely LOVED IT and immediately asked for the recipe.
        The definite key is to Squeeze the excess water out. GREAT tip.
        The toppings I used was Sauce, Mozzerella cheese, fresh mushrooms, turkey chopped meat (cooked) and black olives. It was delicious. Thanks so much for sharing.

      • Scott says

        In my quest to give up bread, I came across this recipe and was VERY much the skeptic. I made this for dinner last night. OMG! Absolutely delicious, I am completely sold! Next time, I’m thinking after the dough is cooked and before toppings are added, I’ll transfer the dough to a pizza pan with holes in the bottom to see if I can’t get the crust just a bit crisper. Sharing this with everyone I know! Again, absolutely delicious! Also thought this same recipe could probably be used for flatbread for making wraps. NICE JOB MEGAN!!!!

        • Kim says

          Scott were you able to try this with the pizza pan with holes?? Did it make it crispier?

          I’m thinking I didn’t get quite enough of the moisture out of mine, it was great, but I wouldn’t have been able to pick up a slice of it and hold it.

          • C Lyons says

            absolutely brilliant! I can’t wait to use the splatter screen!!! Also, if you have a juicer, you can eliminate the straining and squeezing step; cook, juice, assemble.

        • Tori says


          What kind of pizza sauce do you use? Or if you have some suggestions of some good pizza sauces I’ve noticed all the store bought pizza sauces I’ve used in the past have been gross.

      • trish says

        Hi Megan
        This is a fantastic recipe. I’ve used it now a few times and we love it!! I have to say though I am still struggling to get it crispy and firm. We have to use a knife and fork every time to eat it as it just can’t be picked up. I’m definitely straining and squeezing the moisture out and I’m cooling the bases a little longer to get them browner at first bake. But still no luck. :( I even put all my toppings on really fast so the sauce doesn’t have much time to sink in.
        Is there something else I should be doing? Thanks! :)

        • Emily says

          After I made the cauliflower “rice” and put it in the strainer, I let it sit for a long time, until it was cool enough to handle. I think the trick is that even if you think you have squeezed enough water out, you have to keep squeezing. By the time I was done squeezing, I had reduced an entire head of cauliflower down to a tight ball the size of my fist. I was nervous that I wouldn’t have enough, but I just kept on squeezing (and even changed to a second towel). It was pretty labor intensive, but it paid off because my crust was tight enough to hold up on its own. Good luck!

        • Mary says

          I cook it the day before, strain it an then refrigerate it. The next day I put it in a towel and squeeze the daylights out of it. Then I have a perfect crust.

        • Dani says

          My friend turned her pizza over to crisp it up. It seemed to work. I hope this at least gives you an idea. I made the recipe a few weeks ago and right out of the oven it wasn’t as firm as it was a few hours after it came out. Possibly you could make it the night before and see if it firms up.

      • Stephen Scohy says

        Holy cow. I’m just now expanding into this beautiful realm of food. Thank you for elevating my pizza game to a whole new level<3

      • Waylon says

        My 3 year old will not eat veggies, but he loves this pizza crust. We loaded it with veggies and he ate 3 pieces!!!

        • says

          I simply sprayed my pizza stone and made sure I “loosened” it completely before adding toppings. I also substituted regular mozzarella for goat. The crust was yummy!

      • Christy says

        Why goat cheese for the cauliflower pizza dough? Can you use regular old mozzarella? thanks!! Trying to give up carbs….

        • Megan Gilmore says

          The goat cheese just provides a nice texture and is easier to digest than cow’s dairy, but regular mozzarella should work, too!

    • dana says

      Just made this recipe tonight after visiting the post. It was absolutely delicious. After straining and putting in a towel. I put the towel back in the strainer over the sink and twisted while I pushed down. This got most all the water out. Mine ended up very firm and I could hold my pizza. GREAT RECIPE.

  1. Greg says

    I may or may not be jumping up and down with excitement right now! Pizza is my favorite comfort food. I tried the previous crust recipe and was underwhelmed. This looks so tastey! Thank you!

  2. says

    You make the best photo tutorials. This recipe looks like such a healthy “treat” food. I will be breaking our my mini food processor to try it out!

  3. Mike says

    I’ve been waiting for this post for 5 days. I’m extremely excited and look forward to springing this on your neice and nephew tonight.

  4. Kibby says

    Oh Megan! You are such a blessing! I love pizza too but haven’t eaten the traditional kind in a year. I can’t wait to make this! Do you think I could substitute flax egg for the egg? Thanks again for sharing all the delights you learned from Doris!

    • says

      Hmmm, I’m not sure… Doris and I tried using Agar as a vegan substitute, and it didn’t work.

      If you try it, please come back and let us know if the flax egg works!

      • Katie says

        Megan, have you tried using a vegan cheese to hold the crust together? if it works, then this would be the perfect pizza for me!
        Thanks for sharing these awesome recipes.

        • Megan says

          I haven’t tried it myself, but I assume if the vegan cheese melts like regular cheese, it should work! Please let us know how it turns out for you!

  5. Robyn says

    This looks so very good,,,but I don’t do eggs or animal cheese,,,maybe vegan cheese?? There must be something I can do for the egg??

    • says

      Doris and I tried subbing Agar for the egg, and it didn’t work. There was a comment above suggesting maybe a flax egg? Or maybe that Ener-G egg replacement?

      Please let us know if you have any success with an egg substitute!

    • says

      I have a feeling that the crust would hold together without the cheese– the egg is the main binder.

      If that doesn’t work, you could always try a cheese substitute, like Daiya. (I’ve never tried it myself, but I hear it melts like real cheese.)

      Let me know if you try it!

      • Kat says

        Actually, goats milk is completely different from cows milk – it’s hypoallergenic (for those with milk protein allergies), and many people with lactose intolerance find that it doesn’t affect them. Once I found this out, it made dealing with food allergies so much easier!

        • says

          As someone who grew up on a goat farm, the only “real” difference between goat’s milk and cow’s milk is that goat milk does not have lactose. Butterfat percentages vary from breed to breed, just like in cows.

        • Veronica says

          This is not accurate. While it’s very possible for someone who has an allergy or intolerance to cow’s milk tolerate goat milk, that entirely depends on the sensitivity of the person, and also depends on WHICH protein the person is sensitive to. For instance, if their issue is with whey proteins, switching to goat dairy could be worse as there’s supposed to be more whey in goat dairy; or it could be better as not all whey proteins will elicit the reaction. Some people may have an issue with caseins. They’re multiple different proteins which are, again, found in both cow and goat dairy. The major difference is not that one milk does not have the casein the person is reacting to, but that the concentrations of the different casein’s vary wildly. And then there’s the myth of lactose not being in goat dairy. Goat dairy has lactose. However, once again, lactose isn’t a single, always-the-same entity. It has different forms, and some people may find they can digest one form of it over another.
          All things said and done, it’s probably worth giving goat dairy a try, but there’s no guarantees.
          Personally though, as a celiac who doesn’t seem to tolerate dairy well, I try to avoid all dairy because I read a study that indicated to me that some celiacs can have a similar immune response (in vitro cells) to alpha and beta caseins. Seeing the miniscule amount of gluten I need to avoid, I figure that if casein is indeed my issue, I should absolutely avoid even smaller amounts of goat dairy.

      • Diane says

        I have made this pizza two times, and each time it just gets better. I recently changed my diet to no carbs. This recipe is great!!! My husband even likes it.

      • Mare says

        I’m gluten, soy & dairy free so LOVE love love & use Daiya faux cheeses all the time!! Definitely going to try this cauliflower pizza crust recipe using Daiya shreds:-)))

    • Leigh says

      I’ve done this using some almond flour in the place of cheese – it even gives it a bit of a “breadier” taste and feel. LOVE this recipe!

      • says

        Leigh, Great tip about adding some almond flour. I will give that a go. I tried making this recipe tonight for my daughter (in a rush). It was pretty simple even for a first attempt. My daughter can’t eat eggs so tried it with a 1TBSP ground chia seed to 3TBSP water ratio. I think I’ll try the ‘flax-egg’ next time. I’ve got some more experimenting to do with this one to get it just right, but great to know we’re on the right track. Came home to find no pizza left. The babysitter finished it off…

        Megan, Dr. Seema Kanwal told me about you!

        • Jenny P. says

          I wonder on top of using flax meal – add some cornstarch to help with the binding, that is if you like to use cornstarch. Or what about garbanzo flour instead of almond flour.
          I’m GF and considering going vegan eventually so this is a whole new realm to me, but this crust looks so amazing. I’m going to have to try this very soon.

    • Janice says

      Have you tried nutitional yeast it has a cheesey taste is packed with protein. I got mine in the bulk foods from Whole Foods.

  6. Lillian says

    YESSSS! I made the cauliflower flatbread last week and it was really good! But moist and not like crust. There’s head of cauliflower in my fridge that is about to be pizzafied! THANK YOU! And cheers to Doris!

    • says

      Wow, that’s awesome Jamie!

      Yes, we were able to hold the pizza with our hands– but I think the key was straining the cauliflower really well with the dish towel. At least a cup of water was released! When I’ve tried making it before, the moist cauliflower made it much more flimsy.

      Can’t wait to eat this again and again! 😀

  7. says

    You’re totally right; the secret is *totally* draining the veggie. I make an amazing zucchini crust, too, and that one’s especially moist if the veg isn’t squeezed. Yay for cheese cloths and potato ricers!

    • Romana says

      Hi Jamie,

      could you please post the recipe for your zucchini crust since that’s what’s in season and I have plenty in my fridge. Thanks

  8. KellyBelly says

    Neat recipe. Reminds me a little of some of the Thrive pizza crusts however they can’t be picked up. thanks

  9. says

    I have this in the oven right now, but one question: I swear I had about four cups of rice, but after I steamed it and squeezed it out, it seemed like way, way less. Maybe two cups? And my pizza crust looks smaller than the one you ended up with, too. What’s the best way to measure the cauliflower rice for accuracy?

    • says

      It’s definitely hard to give exact measurements when using cauliflower rice! I used a large head of cauliflower, which was about 6 cups of raw rice, and it shrunk down to 4 cups after steaming. It looked like even less than that after squeezing it in the dish-towel, so all measurements are approximate.

      That being said, this recipe is pretty darn forgiving… so your crust will probably turn out, regardless! I have a feeling this is one of those recipes that will get better and better with practice. (Luckily, I don’t mind eating a lot of pizza! LOL) :)

      Hope your crust turns out well!

      • says

        My pizza definitely turned out fine, even with less cauliflower rice! I used an entire head, but maybe it wasn’t as large as the one you used. It was delicious! I topped it with tons of veggies and a little bit of mozzarella and I am already looking forward to eating the leftovers for lunch! And I’m going to try the red pepper sweet potato cream sauce tonight. It’s a Detoxinista weekend over here!

      • Leila says

        Omg I read this just in time – I need to make two more cups of cauliflower rice! lol I just took mine out of the oven after 4 minutes and will re-mix! :) Can’t wait….

  10. says

    I LOVE this idea because I am completely in love with grain-free foods….however…I can tolerate dairy of any form. I saw above you mentioned just leaving it out completely, so I might try that. Maybe add some more spices to compromise the flavor!

  11. Heather says

    I cannot wait to make this! Going without pizza seems like such punishment but after being educated by you Megan on what gluten is, I do not want it in my body. Thank you for publishing this alternative!

  12. AbbyWarm says

    Oh my word – this pizza is surprisingly delicious! My kids {ages 5 and 6} both gave it 2 thumbs up. I loved being able to eat several pieces and not feel “blah” afterward–just satisfied :) LOVE this and it WILL become a staple in our home!

  13. marcia says

    I’m glad to hear that goat cheese doesn’t have a goaty taste because I don’t like the taste of goat. I will give it a try. Can’t wait to try this pizza, my daughter is sensitive to wheat this will be a great for her. Thanks for posting this recipe.

  14. says

    Oh my! This looks amazing! I’m making it now!! LOL! (Seriously!) I have no goat cheese, so I’m going to try some Mac Nut cheese I made…hopefully it will turn out as wonderful! Thanks for the awesome ideas!

      • says

        I did like the flavor with the mac nut cheese, but had a hard time getting the crust crispy. I made it again with no cheese at all & still not really crispy! LOL! Any crispy tips, or do I just need to use the goat cheese already! 😉 This really is an awesome recipe…I have been loving your site. I live in Maui and a good friend referred your site to me. Thanks for all of your yummy recipes! Bon Apetit & aloha!

  15. Ariel says

    I just made this pizza and it was fabulous! I topped it with roasted mushrooms, shallots, and chevre. Everyone loved it and couldn’t believe it when I revealed the secret ingredient. :)

  16. Sheila says

    Love, Love Love this recipe, have made the cauliflower crust a few times and really happy to learn the “secret” to getting it hand held. that was my one big issue to serving it to others without having to tell them it was a cauliflower crust. I top mine with BBQ sauce, shredded chicken and some black beans!

  17. says

    I made this for dinner tonight. I didn’t buy enough cauliflower so I added some almond flour. As topping I used Tomato Sauce, Kale and Cheese. So good. Next time I will probably try to make the crust thinner to see if comes out crunchier. But even like this, so yummy. I can’t wait for my husband to come home to see if he likes it, he doesn’t like cauliflower.

  18. Kim says

    I just made this for lunch and it was really delicious. I am a pizza snob (grew up in Philly) and it met my standards. You couldn’t even tell you were eating cauliflower. Mine didn’t stay together after I baked it, but I was just as happy eating it with a fork.

    Thanks for the recipe!

  19. Zsolt says

    I made this cauliflower crust for dinner and it was delitious! I squeezed a lot of water out so my rice was pretty dry and I could pick it up even turn it over with out braking it ! Thanks for the recipe!!

  20. says

    I have to admit I was skeptical with this one(because I’m a man lol) but this recipe was awesome! I couldn’t believe how good it was, no leftovers ha!

  21. Dave says

    Just stumbled upon this after doing some googling. Trying to shift some weight by ditching sugar and starch for a bit. Just magic, mate! Also loved rolling out of bed and grabbing cold leftovers or breaky. This is going to be a standby lifesaver to give in to my cravings. Now, if you can make a convincing pasta and chocolate biccies, I’ll be your friend for life!

    • says

      You’ll have to let me know what chocolate biccies are, and I’ll try to re-create a healthy version! 😉 I’ve tried looking it up, but I get a whole variety of results– from a dark, chocolate cookie, to a butter cookie covered in melted chocolate?

    • Karin says

      lol Megan, I assume Dave is an Aussie.. a Biccie is just a shortened version of biscuit, or cookie, as you might call it in the US. :)

  22. Rebecca says

    Outstanding! I am part of a CSA, and they sent a cauliflower – but I already had one from the produce stand. So, I went on the net to find a good use for the extra cauliflower that was gluten free and hopefully lower in carbs. And I found your page with these lovely pictures.

    My spouse and I just devoured our pizza, and he thought this was as good as a “regular” pizza. It was tasty, crunchy and we won’t suffer from carb overload or “wheat belly” tonight!

    Thank you for posting, and for the step by step photos. Very helpful!

    • says

      I think you could leave out the cheese, and use slightly less cauliflower rice, for a dairy-free option (eggs aren’t considered dairy), but I’ve never tried making a totally vegan version– omitting both the eggs and cheese. I’ve had success using flax eggs with other recipes, so maybe it’s worth a shot?

      Please let us all know if you have any success!

  23. says

    Oh my gosh! I am so glad I found your site :-) I made cauliflower pizza “crust” last night and…while it “tasted” good, the “texture and consistency” left something to be desired…boo. I am sitting here eating the residue with a fork for lunch — LOL. Anyway, after the failed attempt last night, I decided to scan the web to see if SOMEONE had figured out how to make this crust…well….CRUSTY — and that’s how I found your little world :-) I am so excited to try this modified recipe…once I unearth my food processor from it’s box in the garage. We just moved, so I had to HAND GRATE AN ENTIRE HEAD OF CAULIFLOWER last night. Fortunately, the little bit of “knuckle” added to the flavor (ha ha). Anyway I’ll let you know how it works out — and then I’ll share your site with my “bariatric world.” We weight loss surgery types are ALWAYS looking for ways to get the flavor of foods we used to love — without the calories, carbs and…well…pain! Pizza crust can get stuck! (Oversharing?) Thanks again!

    • says

      So glad you found me!

      My first attempt at a cauliflower crust was also a bit of a disappointment– though I can’t imagine grating all that cauliflower BY HAND! What a trooper you are!! Hope you find your food processor soon, and can try this version with less effort, and less loss of knuckle. 😉

      • says

        I’m super excited to try it…just waiting to be able to bend my finger…ha ha. But seriously — thank you! Your recipe makes PERFECT SENSE and addresses all of the concerns I had about the other recipe…there was just too much cheese, too much moisture, and not enough cook time! Way to go, girlie. I’ll take pictures of my creation 😉

  24. Sandi says

    I was so excited to try this recipe, but what a disaster! Is it possible to pulse the cauliflower too much? After I cooked it I’m left with more of a mashed potato consistancy, not like rice or flour, just mush. I’ve sent hubby to the store for some pre-made crusts :(

    • says

      I’m not sure if you can over-pulse cauliflower… it shouldn’t be like a puree, if that’s what you mean.

      This dough will not have the consistency of rice or flour, nor will it feel like traditional pizza dough as you form it– it will definitely feel fragile and more tender, like you have to “mush” it into place with your hands. That’s why it’s important to use parchment paper for baking, because it would stick to a pan otherwise! Once you bake it, it will be much more firm and solid. Hope you have better luck next time!

    • says

      Yes, I cooked the rice directly in the 1″ of boiling water– no steam basket. I drained it all into a fine mesh strainer after cooking, before transferring it to the dishtowel to squeeze out the rest of the moisture.

      Hope that helps!

  25. Sue says

    since you have had 51 comments to date, and no one has asked for clarification, i must be asking a question that needs none. however, i am unsure about the steaming of the cauliflower…you said boil the water, put the cauliflower in, and cover and steam for 4 to 5 minutes. does that mean you let it boil on high, or does that mean you cover it and turn it off to steam??? what is the desired doneness of the cauliflower at the end of the 4 to 5 minutes. thank you for enlightening me. i appreciate it.

    • says

      Hi Sue! I do let the water continue to boil while the cauliflower rice is covered for 5 minutes– though, I’m not sure it’s necessary. After 5 minutes, I usually just assume that it’s done, and don’t really check the texture, but it should be at a “fork tender” consistency. (Of course, it’s nearly impossible to check with a fork since the consistency is already rice!) You can usually smell when it’s done, as well, as your kitchen will start to fill with the strong scent of cooked cauliflower. 😉

      Hope that helps!

      • Sue says

        hi megan,

        thank you, and now will you trouble shoot for me?…

        i did not think you wanted it to continue to boil covered, because, one, i did not think that meant steaming, and two, i thought it might burn. so what do i do now…can i salvage the cauliflower? put it back on and cook it a little longer? i know this is not rocket science, but i wanted to do it the way you did, at least for the first time. thanks for your patience with this neophyte cook.

        • says

          If you brought the water to a boil, added the “rice” and covered for 5 minutes, it should be steamed properly– even if you turned off the heat. Next time I make it myself, I will probably reduce the heat to a gentle simmer, rather than keeping it boiling, because I don’t think it’s necessary.

          If you’re concerned that it’s not cooked enough, (if the rice still feels too firm) I imagine you could cook it another 2 minutes in boiling water, then pick up the recipe from there! Be sure to drain and squeeze out the moisture well– that’s definitely the key to a good crust! And be prepared for the texture to be more moist and crumbly than traditional dough. You’ll have to shape a rather mushy dough onto the parchment paper, but it will be nice and firm after baking! Good luck! :)

          • Dvora says

            Any chance the boiling step can be skipped entirely? Seems baking in the oven would cook the riced cauliflower and not introduce more water? Has anyone tried this?

          • Megan Gilmore says

            The cauliflower needs to be cooked in order to release enough water. You can make it with “raw” cauliflower rice, but then the baked crust will be soggy.

  26. TiffanyK says

    I was surprised at how tasty this was! Truly a keeper in the recipe book. The texture, flavor and look was all similar to pizza! I cannot wait to make this again. Wow. Thanks for the recipe!

  27. Sandi says

    My rice was still mush the second time around, and still didn’t look like yours, but I decided to proceed anyway, and I’m glad I did because it worked! It held together just fine and could easily be picked up to eat, we did not use any utensils. We topped it with sauce, mushrooms, onions, spinach, chili pepper flakes, parmesan, mozza, and fresh basil.

  28. Jenny says

    Hi, Megan. My younger daughter was recently diagnosed with gluten and casein intolerance, so for now we steer clear off any milk products, including goat milk (it has a diferrent form of casein, but during the “cleansing” period none of it is allowed). So, my question to you – can i make the same crust but skip the cheese altogether? DO you recommend any alternatives? Is it just for flafor, or it actually keeps the thing together?

    Thanks so much,

    • says

      Hi Jenny!

      I haven’t tried making this without the cheese yet, so I can’t say for sure how it will turn out. I think if you reduce the cauliflower a bit, and just use the egg, it should turn out fine… but you just never know until you try.

      If food combining isn’t an issue for you, perhaps adding a tablespoon of ground flax would help bind it together as well.

      Let me know how it turns out! :)

  29. joanne says

    this crust was great. i was not expecting to like it but I really did!!!
    My daughter followed the recipe exactly and the crust was easy to pick up, crisp, and I would not have known that it was cauliflower had she not told me. we are going to make it when we get home for sure. you must wring out the moisture after the cooked cauliflower cools some.
    bon appetit!

  30. Corly says

    Hi Megan. I made your Cauliflower Fried Rice two nights ago and your Cauliflower Pizza Crust for dinner tonight and both were SO good, particularly the pizza. My husband loved it! I made all the cauliflower rice a couple of days ago and kept it covered in the fridge so it was a lot simpler and quicker to make make both dishes. I even whipped up some more of the fried rice for lunch today! Thanks for some amazing recipes!

    • says

      I’ve tried baking it on a Silpat, which usually has similar results to using non-stick spray, and the crust wasn’t as dry or firm as when using the parchment paper.

      Please let us all know if you have any luck, though!

  31. Singularity says

    What’s so great about this recipe is it’s really forgiving: when I saw I wanted to try it right away, but, except for the egg and the seasonings, I had none of the ingredients. So, I used broccoli and zucchini “rice” and blended cheddar with plain yoghurt as the cheese. Since it didn’t have any strong character without the chevre, I threw in a teaspoon of miso, a clove of garlic, and some black pepper to compensate. I just used a simple topping of chopped red bell pepper. And it was delicious! Thank you so so much!

  32. Lory says

    I’ve made this a few times, and always get perplexed on the measuring of the cauliflower rice-is this before or after steaming and wringing? We love this pizza-even our nonpaleo adult kids! thank you!

    • says

      I measured the 4 cups AFTER steaming and draining the rice, but BEFORE wringing it out. The amount reduces even more after removing all that extra moisture!

      Luckily, this recipe is very forgiving, and it should hold together even if the measurements are a little off each time. 😉

      • Savannah says

        Thank you so much for this recipe – have the crust in my oven now & it smells amazing!

        Just wanted to suggest that you make a notation in your recipe that you measured COOKED cauliflower (because in your current instructions you specify RAW cauliflower). I followed the directions and ended up with very little “dough”, so used my remaining cauliflower to make up the difference and ended up much closer to what I suspect is the intended outcome for this recipe. If I had known to measure it out already steamed it would have saved me some guessing and extra steps 😉 (And this comment is waaay down the list – not easy to find!)

        That being said, I LOVE your recipes and many are on regular rotation – thank you so much!!!

        • Jennifer says

          Thank you very much for posting this clarification! I’ve made this recipe twice, and measured the four cups *raw*. Needless to say, I ended up with barely a cup of cooked/strained cauliflower.

  33. Sue says

    Since you were so kind, Meagan, to address my queries about steaming the cauliflower, I thought I would comment on the questions asked by some of the posters about now using cheese and using alternates to parchment paper…

    My 5 year old son and I made this, and we did not add cheese, and we did cook in a silicone pan. My son said it was soooooooooooo delicious. It was indeed dry and firm and tasty. So all systems go!!!

  34. Sue says

    sorry for the typing error…meant to say

    …questions asked by some of the posters about NOT using cheese

  35. says

    Just made my 1st pizza with the recipe!! Loved that it’s crisp enough to pick up!! I missed the comment about measuring the cauliflower after steaming and draining it, so my pizza was a lot smaller than yours, but still yummy!!! Thanks!

  36. says

    OH. MY. GOD. MEGAN!!!! It works! It works! We made this last night and it held together AND was crispy!!! I made mine a tad thicker than my daughter made hers, but each had wonderful qualities that we will be sure to repeat again 😉 Thank you for sharing this with me; you’ve brought pizza back into my “bariatric” life! Note to self: Find the box containing the food processor in the garage; ricing two heads of cauliflower by hand costs too much in knuckle-flesh…;-) Have a great day!

  37. says

    I’ve made this, but with raw “riced” cauliflower and part skim shredded mozzarella as the base and it was really good! My only issue was it sticking to the pan, but (duh) parchment paper solves that issue.

    On my next one, I think I’ll give your recipe a try, as I’m a huge fan of goat cheese…so creamy and tangy, YUM. Would make a great Margherita pizza! Thanks :)

    • Rachelle says

      Rachel, did you find that using raw “riced” cauliflower worked just as well as using steamed riced cauliflower? I would like to omit unnecessary steps. I considered steaming & then using my Vitamix…or using my Vitamix & then steaming…BUT would much rather use raw riced cauliflower.

  38. Abbie says

    After reading this recipe (which I plan to try), I happened to be making cauliflower mashed potatoes, so I wrung out my cauliflower for that, too. It made a huge difference- much more like mashed potatoes!

  39. Abbie says

    I am on a low-carb diet, not a detox, so I generally do not keep goat cheese around. I mostly have mozzarella, cheddar, and italian cheeses like parm and asiago. Would any of these work instead of goat cheese? Or is there any other cheese at all that would be a good sub? Thanks for the amazing work you do! :)

  40. says

    This pizza crust was AWESOME! All day I was thinking about making my pizza-but figured I would Google the crust recipe and the one I was using did not come up at all. YOURS did. I went out and bought all of the ingredients, rep pepper, onion and some fresh baby Bellas. OMG-it was the absolute best. I am making it for company this weekend. Thank you SO much for sharing this recipe. Being 100% Italian, pizza MUST be a staple in my diet. Now, it can be-Healthy!

  41. Mary Beth says

    Oh! I’ve made cauliflower pizzas twice now and although they were both delicious, I didn’t think about baking the crust before the toppings… Can’t wait to try it out! My very Italian boyfriend actually loves these, so needless to say anybody slightly hesitant should go for it!

  42. Gracie says

    Hello , does the cauliflower have to be raw and fresh to turn it into “rice” or does it turn into rice even if you use frozen cauliflower?
    Thanks bunches, Grace

    • says

      I bet frozen would work, too! I’d pulse it in the food processor while it’s still frozen, then allow to thaw and squeeze out all the extra liquid. (I bet you wouldn’t even have to steam it, as thawed cauliflower would already be tender.)

      Let us know how it works for you!

  43. Grace says

    Thank You, and I definetly will…another thing, would the recipe still work if a used a cheese substitute, like vegetarian cheese to hold it together? I know one of the previous commenters used yogurt., but I just want to be sure so I dont mess up. :) Thanks Bunches!

    • says

      I’ve never tried the vegetarian cheese substitutes, but I’ve heard that some of them melt just like cheese– so that should work! Hope you enjoy it! :)

  44. Dora says

    hi, I’ve been looking at making this recipe, but I’m highly lactose intolerant. What would you suggest as a substitution for the chevre in the crust? Also, I was planning on using “follow your heart” cheese, but if you have a suggestion there, I’d love it as well.

  45. Sierra says

    I made this tonight and it was amaaaaazing! Thank you so much for posting the recipe! Instead of using goat cheese, I used mozzarella. I don’t think I’ve ever had goat cheese and was just curious if you recommend goat cheese over “regular” (cow) cheese (and if so, why). I’m fascinated by this blog! I’ve never really heard of food combining. I’m intrigued!

  46. michael says

    Hi from Ireland. Delicious recipe for pizza crust and indeed many others too on your website. Thanks so much for taking the time to share! M

    • says

      I haven’t tried the flax egg yet, but it’s definitely worth a shot! The mozzarella cheese should work fine, too.

      Let us know if you have any success! :)

  47. Denise says

    Great recipe! Made this yesterday and had some leftover cauliflower so I made another one but this time I didn’t cook the cauliflower. I figured it would cook in the oven. It came out great and saved me some time.

  48. Erin says

    Any ideas what I can use for a binder other than egg? (I can’t have egg, soy, gluten) I have used flax “eggs” for an egg replacer but don’t know if it will be a good enough “glue” to hold the cauliflower together.

    • says

      I’m not sure if the flax eggs will work, either. In other recipes, I’ve had success adding some extra flax to the mix (in addition to the flax eggs), but I haven’t tried that with this particular recipe. Other than that, I can only tell you what won’t work! (I tried using agar-agar once… and it was a mess.)

      Let me know if you have any luck! :)

  49. Erin says

    OK. I am excited to try this recipe. I cannot have eggs so used flax “eggs” instead. Also I read somewhere about microwaving the riced cauliflower. I simply put the riced cauliflower into a covered microwave-safe glass dish (adding NO water). It came out great, nice and dry. No need to squeeze out water! I haven’t eaten the crust yet but it cooked up great and looks wonderful.

  50. says

    Hi there!

    Question: I’ve used a recipe for cauliflower mash where instead of boiling the cauliflower in water you microwave it to take the water out of it. Do you think this might work to help expel water from the cauli-rice needed for your pizza crust?

    I ask because squeezing the water out of the cauli-rice when I made your recipe was messy and actually pretty strenuous. And, it required me to let the cuali-rice sit a long time to cool (otherwise even wrapped in a towel it was too hot to handle).

    Thanks for any insight you might have!

    • says

      Hi Kate! I don’t own a microwave, so I can’t test this theory… but please let me know if you have any success!

      I’ve had another reader let me know that she made this crust without even cooking the cauliflower rice beforehand, so perhaps that might be an option, too? (I haven’t tried it myself yet, but I plan to!) One thing I’ve tried, that does involved a little pre-planning, is making the cauliflower rice ahead of time, then freezing it while it’s still raw. When you thaw the rice, the liquid is easily released with squeezing, and you can use it immediately for the crust without cooking it, or burning your hands! (The freezing process provides a cooked texture after thawing.)

      Hope that helps!

  51. Nicole says

    This was the first cauliflower crust recipe I’ve ever tried and it was honestly fantastic. I really enjoyed it. Thanks so much!

  52. Rachel says

    Would parsnips instead of cauliflower work? I’m intolerant to cauliflower and looking for alternatives. I did make this crust with cauliflower before and it was perfect consistency, only it doesn’t get along with my body even after all that baking.

    Thanks Megan!

    • says

      Hmmm… I bet they would! It would probably effect the flavor, but if you like the taste of parsnips, then I say go for it!

      And please let us know if you have any success! :)

  53. Diane says

    This recipe is amazing! I love it…my husband loves it! I’ve tried other recipes and had decided I would not try again. So happy I found yours. Thanks Megan for a great recipe! Love the photos too.

  54. Holly says

    Oh. My. Goodness. Made this last night for friends and they were incredibly impressed (as was I). I haven’t eaten pizza for years and boy did I miss it! My only complaint was that I doubled the recipe with the intention of freezing one of the pizza’s as suggested but my company and I gobbled up both! I also attempted to load a little too many veggie toppings which made the pieces a little soggy so next time I’ll go easy on the toppings and pair the pizza with a big raw salad instead. I used daiya cheese instead of chevre and it turned out beautifully…. crispy, delicious and very bread-like.
    I was wondering if I might be able to make actual “bread” slices by shaping the dough into bread slice shapes and making it a little thicker so I might use it to make sandwiches… have you tried this?
    My only advice to those who haven’t tried this amazing recipe yet is to make sure you plan ahead! I had to wait forever for my cauliflower rice to cool down before I could squeeze out the moisture so we ended up eating pretty late but next time I’ll just make it ahead of time. Definitely try this recipe, I’m pretty sure my life will never be the same!

  55. Katinka says

    I just tried this, and it was absolutely delicious! Can’t wait to make it again. I’m not a big fan of goat cheese, though, so I made it with Hirtenkäse (kind of a feta cheese, but made from cow’s milk). Thank you so much for this recipe, i love it!

    • says

      I haven’t had any luck finding an egg-substitute for this particular recipe yet. I’m sure a solution is out there, though, so let me know if you have any success!

    • says

      This recipe made one large pizza, which I split with my husband as our main course for dinner. If you’re serving something extra on the side, you may be able to stretch it a little further!

  56. Jessica C. says

    Hi Megan, Love your blog! I plan on making your pizza this weekend. Quick question. Do you recommend a clean pizza sauce or have a recipe you could share? Seems like the store bought versions are loaded with sugar.

    • says

      I’ve been meaning to make my own marinara sauce, but haven’t gotten around to it yet! In the meantime, I love Whole Food’s 365 Organic Pasta Sauce (it has no added sugar or oil) and Paesana’s Marinara Sauce. Both are very clean and delicious!

  57. Sue says

    Hi Megan,
    Just wondering if after the ricing, cooking, draining, and squeezing is done can the rice be frozen? And if so how long do you think it would last in the freezer? Thanks, will be trying this tomorrow.

    • says

      Hi Sue! If you’re planning on freezing the rice, you can actually freeze it without cooking– when it thaws, it will have a tender texture of “cooked” rice. Strain the thawed rice, like you would the cooked rice, and follow the recipe from there!

  58. says

    Ok I was very skeptical of this recipe. It was just one of those recipes that was so strange I had to try it. It was really good. I din’t tell my husband or son what they were eating or of course they wouldn’t try it. They liked it too. I have been trying to cut way back on my carbs and clean up my diet. Of course a pizza doesn’t fit in with this. This was yummy and I will make it again and again. Also I have several friends with Celiac and will use this often as a crust for appetizers.

  59. Brenda says

    Wow I just made this yesterday and I’m impressed! What an amazing alternative, I used goats fetta cheese as thats what i had in the fridge and turned out yummo! Looking forward to trying some other recipes. Loving the idea of freezing the rice & thawing it without having to boil it up, takes one extra step out of the process! Love it :)

    • says

      Cooking the cauliflower allows you to squeeze out the extra moisture contained in the raw rice. If you make the crust without cooking and straining the rice first, the resulting crust will be soggy.

  60. Jan says

    This was delicious! I had a huge cauliflower and after cooking and squeezing I only had 2.5 cups of cauliflower… I used cooked brown rice to make up the difference. I topped it with mozzarella, asiago an Swiss cheeses, some roasted tomatoes and oregano. I am STUNNED at how good this was, and really filling. Fabulous recipe. Thank you, thank you!

  61. says

    First, I can’t believe I actually made this, but it was so different that I had to. Plus the pics baby-stepped me through it. It was soooo good! I was so skeptical that I made a back up dinner for our family; but we all wished I had made two or three more of these pizzas!! I literally laughed out loud when my 9-year-old said it was the best pizza he ever had… I thought he was pulling my leg. Then I tasted, and wow! You are sooo my food-hero! We follow a low-gluten, high-greens diet, and this one is awesome!! Easy to make, this will be a staple in our home!!

  62. meg says

    This was absolutely delicious, thank you! Instead of the red sauce and mozzarella cheese I added a little fresh ricotta, roasted diced butternut squash and some chopped kale with a little olive oil. Loved it!

  63. Kara says

    Amazing recipe! My 6 year old scarfed it down and never questioned what he was eating like he usually does. Thank you for this great site. You made me realize good food doesn’t need grains or sugar to still taste good.

    • says

      Hi Molly! I just realized that the way I wrote the ingredients is confusing– the 4 cups is before cooking, and it reduces to about half that size after cooking and squeezing. Hope you enjoy it!

  64. says

    Love this idea – I’ve never heard of it, but glad to find your website! I’ll be trying it this week. Usually I just do eggplant rounds for pizza, but not really the same.

  65. Lou says

    Hi. What an amazing recipe! Also, it’s so cheap to pick up a cauliflower, rather than fairly expensive almond flour, etc.

    I was wondering if anyone has tried this base simply as an alternative for bread? I think it’s going to become a staple in my diet if it tastes as good as it looks.


  66. Mary Beth says

    Amazing!! I just finished taste testing and it was so yummy. I’ve seen other cauliflower recipes before, and they look so greasy or flat, making me skeptical. This one was not at all. It was dry enough to pick up. Out of the gate, I tried adding some of my favorite dried herbs (oregano, sage, and garlic) I think I could have eaten the crust all by itself as mock crackers at a party. Thanks for sharing!

  67. Imalee says

    I’m so disappointed (and frustrated)… this did not turn out! I didn’t have ‘parchment’ paper, but I had brown paper (which I buttered generously).

    Everything was going ok until the baking was finished… it looked lovely and golden brown and smelled so good but it would not release from the paper. So we had to eat the topping on the scraped-off crust (or rather, put the crumbs on top of the toppings).

    Now, I have to say that it still tasted wonderful, but it was not the result I was expecting. Also have to mention that dad loved it better than anything else ‘Italian’!

    I’m going to give this recipe a go again but I think I will try making it into a ‘pie’, and bake the crust in a glass pie plate (buttered and possibly even cacao powder dusted) and then put the remaining on top of the toppings (for a 2 crust pie)… do you think this will work???

    Also must give you kudos for the explanation on how to ‘rice’ cauliflower.. I never understood the directions on other websites before but yours were so simple it just clicked! I will be making Stuffed Peppers one of these days and will be using that ‘rice’.

    I also tried your almond butter instructions, but after 20 minutes I finally had to add a little coconut oil to the processor for it to cream – then I just had to try the fudge… Ah, visions of Almond Butter Fudge dance through my head!

    Anyway, so sorry if I sound negative.. everything about the pizza was GREAT! except the baking. I have limited resources so did the best I could.

    Thanks in advance for any tips you can provide

    • says

      Sorry to hear your crust stuck! I’ve found that parchment paper is key for preventing that– even my Silpat doesn’t work as well, and it usually prevents sticking with everything else I bake. The resulting crust is also soggier when you use anything else, which I think makes the sticking even more of a problem! So, I hope you have the opportunity to try it with some parchment paper next time.

      And I have no idea if that pie crust will work out, but please let me know if you try it! That would be AMAZING if it worked well!

  68. says

    I have a question…I liked all about the cauliflower pizza except the goat cheese which i don’t like. Can I substitute goat cheese with any other cheese??

    Please help with an answer!!


  69. Charlie says

    I LOVEEEE this blog, and I just tried a few recipes and now I’m a lifer.

    I’m a bit confused about the ‘steaming’ part. Should I just an actual steamer over top of the pot of boiling water for the rice or actually put the rice directly in the water?

    Help :)

  70. CindyLoo says

    Well I thought this sheer genius perfection for pizza alternative. Unfortunately my husband saw the cauliflower on the counter and became suspicious. My teenage son however came home late and found the leftovers in the fridge which he promptly inhaled. Said he loved it. I’ll make again for me, but my husband is now onto my cauliflower ways. Lol. Thanks, very creative.

  71. Ozlem says

    Awesome recipe! I made it today for my son and husband. They could not understand anything different that regular pizza and they loved it so much. I finally found a great recipe for my future pizzas. Thank you.!

  72. Adeline says

    I don’t want to use goat cheese….I’d like to know what cheese is the closest to the goat cheese you use in the recipe. I read that any cheese would work –but I can’t see how a hard type grated cheese would. Can anyone give me suggestions please.

    • says

      Most cauliflower pizza crust recipes actually call for hard grated cheese, so it will definitely work if you’d like to use it. I adapted my recipe to use goat cheese, because it digests better than cow’s dairy.

      However, if you’d like to use a cheese with a similar texture to chevre, I’d guess maybe ricotta would work? You’ll have to let us know if you try it!

    • says

      We actually got rid of our microwave, so I don’t have that option available to me. Please let us know if you have any success trying it! :)

  73. says

    Hi! This looks amazing as all the prefab GF pizza crusts dont work for me as I cannot tolerate any of the binding agents (xanthum gum, etc.) I eat eggs but am dairy-free. I was wondering if doing this without cheese would work? THanks so much for this awesome website!

  74. Amanda says

    I have made this twice and it has turned out awesome both times! Never thought I would like something like this, but it was great. Even my husband, who LOVES “regular” pizza more than anything liked this :) I do have one question though… write about making extra and freezing. I have my extra sitting out ready to go, but I’m not sure if I’m suppose to put the toppings on before or after freezing. You mention both ways in above, but I wasn’t sure if one was a typo. If it can be done either way….which way do you think turns out best? Thanks in advance for your response, and thank you for the great recipe! :)

    • says

      I haven’t tried it that way, but I bet it would work! Just make sure you squeeze out the moisture well before mixing it with the egg and spices. Please let us know if you try it!

  75. Keri says

    Thank you for this recipe. I had to modify it a little bit, (I only had 2.5 cups worth of cauliflower at home). I also didn’t have any goat cheese on hand, so I used grated parmesan cheese, and it still came out really good!!

  76. Don says

    Oh man, I seem to be the only one who failed at this recipe. :( After 30 minutes, the top and bottom of my crust were cooked well(almost burnt), but the middle portion was still kinda wet. The top & bottom kinda separated from the middle (showed when I was slicing the crust). I squeezed as much water as I could from the cooked cauliflower so I’m not sure what went wrong. (how dry does the cauliflower have to be?) I also found out I’m not a fan of goat cheese. Next time I might try raw cauliflower rice and a combination of yogurt cheese and parmesan.

    • says

      Sorry to hear that, Don. The cauliflower does need to be very dry. Raw cauliflower rice works well, too, but the result is a little soggier, thanks to the extra moisture that isn’t removed. Still delicious, though, since I’m usually just making it for myself! 😉 Better luck next time!

  77. Eileen says

    I am thrilled to see this recipe. My family loves pizza but what a blessing to find a recipe that is low-carb. We are not doing dairy and so I use Daiya cheese. I’m just not sure if this would work or not? Are you familiar with this type? Thanks!

  78. Misti says

    I was glad to look through the comments and see that someone else also ended up with a WAY smaller pizza lol I ended up making 2 batches for one crust. I, also, measured 4 cups raw and riced and mine was about half the size of yours. After I doubled it, it was DEEEELISH. Thank you so much!

  79. Alisha says

    Do you have to have goat cheese in the crust, i would like to veganize the recipe. I am going to replace the egg with a flax “egg”, but i am not sure sure about the goat cheese?

    • says

      I’ve made it many times without the goat cheese, so I know it works either way. I haven’t tried it with flax eggs, though, so be sure to let us know if you have any success!

  80. Alice says

    How long can you freeze this?
    I just finished the crusts and I am not even hungry, but want to eat them SO bad! Look divine! How long can I freeze or refrigerate this to bake later?

    • says

      I’ve re-heated a crust that was frozen for 2 months, and it tasted just fine… so I think the shelf life is pretty long, provided it’s sealed well.

  81. Lisle says

    I put the dry cauliflower rice into a 1 qt Pyrex measuring cup, cover with plastic wrap and microwave about 5-6 minutes. It doesn’t get soggy, and thus no need to squeeze out water.

    • Becca says

      I microwaved mine too but still managed to squeeze a lot of water out…too much I think; it didn’t make a very big pizza. Next time I will double the amount of cauliflower used.

  82. Celeste Demby says

    Mine got stuck to the parchment paper :( I think I might have made it too thin… other than that it tasted awesome!

    • says

      Did you actually use “wax paper” or parchment paper? I’ve heard that wax paper isn’t good for baking. If you used parchment, it may have had too much moisture, then. Mine peeled right off when I used parchment.

  83. Catrina Porter says

    Hi Megan,

    I was wondering of I could make this without using cheese at in the caulifower mixture and on it? I hate real and fake cheese, will it ruin it if I left out the cheese altogether?

  84. Karen says

    I’m now a believer! I truly didn’t think this could taste like a pizza crust. It did! Mind you, I added garlic powder and dried basil as well as the oregano to the mix. I also didn’t have parchment paper, but the non-stick aluminum foil worked just fine. I did notice when I cut into the crust just after baking, that it wanted to tear a bit and felt a little fragile. But, after the crust had cooled a little more, it cut just fine without any tearing, and felt firmer in the hand just like “real” crust. Thank you so much!

  85. Penny O says

    The first time I made this it turned out perfectly! I have a little experience wringing out the cauliflower from my low-carbin days. This crust is my first pizza in months. It was very satisfying. Thanks for sharing.

  86. Shana S says

    So I’ve been drooling over this recipe for a couple days now. I’m slowly switching my eating style and dying for pizza. I just moved (live in Europe currently) and can’t find my transformer for my food chopper. I course lay chopped the cauliflower then steamed it and mashed it with my masher. I still strained it as you suggest above (I didn’t have that much water to press out but still got a surprising amount out) but didn’t have goat cheese (substituted cream cheese) and added a few other seasonings. OMG YOU ARE MY HERO! That’s all I have to say. Thank you!

  87. Lilja says

    Hi Megan.
    I tried this tonight for dinner and LOVED it! It’s amazing how full I felt and not at all bloated. Goat cheese is ridiculously expensive in Iceland but I just had to buy it for this recipe. I think it tastes better than the cow cheese. AMAZING! Thanks 😀

  88. Mairi Campbell says

    I have made cauliflower pizza crust a few times before and do really enjoy it. Thanks for the tips on how to squeeze the water out…I was rolling it up in a towel jellyroll style, I will try this method next time. My one thought/question about this process is, aren’t you squeezing out all the nutritional value of the cauliflower when you squeeze out all the moisture? We are always told that the vitamins and minerals leach out into the water, etc. Just wondering about anyones thoughts on this.

    • says

      In this case, the vitamins and minerals from the cauliflower are not our primary concern. It’s more about what you’re NOT putting into your body! Since grains may cause inflammation and prevent mineral absorption for many people, it’s actually more important to simply avoid them, and find substitutes that won’t cause these issues– such as this cauliflower crust. We probably are squeezing out many of the vitamins and minerals through this process, but if you’re eating a vegetable-centric diet anyway, it shouldn’t matter in the long-run. Hope that makes sense!

  89. says

    Hi Megan,

    I have tried so many of your recipes and absolutely love them, I just had the cauliflower pizza and I can not get over how delicious it was.

    Keep the recipes coming!!


  90. Jennifer says

    Hi is there a substitution you recommend for the egg for vegans? Thanks! I love your website and FB page thanks for all you do!

    • Courtney says

      You can use ground flax seed! 2 Tbsp. Finely ground flax seeds plus 3 Tbsp. water replaces one egg. Mix them together in a small bowl or mug, and let sit a couple of minutes until it becomes like jelly, then add as you would eggs.

  91. Chris says

    I thought you recently update a post about how to make this vegan. I went through all my old emails, but I haven’t been able to find it. Can you send me the link to the post, or clarify how to make it vegan?


    • says

      Hi Chris! I haven’t had much luck making a vegan crust myself, but it looks like some comments here have mentioned making it with success. You might want to check out some of the comments above to see what works!

      • Chris says

        Thanks! What is the purpose of the egg? Is it a binder? Do you think non-dairy yogurt would work? If so, how much?

  92. Nathan Taylor says

    I just made this tonight, and it was pretty good. As I pulled it to my face, I still got a whiff of cauliflower which threw me off a little bit. However, it had a great flavor (I did throw a few more herbs like basil and garlic powder in my “dough”). The crust was easy enough to pick up and didn’t fall apart, but it broke in half if I tried folding it too much (I typically fold my pizza in half to keep toppings from falling off and it’s easier to hold). The pizza was tiny. I would definitely suggest making 2 to 3x the amount if it’s the main dish for your family. I used aluminum foil because no parchment paper was available, and it seemed to have worked fine, just in case anyone doesn’t have parchment paper. All in all, I would definitely suggest it, and I’ll be making it again. It won’t let me rate it on the cell phone, but I’d give it a 4.5… All it’s lacking is the chewiness I enjoy from regular pizza crust. Otherwise, it was appetizing and had a great flavor!

  93. Alaina says

    This is one of my favorite ways to use the pulp left over from juicing! I make it tonight with cauliflower, carrot and zucchini pulp, and it’s heavenly. No veggie taste at all, and came out nice and firm. Delish!

  94. Stephanie M says

    This pizza crust is wonderful. I ended up only having crumbled goat cheese so I blended that up and added to cali, eggs and spices. Added lots of toppings and think it has more cheese flavor that most pizza. I really like it. will defintely make again. Thank you for bringing pizza back to our home!

  95. Alissa says

    I was unsuccessful with this! I followed all the directions except I used mozzarella cheese (I don’t have goat cheese) and it just crumbled when I tried to pick it up. I ended up using spinach tortillas instead but I was super disappointed.

  96. Leslie says

    Delicious, the crust was sweet and tasty. I will be using this on a regular basis. I feel so full after eating 1/3 of what eat of regular pizza with no bloat. Would love to eat more but am just too full. Thanks will try it on my spouse when he returns.

  97. Nat says

    Hello Megan,

    I so want to make this pizza, but i am allergic to milk, cheese, etc. What do you recommend as a substitution to the Chevre goat cheese?

    Thank YOU!!

    • says

      I would recommend looking through the comments on this post– I haven’t made a vegan version myself, but a few readers have mentioned their tips for omitting the cheese!

  98. C.S. Reed says

    WOW! We do not like cauliflower. Trying this was a shot in the dark. We both got tired of feeling like we ate a lead balloon after we got done eating regular pizza. We are loving it! The hardest part is trying to stop eating the crust so we can put the toppings on. Looks like we do like cauliflower just not raw or boiled in butter. Now to see if the kids notice.

  99. jena says

    hi there! i tried this recipe and it was absolutely AMAZING! wow, i never could have dreamed that there could really be a grain-free alternative to pizza crust this delicious that could hold together so well! even my roommates, both of whom eat mostly processed, crappy foods & fast food and don’t eat most of my ‘healthy’ cooking, loved the way it tasted and were sad i didn’t make more!

    unfortunately, my boyfriend can’t even soft cheeses, so chevre is out of the question. so i made an alternate version (in addition to making this version on your site!). i tried using 6 cups of cauliflower rice instead of 4, 1/3 c. parmesan, and 2 eggs … then squeezed some of the liquid out a SECOND time — but not all of it. it’s still really tasty, but it doesn’t hold up too well :(

    do you have any suggestions for chevre substitutes i can use? my boyfriend eats no grains, legumes, soy, or dairy (except for hard cheeses). i’m at a bit of a loss here!

    thanks for sharing this amazing recipe :)

    • says

      I think it was probably the parmesan that affected the crust– since it doesn’t really melt like other cheeses, it won’t help hold the crust together. You can use any other type of cheese that will melt, like cheddar or mozzarella, or leave it out all together!

  100. jena says

    hey, Megan – thanks so much for the quick response. :) for some reason, i had it stuck in my head that i’d need something with a sort of ‘gluey’ texture – like the chevre – to bind it all together. i’m not sure how cheddar would mix in with the dough, so i i’ll try omitting the cheese altogether next time! thanks again. :)

  101. Polina says

    I will be making this tonight. My concern is how to make it so nice and squired? Are u using baking pan to form it? What size is the dough for the amount of ingredients and 1/3 inch crust? Can’t wait to try this. Thank you.

    • says

      I just used my hands to shape the dough– it doesn’t usually fill out my whole pan. The squared edges don’t have to be perfect, and you can use a traditional round pizza pan if you prefer! (I don’t own one, which is why mine are always rectangle-shaped.)

      This recipe makes enough to shape one pizza crust that doesn’t quite fill out a 9×13 rectangle pan. Many comments above have recommended doubling the recipe if you’re feeding a family, since this amount usually only feeds me and my husband for one meal.

  102. GlutenFreeinTexas says

    After reading all of the positive comments I was so excited to try this pizza. My son has wheat, dairy and egg allergies and so this was supposed to be his pizza treat for our superbowl celebration. Unfortunately it did not taste good at all. Despite squeezing out all of the water, my pizza crust was soggy after cooking it for 40 minutes. I’m not sure if it was due to the flax egg or not but this definately did not produce a pizza crust that you could hold in your hand. It tasted like soggy cauliflower. I was very dissapointed.

    • says

      Yes, I’d assume it’s the flax egg. Everything I’ve made with flax eggs turns out more soggy, and won’t hold together like real eggs.

  103. Jacci Chambers says

    Made this for my family…my 18mo son is PICKY but loves pizza. the take out stuff always gives him a sour tummy. Not this! he jammed this into his mouth and grunted for more! A new staple in our home when we want pizza! thanks SO much!

  104. NAiMA says

    i tried this recipe last saturday for a dinner with friends. i wasn’t sure about the result so i cooked just a small round pizza (eventually topped with some fresh-made peperoni sauce and some leftover goat cheese) as a starter. well… it was DELICIOUS! i obviously didn’t tell my friends what it was made of so they started guessing: some even said gluten free bread! they were astonished when i finally told them the truth! thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  105. lex says

    Hi! I just finished the hard pizza crust and it worked perfectly! I also used the goat cheese but I think I will change that to a less fatty one in the future. The crust tastes great! I can’t wait to finish it with sauce, ham and mozzarella!
    Thanks for the recipe!
    To the people who are interested in the calorie amount: my version (with sauce, raw ham and mozzarella light) contains approximately 500kcal per serving, but I think I could reduce it to 400 or so in the future! I used some extra cheese because I was afraid the “dough” wouldn’t stick together after baking it in the oven…:D

    take care everybody!

    • says

      I can’t, as I haven’t tried a non-dairy option myself, but I’d recommend reading through all the comments posted here– I’m pretty sure some people have mentioned having luck with certain non-dairy options.

  106. Ruth Whetsel says

    Hi and thanks for the cauliflower pizza recipe. Delicious and satisfying. And….I have to try to make it even better next time. This first time the slices were not pick-up-able. Maybe because since I had no chevre on hand I used reggiano. I’ll try again following the recipe correctly. Anyhow, your whole site seems great–intelligent and pleasant. I find myself coming back again and again. Many compliments and many thanks.

  107. Angela says

    This idea is so intriguing! My husband and I are considering going grain-free, but we love our homemade pizza… I would definitely try this cauliflower crust in a heartbeat!! Thanks for the inspiration, and the sense that maybe going grain-free wouldn’t be so difficult after all ^_^b

  108. Rose says

    I was so excited about this pizza but the crust stuck to the parchment paper and I couldn’t get it off of the paper.. We had to throw it away :(.. anyone have any ideas?..
    thank you!

  109. says

    Yummmm! We can eat pizza again. I didn’t have the goat cheese and used a soft cheese my husband made instead. I like the crust more crispy. Does cooking it longer solve that?

    • says

      I don’t think a paper towel would be durable enough. There will be a LOT of moisture, and I’d worry about the paper towel dissolving into your cauliflower mix.

  110. Jessica says

    I made this and cannot get it not to stick using wax paper. First try we actually had to eat it by scraping off paper. Second time I greased the wax paper pretty good and it still stuck. I am going to try a third time using the baking stone directly. Any input on what I am doing incorrectly? Any tips? It is still quite yummy. I would like to be able to serve it to guests and not have it be stuck. Thank you so much!

    • says

      Yes, make sure you are NOT using wax paper! That will stick like crazy. You should be using parchment paper for best results. Good luck! :)

  111. Jessica says

    LOL Well I’ll Be!!!! I thought parchment paper was a fancy name for wax paper. You think at my age I’d know these things. I am learning every day. Thank you so much. Off to the store I go!

    • Gina Taylor says

      I did the same as you! I’m so bummed tried twice, and greased. I also though wax and parchment was the same. Having to order out tonight because of my screw up :(

      • says

        I have made this many times. Love Love Love it. A few times I did not squeeze enough water out so I added some gluten free baking mix (Gluten Free Bisquick) Turned out awesome Thanks so much!

  112. Jessica says

    Thank you for saving the day and noticing my wax paper error. We had a whole kitchen full of women and never caught it. Made it last night and your recipe was fabulous! Very easy to make. Using parchment paper made this flawless! Thank you again for your great recipe and good eye!

  113. Michele says

    Just cooked and absolutely yummo….my 9 year old gave it a 10/10… he knew it was made with cauliflower and nearly wasn’t going to have:) (was trying to cook without him seeing, but he is too quick)
    Thank you!!

  114. Jenna says

    Hi there,
    I am making this for my husband tonight! I made it once when he was out at sea and unfortunately, it stuck to the paper and I couldn’t eat it. I actually had parchment paper mailed to me (as I’m in Japan and can’t find it anywhere), so I’ll be sure to post the results! Fingers crossed. Thank you for the recipe!!

  115. Amy K says

    I have to make the crust the night before I am baking it due to time constraints. Should I just refrigerate it until the next day? Can I leave it out on the counter? Thanks for the help! :)

    • says

      I always assume that meat will be pre-cooked before being placed on a pizza, but veggies don’t have to be. (They will retain a slight crunch, though!)

  116. Sonya says

    This is the first time I’ve been able to eat pizza in a long long time and it hasn’t upset my stomach…..THANK YOU x 1000! This pizza was amazing, even my bf loved it! I recommend anyone who reads this to make this recipe! Only 2 things I have to say are: 1. It’s time consuming – but worth it! 2. When you squeeze the water out of the cauliflower w/out straining 1st (I didn’t have a strainer that fine) – it’s extremely hot!! Enjoy!! :)

  117. Tracy D says

    I have NEVER liked cauliflower — but I thought I would give this a try (worst case scenario – hubby would eat all of it). OMG – It is now on the list of my favorite recipes!!!! Yes it is time consuming but well worth the time. Oh and I wear kitchen gloves to hold out some of the heat while squeezing the excess water out. I add some fresh basil to the crust mix too. Thank you so much for the step by step instructions!

  118. says

    Hi Megan,
    Just want you to know I shared this on my facebook page. Milani Home LLC. I’m a food blogger as well and I like to know when someone uses my recipes. Love this soooo much. I’m not eating carbs so I not only made this for pizza, I made the crust into break size pieces and use them for sandwiches. Makes a wonderful egg and bacon sandwich!!

  119. Rebecca says

    I know a few people asked the question about using a flax egg instead of a regular egg. My doctor put me on a very restricted diet and eggs are currently on my list of things to avoid. So, tonight I tried this recipe using a flax egg. Megan had mentioned that you need the egg to bind everything and that’s very true! Mine fell apart… The flavor was excellent but the texture definitely wasn’t a nice crispy crust like it was supposed to be. Just a note, I did strain the cauliflower very, very well and let my flax egg sit for about 35 minutes before adding it so there was no excess water. Maybe someone else might have better luck, but for mine the flax egg didn’t work. Hopefully, in a few months I can add eggs back and try this as it was intended. :-)

  120. Tricia says


    I am a HUGE pizza fan and I am so excited to try out this cauliflower pizza crust! I have recently been doing the paleo diet and was curious what I could use for cheese? Does anyone have any ideas?!

    • Cynthia says

      I am on the SCD with tremendous success after suffering with celiac disease for decades. I cannot tolerate any kind of dairy; I am one of those people who have the actual allergy to cow’s milk, yet even goat products cause me discomfort. I have a recipe for cashew cheese. Has anyone tried this pizza crust using cashew ‘cheese’? I am thinking cashew butter would work as well. For now, I rate this recipe with 5 stars for the ingenious concept.

  121. Angela says

    I am not able to have eggs or cheese right now, so I made the crust with cauliflower and a yellow plantain. It held together well. I don’t think i made it thick enough to hold though, with the veggie toppings. Thanks for the great recipie!

  122. Debi Lytle says

    This was so yummy! Great site and directions! I added fresh garlic, oregano, basil and parsley to the crust……will definately make again!

    • Megan says

      Make sure you’re definitely using parchment paper, and not wax paper. The parchment paper should peel right off!

  123. Bethany says

    I’m so excited! This is the third cauliflower crust recipe I’ve tried, and the first one that actually worked! I was going to give up if I had another failure, but this was perfect!!

  124. kristin says

    This recipe is seriously delicious and foolproof. My husband loved it. I loved it. This is going to be a weekend favorite for sure. Thank you!

  125. Val says

    This was amazing!!! Time consuming but so worth it. Great instructions too. Even my boyfriend (who would eat regular pizza any day) loved it and asked if I could make it once a week :) Thank you!!

  126. Clara says

    Just made this recipe. It’s AMAZING! The crust turned out perfect! I had tried a different version a couple years ago and it fell apart in my hands. Thank you so much for posting so I could give it another go. Definitely saving this one.

  127. Bret says

    Gonna be making this over the weekend and plan on feeding it to my unsuspecting kids, should be fun!

    I’d like to make my own sauce too and have a daughter with a garlic allergy (yes garlic, poor thing).

    Anyone point me to a good sauce recipe for people who really love good pizza sauce and not the plain boring old tasteless sauce that seems to permeate the interwebs?

    I leave the Garlic out of the recipe of course!

    Thanks for sharing this Megan, and for taking time to help everyone out with all the questions!!!

  128. Emilee says

    I’m really wanting to try this, but don’t have a budget for a food processor in the near future. I was given a vitamix, though… Do you have any idea if it would work to rice the cauliflower in there?

  129. Kim says

    I made this a while back, and it was amazing!!! I turned it into a margarita pie, using roma tomatos & fresh basil & mozzarella, sooooo good. This is such an awesome idea, especially when your on south beach diet & hardcore craving a pizza, thanks for the great recipe!!!!

  130. Céline says

    Hi Megan!!
    Thanks for sharing this AMAZING recipe with us!! I love pizza but feel a bit guilty after each slice! I made your pizza crust and can’t get enough of it. I didn’t put mozzarella in the crust, just garlic, egg, onions and basil with a mix of cauliflower and zucchini and it tasted divine!! Favourite topping are fresh tomatoes, fresh basil with gratted mozzarella cheese and pineapple chucks!

  131. Leanna says

    This sounds awesome. I don’t like goat cheese though. Do you think I could use Ricotta instead? Thank you for sharing this.

    • Megan says

      I can only comment on things I’ve tried myself, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Any type of shredded cheese should work, too, according to some previous comments.

  132. lina says

    Hi, i havent tried this recipe yet but do you have to cook your toppings before hand? Iv read on other sites they pre cook the toppings
    Do you have to do that on this recipe?

  133. Cindy says

    This cauliflower crust is so good!! My husband kept saying “This is amazing!” We can now eat pizza again! Thank you so much for this recipe!

  134. Linda says

    Whenever I see a recipe for this kind of crust, I wonder …. wouldn’t adding some nutritional yeast to it lend a bit more traditional flavor?
    I imagine it wouldn’t be Paleo-acceptable, though .. right?

  135. Linda says

    I found your recipe, which seems to conform to many Paleo ones, before realizing that your site has a different focus: food combining.

    So, I believe my question is still a good one – what do you think about adding some nutritional yeast to this crust for its flavor?

  136. KAMATT says


  137. Penny says

    Thank you so much for this recipe! My 3 year old can’t have dairy, wheat, soy or cashews, and has not had pizza for months. He ate most of it!
    I topped it with sauce and this cheese: (baked the crust for 20 minutes, added the sauce and cheese and baked for another 20).
    The crust by itself is pretty bland, so if I want to use it for something other then crust, I’ll try the suggestions in the comments to jazz it up.

  138. Rossibel says

    This crust is DELICIOUS!! I even made it as a bread. I replaced a couple of ingredients. I added low fat mozzarella cheese and instead of adding salt I just added fresh oregano. Once crust was done I topped it with ricotta cheese, spinach, shredded low fat cheese, chicken, and mushroom.

  139. Candice says

    This is our regular Saturday night meal now. I made it once as a big pizza but since have made it into 5 ‘mini’ pizzas – we are a family if five with varied tastes. I use two heads of cauliflower, the biggest the grocer has at the time. Here’s at tip; after straining the riced/ cooked cauliflower, rinse it in cold water. I know this seems counterproductive, but I got tired of burning my hands while wringing it out. I think I end up with more riced cauliflower than the recipe calls for but I still use 1 egg and a ‘handful’ of shredded cheese.
    I also mix in ‘enough’ Italian spices from a McCormick spice grinder, prob bad but yum.
    Then the pizzas get topped with The Cultured Way yogurt cheese, an all natural marinara, uncured bacon or pepperoni, tomatoes and basil from my garden. My middle child has aspergers and a sensory processing disorder. He ate about 6 things before we went gluten, soy, corn (and mostly grain) free. This is his favorite food. He asks for it. Watching him it cauliflower of all things made me cry. Thank you for the recipe!

  140. Valerie says

    Thanks for this wonderful recipe. It makes a huge difference when you get a new meal right on the first take!
    Otherwise the kids get leary the second time around.
    I made it with a mozzarella kale garlic chili pepper and anchovy paste topping. It was really yummy and the kids devoured it !

  141. says

    After reading most of the comments, I decided to give this a try. One of the readers asked if frozen cauliflower would work, and Megan, you answered that it would be best to rice it frozen, then after thawing out, squeeze all of the water out. Here’s my experience: Trying to rice the frozen cauliflower was not a good idea, I thought my machine was going to burn out, it was too hard to get it chopped. I waited about 10 to 15 minutes and pulsed again. That worked. After waiting for it to thaw, I then squeezed as much of the water out, but not a lot was coming out. So, I popped it in the microwave for a minute, then tried squeezing and a lot more water kept coming out. I followed the rest of the recipe except used mozzarella instead of goat cheese. At 40 minutes in the oven it looked nicely browned. After taking it out, I added sauce, mozzarella, and some grated peccorino romano. It was nicely melted at 10 minutes. I sliced up the pizza, but I could tell right away that it wasn’t crispy. As a matter of fact, the outer crust area that didn’t have sauce was mushy on the inside and tasted like cauliflower. I think the frozen might have way too much water to work with this recipe. I’m debating whether to try this again with fresh cauliflower, it is a lot of work with getting the water out. I almost wonder if it would work by roasting the riced cauliflower if that would get out a lot of the moisture.

    • Megan says

      My husband and I usually split this pizza between the two of us, but we like pretty big portions! It could serve up to four, depending on what else you’re serving at the meal.

  142. Leila says

    Hi Megan,

    I just discovered your website and I LOVE it !!! I’m going to try a lot of your recipes, thank you so much for them. (as I’m typing this, I’m hungry so maybe that’s why I’m so excited haha)

    I just have one question. Can I substitute the goat cheese for cottage cheese, because I don’t like the taste of goat cheese. ? I’ve tried it once with a cauliflower crust pizza, but I’m not sure if it will work with this recipe since cottage cheese has a lot of water.
    Or do you think I should leave out the cheese like you said in a reply above.

    • Megan says

      I’ve never tried it with cottage cheese, but you can use shredded cheese, too. I think the texture is better with the cheese added!

  143. Alissa says

    I found the crust a little too cheesy tasting so will try reducing the goat cheese next time but otherwise found it great!

  144. Steve says

    Well worth the effort and very tasty. My only question is how to get the bottom of the crust crispier. We’ve tried different temperatures and using convection. Have you tried this on a pizza stone with or without the parchment paper?

  145. Don says

    What great idea, thanks! This worked so well! I salted the water, put the oregano and some crushed garlic right in the water when the cooked it. If you’re a pesto fan it really lends itself well to pesto sauce and some oven roasted cherry tomatoes!
    Have you ever used the the “riced” cauliflower to make couscous? IT’s excellent and the texture is such a dead ringer it’s uncanny. You just strain the cauliflower and no need to ring it out. season it how you’d like your couscous and it’s delicious (sometimes i cook it in chicken stock instead of water).Eric Ripert made it on his show once

  146. Kim says

    If you are vegan and wondered if this recipe would work with a flax egg, it held together ok, but it may be that 2 flax eggs are required instead of 1 flax egg. If anyone tries it, please post your results somewhere.


  147. BBB says

    First, I absolutely love your blog. I have tried numerous recipes and have had success with them all.
    However, this was a catastrophe. The process is easy but the clean up is pretty daunting.
    My pizza crust smoked the whole house up for 45 minutes. The crust was not firm (but I sort of expected that), the crust stuck to the parchment paper and would not budge.
    After spending 2.5 hours in the kitchen battling out with the oven and cauliflower, I was disappointed that this was not a success. But, it definitely gave the whole family a nice hearty laugh. So thank you!
    Again, I am a huge fan of your blog and recipes!

    • Megan says

      It sounds like you used wax paper instead of parchment paper. Wax paper will smoke in the oven and stick like crazy!! You definitely need to make sure you’re using parchment paper, which doesn’t smoke or stick. Hope you have better luck in the future!

  148. Lisa says

    This is DELICIOUS!!!! By the time I made ‘rice’ I only have about 1/2 a cup of base (just used the leftover cauliflower I had in the fridge) but it was soooo good I already want to make it again!!! yum yum, off to buy more cauliflower tomorrow :)

  149. Agata says

    I really want to make this pizza, it looks sooo delicious! My son has got a dairy intolerance :/ & I was wondering what could I use to replace the goat cheese in this recipe. Any suggestions? :)

  150. Lindsay says

    make sure you rinse the rice with cold water before straining it through the dish towel otherwise you will burn yourself!! and it cooks the egg because its too hot!

  151. Chelsea says

    Hi Megan, first congrats on your baby boy reveal!! Also, I made an adaption with this recipe. Not sure if it has already been tried in the previous comments, but here is what I did. I juiced the raw cauliflower in my Breville. I took all the pulp which was fairly dry, so I did not need to strain it at all. Then, I just added the cheese, egg, etc and cooked it in the oven. It was way quicker and easier. I have tried it in the food processor and water as well. This way was easier for me and the texture and taste was just a good. Just wanted to share 😉

    • Megan says

      Thanks for sharing! I’ve made jicama “rice” using my Breville juicer, but I hadn’t tried it with cauliflower yet. Glad to know it works so well!

  152. Chloe Dolan says

    I would very much appreciate some nutritional data on this pizza so that I can compare with some of the “healthy” whole wheat crust recipes available on the web. Calories? Fats? Carbohydrates? Fiber?

    • Kirsten says

      Using this calorie calculator, I searched for each of the four main ingredients.

      Assuming 8 portions: 81 cal/portion, 6.5 g. protein/portion, 5 g fat/portion, 1 g fiber/portion.

      Keep in mind that this recipe is more for those of us who are staying away from gluten, dairy, processed foods, etc. Not necessarily to consume a certain number of calories or fat grams.

      Hope this helps. I encourage everyone to visit the site (WW also has a good one if you know someone who is on WW plan) to calculate your own numbers.

  153. Kirsten says

    I will be making this over the weekend. Pizza is one of my go-to foods, but since trying to eat more “whole foods”, pizza has quickly gone by the wayside.
    Thanks for sharing!

  154. Angela says

    Tried this last night, my husband came home and I told him I had a suprise dinner (which has a losing record in the past).
    He tried it and said it was probaby the best thing I’ve ever made him!
    I love to share this recipe as well.


  155. Diana says

    Hi! I just made this crust and I plan to have the pizza for lunch tomorrow and I was just wondering if I use the freezing tip and then let it thaw in the morning will I be able to heat up my pizza in the microwave?? Unfortunately we don’t have an oven at work ;(

    • Megan says

      Yes, I don’t see why that wouldn’t work! If you just plan on eating it the next day, I don’t think there’s any need to freeze it, though. The fridge should be fine!

  156. Sharon says

    Loved the pizza. My husband can’t eat regular pizza (it causes anaphylactic shock). He was skeptical about how it would taste. Now he keeps asking me to do the recipe again and to try different combinations.

    One question he had is for the crust does it need the cream cheese or would the egg as the binder be enough? I know that would help to reduce the calories in the recipe. What do you think or is their other alternatives to reduce the calorie count down.

  157. Pat says

    I have made this crust several times. I served it to my family without telling them what it was and they liked it. They can get quite picky. I am trying to lose weight and this makes great pizza. I really missed pizza. I have several relatives who a Celiac and have used this crust to top with numerous thing for appetizers. They all wanted the recipe as it is a yummy crust. I just bought some more cauliflower because my husband is having a pizza craving. I will use this crust. (WHat he doesn’t know could actually be healthy for him.)

  158. Kim says

    Hello! I’m so happy to have stumbled across your blog! My husband and I are in phase 1 of the 17 Day Diet, and we LOVE pizza. This cauliflower crust pizza was a total success!

    These are the (slight) variations I made:
    -fat free cream cheese instead of goat cheese
    -added 1/2 tsp basil
    -added 1 tsp garlic powder
    -added 2 TBSP psyllium husk (I used this because I’ve made carb free “bread” with it before, and it gives it a more “bready” texture)

    I was really impressed! It was a tad on the dry side, but that was likely because I didn’t use much sauce. I topped it with FF mozzerella, mushrooms, onions, spinach, yellow tomatoes, bell peppers, and grilled chicken.

    What a joy to know I can still have pizza even while going low-carb! Bravo!!

  159. Sara says

    I usually use fresh grated parmesan instead of goat cheese in the crust, a little almond flour, fresh minced garlic and some red pepper flakes for kick – will definitely be trying it with the goat cheese in the crust (I LOVE that stuff) instead of just on top :)

    Another tip for getting the cauliflower really dry is to wring it out and then strain it in the fridge – I use cheese cloth or paper towels in a strainer over a bowl (you can do that with greek yogurt too before using it as a substitute for mayo) – the fridge air helps a lot :)

  160. Samantha says

    Just made this! My friends who have tried other recipes always say the crust doesn’t hold up….I found this recipe to be perfect. Did use mozzarella rather then goat cheese.

  161. Elise says

    I stumbled across this pizza recipe a week ago when I was looking for a mashed cauliflower recipe (I now love cauliflower for the first time @ age 43). I was directed to this website & am so glad I found it. Someone had just mentioned the day before hearing about a cauliflower pizza, & voila! I made 2 mini crusts – 1 for now & 1 to freeze. I only had Italian blend cheese, so I used that. I added a little clean tomato sauce with Italian herbs, sauteed garlic & mushrooms. Next time, I plan to also add red onion & green pepper & maybe a little low fat protein. Thank you for your honest & informative website. I plan to try the “rice” next & also make more of your recipes. This has been a great fit for my healthy eating program & keeps me from getting bored by the usual baked chicken & salad. Great motivation!

  162. Ann Jesse says

    I experimented with this recipe last night. Since I am trying to cut out milk products, I replaced the cheese with cashews and it was WONDERFUL! It gave the crust a nutty sweet flavor.

  163. Olivia says

    This looks so delicious! I can’t do dairy but, is there a alternative to the goat cheese that I could you use in place of it?

  164. Dana says

    Wow, I didn’t expect this pizza to taste so great – especially because I usually hate Cauliflower.

    I made a completely vegan version of this: I replaced the egg with a mixture of ground flax and chia seeds and a little egg replacer. Instead of the cheese, I added homemade cashew cheese spread.
    Turned out perfectly crunchy!

    I will definitely make this pizza again!!!

    Thanks for the recipe.


  165. Amy says

    This is by far the best cauliflower pizza crust I have tried. I like that you can make it thick and that it holds the toppings. I also like that the recipe mainly consists of cauliflower, and that the cheese (Chèvre) is not a 1:1 ratio as in other recipes. This worked nicely. I cut the recipe in half and only had to bake for about 28 min.

  166. Deb says

    This recipe looks awesome, will be trying it soon. There’s a WAY easier way to rice your cauliflower. I learned this on Big Red Kitchen and it works like a charm! Throw your florets into a blender (cut the bigger ones in half.) Not sure if this technique would work as well in a food processor, I have not tried that. Anyway, fill with water, completely covering florets. Blend for about 4 seconds and drain in strainer. Voila, rice! SO EASY AND FAST!

    • eclecticdeb says

      Wow, you must REALLY want to know what to do…all that SHOUTING! Grate the cauliflower using a box grater. Works fine.

  167. OSHIN says

    can i substitute goat cheese with any other cheese …say cheddar cheese ? or what about tofu ( as long as i squeeze the excess water out ? )

  168. pizza lover says

    What is the nutritional content of this? Seems like with all the extra cheese in the crust, regular pizza would be much healthier….

  169. Zoe Towers says

    This sounds amazing! Just wish it was egg free. I find it hard being egg and dairy free finding tasty healthy fast food style meals. Any tips for making this egg-less?

  170. Kristy says

    I used your recipe to make my pizza base but I added 1/4 cup buckwheat flour and half of 1/4 cup tapioca, minus the cheese and added 1 extra egg because I had a huge amount of dough all up and wanted to make sure it stuck together. It came together nicely and the base is nice…. I’m so glad I found your recipe!
    Thanks :)

  171. says

    I made this for me and my mother, last night, and it was soooooo good, Megan, thank you! The towel worked out well but I think next time (because I will be making this often) I’ll use my nut milk bag and see how that goes. Super recipe, mama. You’re the best!

  172. Sam says

    Amazing recipe! Thanks a lot for sharing. I have made it twice now and my family loves it. The crust came out perfect and we could pick it up by hand, regardless of the heavy topping in the second round!

  173. Courtney says

    I have made this twice now, and it’s killer!!! Thank you so much! I learned the hard way that you have to the cauliflower rice cool a bit before squeezing…. the first time I scalded the crap outta my hands! Hahahha, live and learn. I’m also taking your advice and making a quadruple batch next time, so whenever I have the craving for pizza (which is VERY often), I will have some already made. Thanks again!

  174. Wendy says

    Wow, this is amazingly yummy!!!! Thank you for your delicious recipe. I made the Cauliflower Rice this week too and it was great.
    I love your eye for food and to make it grain free. Thank you for giving me recipes I can use for my family as we begin our grain free life.

  175. says

    I made this one today & i love it.
    I realy like your site en the pictures.
    Sorry my Englisch is not so good, i’m from holland :p
    i’ll be posting this om my site soon, but I will link to you for the original recipe!

  176. Daimary says

    Wow! This looks so easy, I’m so excited to try this. Do you think I could try this with vegan cheese? would the outcome be similar to what it is with goat cheese?

    • Katie says

      I tried using vegan cream cheese and it didn’t turn out how I expected. I used vegan mozzarella cheese for the topping and it was great! I’m gonna try using mozzarella cheese for the crust next time. I think it would work.

  177. Ratchel says

    I just made this and the kids & I loved it. I used 1/3 cup goats mozzarella instead of feta and that worked fine. I would like to try and make the bottom more crispy. Any suggestions? I thought of trying to cook it on a pizza stone next time.

  178. Katie says

    I have made this twice and they haven’t turned out well. My crust is crunchy and perfect, but when I put my sauce and topping on it, it goes to mush. What type of sauce do you use?

  179. Kelli says

    Maybe this was asked earlier, but I could not read all of the posts! Can you substitute nutritional yeast for the cheese?

    • Janet Miller says

      I riced mine in a blender for when I made cauliflower crust grilled cheese sandwiches. I worked perfectly. I pulsed to get to the right consistency.

  180. sabrina says

    This looks good and I would like to try it. Can I substitute the goat cheese with a vegan cheese (Diaya)? I would also not use the egg, but maybe flax seed? Do you think this options would work? Thanks.

  181. Meryl says

    I found this on another site. I have seen many readers asking if this pizza can be Veganised. I hope I am allowed to do this, but here is the site. I think it refers to using Flax Eggs…

    Thanks for a fab recipe Megan…

  182. Patrick says

    Love this recipe and have made it twice so far. Doubled the recipe the second time, as the 1 head of cauliflower isn’t enough for 2 people for dinner (for our bellies).

  183. Dyann says

    Made this tonight and it was AWESOME! a little bit labour intensive but totally worth it to be able to eat 1/2 a pizza made from my favourite veggie. Thanks so much!

  184. Nicole says

    This is so yummy! I wanted to avoid the “ricing” step up front (because it takes too much time and little cauliflower “rice” pieces get everywhere!) so here’s what I did: chop the cauliflower into florets and steam in a pot. Drain the water and return cauliflower to pot. Mash cauliflower into “rice” like pieces with a potato masher or similar instrument. Then strain/squeeze through towel as you described and follow the rest of your recipe as is. Delish! Thanks!

  185. Margie says

    This pizza crust is awsome, doubt we’ll ever eat bread type again. Came across your site by accident. I must say it’s one of the best things that ever happened. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the fabulous recipes, your advice and for this site. Please! don’t ever stop.

  186. Gail Saunders says

    Made your cauliflower crust pizza yesterday and was so surprised at the outcome. Thanks so much I will be making this again and again . How did you ever come up with the idea? I never would of thought to experiment with the cauliflower this way. You are genius !!!!!!! Thanks again. Gail

  187. Elizabeth says

    Megan, I am little confused about the amount of cauliflower. In the ingredients is says “4 cups raw cauliflower rice. I read through most of the comments and in one response you mention: “which was about 6 cups of raw rice, and it shrunk down to 4 cups after steaming” but then later on in another response you said “the 4 cups is before cooking, and it reduces to about half that size after cooking.”
    I just wanted to clarify which one it was so I dont have too much or too little? Thanks so much for your response!

  188. says

    This was incredible! My husband loved it and he is a pizza guru (travels the world sampling pizzas). We did a magherita and one topped with tomato sauce, bison, sautéed mushroom and onion, and feta. I will forever make this crust! Thank you for such great instructions for I am a novice cook and benefit from detailed direction/pictures.

  189. Kylee says

    I love this crust! Regular pizza crust ends up making me so sick, but I love pizza so much! This is perfect, and it tastes amazing. I have recommended it to several people! Through your website I have found so many ways to make this gluten-free transition much more tolerable. I even found out that I love mashed cauliflower and I LOVE goat cheese! Thanks for all the great recipes! :)

  190. Kelly says

    This crust is great! I substituted parm for the goat cheese. I will be making this a staple recipe!!!! I used 2 heads of cauliflower, 2 eggs, 3/4 grated parm and seasoned with Basil instead of oregano. Made 1 large cookie sheet crust. Super firm and was able to hold in my hand to eat…like real pizza, without the tummy bloat!

  191. Jolly says

    This is a great recipe, and I can’t wait to try it! Do you think I could use cottage cheese instead of goat cheese? Has anyone else tried this? Sidebar, I love all of your recipes! I’ve made so many from the mint ice cream to zucchini cupcakes and almost everything with nut butter which I cannot get enough of!

  192. says

    I just made this, and it was amazing! My boyfriend (a skeptic) was very impressed and said it was better than normal pizza, and I agree! Thanks for the delicious and creative idea.

  193. says

    Hi, I am in heaven to have found your site! I made the zuccihni pie this am and my husband and I loved it….so than I tried the cauliflower pizza crust and added the toppings and it was fabulous!

    I am excited to try the other recipes and will be a regular visitor here. My question is, with making the pizza-what would you consider 1 serving size to be? I am logging my meals onto and I entered the the recipe for the crust, but would like to figure out the serving size. I cut the pizza in 4 squares and ate two for lunch.

    Just curious?

    Thanks you so much!

  194. says

    I saw a reference to cauliflower flatbread but can’t find the recipe! I would love to have it! I’ve just started a Candida cleanse diet and was so excited to see these recipes on your wonderful website! Thank you so very much! Also, I was going to try using xylitol instead of maple syrup since I’m trying to avoid anything that will ‘feed the yeastie-beasties’…and xylitol has been ‘ok’d’ as well as stevia for sweetening.
    Going to make the cauliflower pizza crust tonight! Excited!

  195. Mary says

    Just made this! Forgot to add the salt into my dough, so I don’t know how much of a difference that would have made to the taste. Loved this though! Would probably add a pinch of sugar to the dough beforehand to lighten up the veggie taste, but besides that you can hardly tell it’s not pizza dough!

  196. carissa says

    I love your stuff! thank you for your time and energy! I have made a ton of the things that you suggest and I am feeling great! Even my husband likes the stuff!

  197. says

    I’m making this right now, it’s in the oven. Wish I’d waited for the cauliflower to cool down more before I wrung it out though, ouch! Not sure what toppings to add yet, I’m on Atkins induction so not really meant to have tomato concentrate, but a little can’t hurt!

  198. Eliz says

    I have to thank you sincerely for this recipe. I enjoyed it so much when I tasted it and I was thrilled to be eating a vegetable pizza crust! All of the non-grain ones I’ve found are made with things I’ve never heard of and they look like something I’d have to chew really hard to break down. Not this and it’s delicious!! I think I’m going to try a quiche using this at some point. My mind hasn’t quite accepted “meat crusts” yet but this cauliflower one I think I can get with! I intend to make a bunch of these and freeze them for quick pizza access. I’m so excited! I really was considering giving pizza up because none of the substitutions were appetizing, but this has solved that beautifully!!

  199. Samantha says

    Hi Megan!
    A friend just told me about your website, and I am so excited!
    This recipe looks so great and I would love to make it, but unfortunately I can’t eat eggs! Do you have any suggestions for what would make a good substitute?
    Thanks again!

  200. says

    I only had half a head of cauliflower but i still used the same amount of cheese and egg and i poured in about 2 T of oregano. YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY thanks for the recipe.

  201. ckDesigner says

    Made this pizza crust last night and loved it! Next time, we will make several crusts as recommended. Thank you for offering this healthy alternative to my gluten-free world.

  202. Sheryl Pizzadili says

    I’ve made this about 10 times now and I love it. I also split it up into 3, half bake, add filling, and make calzones. I am wheat free/ and this puts Pizza back into my life..What is an Italian with out Pizza!!! 10 STARS!!!

  203. Valerie says

    Hi there,

    What do you use for sauce? I read on another site that cooked tomatoes were a protein… I would love this recipe!



    • Megan says

      I’ve never heard of cooked tomatoes counting as a protein, but I just used a jar of organic tomato sauce for topping.

      • Val says

        Thanks Megan… I forgot to come back to say that I wasn’t even thinking when I wrote this… in my mind I was thinking of pizza crust being starch… but this is made of cauliflower! Was really tired! Love your site!

  204. Sabrina says

    I am making this right now! The only thing is I bouhgt a head of cauliflower and it only made like half the amount shown in the picture. Next time I am going to double up on the ingredients so I have a full pizza instead of half of one. The dough tasted so good! Can’t wait for 30 minutes so i can add the sauce, cheese, and toppings and then bake it again till its done I am sooo hungry!

  205. Sara says

    My cauliflower-averse son and hubs both enjoyed your pizza! Thank you! I doubled the recipe, so each of my men ate almost a whole head of cauliflower! Yay!

  206. Suz says

    This sounds great. Can anyone give the nutritional info for the recipe given? I’m interested in fat/carb/protein ratio.

    Thanks so much!


  207. Scott says

    Just finished eating this pizza. Was my first attempt at making this type of pizza. I have 15 browser windows open with different cauliflower pizza recipes and chose this one because it was the only one that mentioned the step of wringing it out after straining. Apparently I could of done that more then I did. The crust was great, edges were nice and crispy and great flavor. My wife hated the store bough gultin free pizza crust mix, but loved this one. The center was still little mushy, but now that we know we will be making this again I will just have to wring it out little more next time.

    Now I have 14 browser windows to close and this one to bookmark and print out. Thank you

  208. Anna says

    A lot of work for 1 pizza, so definitely take Megan’s suggestion and make 2! Very delicious, guests were impressed by how tasty it was. Go Megan!

  209. ed says

    i’m brand new to cooking, so here goes: can I coat the inside of my skillet with coconut oil instead of using the baking sheet with parchment paper?

  210. Cindy says

    Just made this – it is AWESOME! It was really good. I think next time we’re going to put more seasoning in it for a garlic taste. Thank you for posting this.

  211. John says

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!

    Made this for my wife and kids tonight. My wife told me it is her new favorite dish. I followed the recipe almost exactly but made one change when cooking the cauliflower rice. I steamed the cauliflower rice in a fine mesh strainer over a pot of boiling water. Keeping it out of the water makes the cauliflower dryer. Less squeezing needed afterwards.

    Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  212. Kristy says

    This looks great, has anyone tried it without the chèvre tho? I have a dairy allergy, unfortunately.. maybe a second egg in place of the chèvre? What do you think?

    • says

      I can’t do dairy either, I did this recipe with the steamer trick, didn’t squeeze out extra liquid, but I did leave it in the pot on the stove after steaming just shut off and didn’t get back to it for like an hour say. Then I took the cauliflower rice, 2 whole eggs and salt, spices rand through the Cuisinart processor, poured into a parchment lined and olive oil sprayed pan, baked it 4o mins. Later put on the tomato sauce, veggies and Vegan Gourmet( from Wegman’s) brand cheese substitute. It was great!!!. Daiya melts better but I am trying to avoid yeast so I bought this one.

  213. RahRah says

    Made this on foil and it stuck. Is there a way to strain the “rice” without burning myself? rinse it under cold water?

    • Janet Miller says

      Goat cheese is still “regular cheese”. But you can even use a part skim mozzarella in the mix. I used that for my cauliflower crust grilled cheese sandwiches, and it was perfect.

  214. Amy says

    This is the first time I have ever had cauliflower in my lifetime. I just don’t like the look of it I guess. It was hard for me to believe that a crust made from cauliflower could be good. However, I must say this pizza is amazing. My guess is that I Could use this same recipe and add a few more eggs(I prefer egg whites)and spread it thinner to make a tortilla or wrap?

    Does using goat cheese instead of another kind of cheese improve the results? I have never had a goat cheese before!

    • Janet Miller says

      I’m with you Amy. I had never had cauliflower. I’ve used it in dishes for guests or family many times, but had never eaten it myself. I LOVE goat cheese… something I also hadn’t had until a few years ago. It’s great on crackers, or in a salad or those little toast appetizers. I was hesitant taking that first bite of my cauliflower crust grilled cheese sandwich just yesterday. But after that first bite, I don’t think I even took a breath until I finished it. I liked it better than grilled cheese on bread! I used grated mozzarella in that recipe. I would try the goat cheese first. But you can also use the mozzarella or probably any other cheese that’s going to melt well.

  215. Jackie says

    I’m not clear on when to add toppings. Do you bake the crust first then add toppings and bake again or do you add toppings directly to unbaked crust? I am excited to try this. Our church is fasting and we are not eating meat, sugar, and bread so this will be perfect!

  216. says

    OMG, just OMG. When you’re on a restricted diet, things like this bring such joy back to your life! A little goat cheese here and there never hurt anyone, right?! My hubs and I made this 2 days ago (soooo flipping yummy!!!), and we’re already planning a pizza crust making day so that we can have these in the freezer all ready to go when we want a quick dinner! Thanks so much! :)

  217. Rachael says

    We had a few difficulties making this. The wax paper smoked really badly and my husband thought it smelled like plastic! Then, once it was baked, it was still pretty difficult to remove. All that said, this was truly so delicious! Definitely fooled my mouth but later my body was craving carbs! lol… I’ve only been off sugar and refined starches etc for about five days though. Very excited to have found this recipe and this site! About to make your chocolate chip cookies. Excited about that!

    • Megan says

      Next time, make sure you use parchment paper– it’s very different from wax paper, and won’t smoke or stick! Glad you enjoyed the taste!

  218. says

    Can’t wait to try this! My husband was recently put on a VERY LOW CARB diet and I have figured out that cauliflower is the miracle vegetable! I made waffles this morning using “riced” cauliflower and they were SO delicious with an egg. Thank you for this recipe. Going to try it really soon.

  219. AbiKale says

    I’m a regular reader of your site and finally tried this crust recipe last night! It was fantastic and not as difficult to prepare as I originally thought. Another gem, Megan, Way to go!!

  220. Christine says

    Pizza crust was fantastic!!! Topped with a can of diced tomatoes (strained), pizza cheese, and olives. So good!!

  221. says

    You are my new HERO!!! I have been craving pizza all week and I was getting soooo depressed! i found this recipe and let me tell you girlfriend this was freaking tasty, I took pics and posted my pizza on FB. Please keep the recipes coming! I have been Gluten free about 6 months or so, but then I decided to get really crazy and go dairy free, semi vegetarian… I haven’t felt this good, energy wise, in years!
    For those dairy free, I substituted Daiya Mozzarella cheese (Dairy Free). I used in the crust, as well as, the toppings, yummy!!!
    Any who, I have a wicked sweet tooth and thanks to you, I am no longer cheating, I able to have my chocolate treats! BTW-I making this pizza for my boyfriends 15 year old daughter and seeing if she knows the difference, shhhhhh!! LOL

  222. Ellen says

    I just made this for myself and my husband and we both were pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out. I did add 2 eggs since I had a little over 4cups of cauliflower. I added basil and garlic to one, Tomatoes and garlic to the second with lots of mozzarella and parmesan. Highly recommended to anyone trying to cut out bread and other processed foods. YUMMY thanks for sharing !!

    p.s. Squeezing all the water out is definitely key !

  223. catsmeow says

    Like many others, I chose your recipe from the multitude found online. My crust is still in the oven, but so far so good. I will use my nutmilk sack next time to strain the cauliflower rice. I added some chia seeds to the beaten egg before mixing for added nutrition and crunch. Thanks for easy-to-follow directions and a great recipe.

  224. says

    This was absolutely an amazing “taste treat” sensation! The 1st time prep seem to take an awful lot of time. Upon repeat this can be a “snap”!
    Amazing crust. I used Havarti cheese, only 8oz. (Aldi Store) on both for crust& topping. Used cheap Walmart pizza sauce with a bit of salt, pepper & additional oregano added. Green diced pepper, diced onion & sliced fresh mushroom topped with remaining cheese..OMG, even the leftovers…
    Guilt Free delicious! Thank You!

  225. Jen Shepard says

    This looks amazing. I’m vegan, and was wondering if you have any substitution suggestions to make this recipe vegan friendly. Often times vegan recipes will call for flax as an egg replacement or daiya as a cheese replacement. I would truly appreciate your input if you have any. Thanks!

  226. Greg says

    This was awesome on my first attempt. Next time I think I would put the cook cauliflower a cup at a time in a bowl then squeeze out the water with another bowl. It was hard to wring out in a towel because the califlower was hot to work with having been just boiled. I would also add some italian spices to it, though it was great made according to the recipe.

  227. says


  228. Steve says

    Since cauliflower is kind of like broccoli, I wonder if you could use broccoli instead? It would be a green pizza crust!

  229. ES says

    Hi there. I really hate to say this, but this recipe was a disaster. We followed everything step by step and ended up with a mess that stuck to the parchment paper and a waste of a perfectly good cauliflower. I think we’ll stick with our coconut flour pizza dough recipe.

  230. Jay says

    Have made this twice now and. It makes about 1/2 of the amount you show…what am I doing wring? 4 cups of cauliflower rice boils down to a very small amount…would be great to see a video.

    Any suggestions how to fix this?

  231. Katina says

    So happy my coworker told me about your webiste. You ROCK!!! I am in love with this recipe. I made this for Superbowl Sunday and it was a hit!! Instead of a whole egg I used egg white liquid and no goat cheese worked like a charm. I added a bed of baby spinach over the cauliflower crust once it was baked topped with marinara, mozzarella, green, red and yellow peppers and vidalia onions. It was amazing!! I definately will make this again and again.

  232. Jill Hansen says

    My neighbor just sent me this; says it’s awesome. Am wondering if I can put all ingredients for crust into food processor to incorporate?

  233. Michelle says

    This recipe sounds fantastic! Several of my friends have raved about cauliflower pizza crust, but I have never tried it.
    I’m allergic to dairy, as well as wheat. So I’m glad to see so many suggestions for substitutions for the cheese–an extra egg, cashew butter, vegan cheese, etc.
    I’m definitely looking forward to trying this recipe =)

  234. Elizabeth says

    This is a fantastic recipe! Never dreamed it would be this good. I am super happy I can still have pizza on a no-wheat lifestyle. Thanks to you for sharing!! I have shared this with several friends and they love it too!!

  235. says

    I made this last night after resisting for a long time (it looked so labor intensive). I’m grain free for my sensitive tummy, but dairy is a-ok, so I was psyched to see a recipe that’s grain free, but dairy full. I didn’t have chevre, so I added a tablespoon of coconut flour and a clove of garlic and some Italian seasoning for flavor. It was so easy. It baked up beautifully, and, while there wasn’t much taste, the texture was great. A huge improvement on pretty much every GF pizza I’ve ever had with their gummy crusts, and gross flavors.

    Yay for cauliflower pizza!

  236. shelby says

    Hello! I was wondering where in the world do you find goat mozzarella?! I live outside of Austin, tx and have never seen it at any stores! Thanks :) I try to limit my cow dairy!

  237. says

    Oh my goodness!! You are a God-send Megan!! I was so excited to stumble upon your website today during our East Coast Snow-mageddon :) I’ve been detoxing and pretty much off carbs and other things for the last 3 weeks and have been DYING for some pizza. I fooled my entire family this past Thanksgiving with Mashed Cauliflower so I knew I had to make this. It was incredibly delicious and not as hard to make as i thought it would be. I was a little shocked though that this LARGE crust only fed me 😛 I thought i would get more “slices” from one batch. I will be sure to triple the recipe next time and make personal sized pizzas!!
    As a woman, athlete and trainer, Thank you so much for creating this resource to make healthy living easier to achieve!!

    Thank you!!!

  238. Taylor says

    Hello Megan! Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge of such great food. I have made so many of your recipes with phenomenal success:)I did happen to have an issue with this crust going soggy after baking it with the toppings on:( Do you have any advice or know why this might have happened? The crust was firm and golden (cooked for 50 minutes at 400)then I topped it with some marinara, true mozzarella and basil. The mozzarella did let out a lot of moisture. Maybe this contributed? I did wring out the cauliflower rice in a towel, twice as it really had a lot of moisture to begin with. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you and keep up the good work, I love your site!

  239. Amy says

    This recipe is fantastic! Just wanted to let you know that I did not have fresh cauliflower available so I used two 1 lb bags of frozen and it still worked fine. I microwaved the two bags of florets till hot and then dumped them into the processor. Processed them till the cauliflower looked like rice and then just squeezed it out really well and followed the rest of the recipe.

  240. Amy J says

    Hi Megan,
    I was so excited to try this last night and thought I did everything right….however the final product was really mushy. I thought I squeezed all the water out (two dishtowels worth) but maybe not? Any tips would be wonderful, thank you!

  241. Liz says

    Hi, Just found out my teen son has a severe wheat allergy (also needs to not avoid sugar, rye, barley & peanuts). We have an organic milk cow & I make Fromage Blanc w/ her milk, do you think I could use this in the crust instead of goat cheese?

  242. Adele says

    Hi Megan,

    I love this recipe for cauliflower pizza crust. But it was way to labour intensive for me. I decided to put my washed, raw cauliflower through my juicer. I threw out the juice and used the nice, dry cauliflower pulp and followed the rest of your recipe. It was just as delicious and cut out a huge chunk of labour. This pizza is in my kiddies school lunch boxes today. Thanks for a fan recipe.

    • Savannah says

      I’ve really been wanting pizza lately, but the last time I made this it was so much work (though, in the end worth it for such a delicious grain-free pizza crust) – thanks for the AWESOME idea Adele!

  243. Elle says

    I can’t believe I really made it and it was wonderful.
    I must admit I had some bruschetta on hand and put some on the crust and enjoyed. It is soo good on it’s own. Thank you for this fantastic recipe with all the directions.

  244. Donna Short says

    I made the “crust” Saturday and I am assuming I didn’t get enough of the moisture out. It turned out very mushy and I had to add some flour to keep it together. The other problem I had was that it didn’t make a pizza crust that looked as full and large as yours, Megan. I ended up making flat bread out of it and added mozzarella cheese. I have just begun a healthy eating journey, so I didn’t tell my husband that it was cauliflower until after he ate some of the finished product. He loved it so much that he asked for seconds!

  245. says

    I just made a pizza tonight using this crust. I thought the same thing you did, whoever invented a cauliflower pizza crust is a genius! I used a ‘flax egg’ and the crust turned out wonderfully! I loaded mine with toppings, so I still needed a fork to eat it. The goat cheese flavor really came out in the crust, I didn’t even add extra cheese. Thank you so much for posting this recipe!

  246. Helen says

    I recommend using a juicer to make the cauliflower “rice”. You can use the juice as a soup base later in the week and the left-over pulp is perfect to make this crust. Also adding a tsp of rosemary to this recipe along with the oregano makes it extra delish and your kitchen will smell fabulous!!

  247. Barbara says

    Can the cauliflower be baked or steamed so it will be less wet ….then mix with other ingredients?

  248. Angie says

    Do you have to serve immediately? Would love to bring as an app to a party, wondering if it would not be a good option?

  249. Theresa says

    I tried this for the first time a week ago.It was so delicious and we did not miss the “normal carb filled pizza crust”.I am trying again tonight.Very delicious.

  250. LeAnn says

    Do you have the nutrition information for this? I tried figuring it out myself and it wasn’t coming out right because the calories, carbs, and fat were way higher than the boxed pizzas in my freezer.

  251. Hannah says

    This was wonderful! I’m a teenager and I loved it!!! It was addicting! I enjoyed it very much. We used 1 cup of shredded Mozzarella instead and the crust was very good! I could hold it in my hands like any other pizza slice. I’ll probably make it again! :)

  252. Kim Kolleck says

    This is the best recipe ever!! There are so many variations you can do with the crust and my “cauliflower hater” hubby devoured it!!!

  253. says

    I love cauliflower pizza!! :)
    The recipe I use is a little different than this one (its from the Trim Healthy Mama book) and I thought I would try yours to see if I like it any better.
    Can you substitute the raw cauliflower for frozen cauliflower? And how many bags? Would 1 16 oz. bag work?

  254. Marianne says

    I made this last night and it came out FANTASTIC. It took a little time, so I will make in quantity next time and freeze. It was delicious and will be my go-to pizza crust in the future since I like to avoid wheat.
    Thank you for sharing it with us!

  255. Shannon says

    What type of cheese would make a good replacement for the goat cheese in the crust? Goat cheese makes me gag.

  256. Susie L says

    Relatively easy to make and the crust is absolutely delicious! It crisped up nicely just like thin crust wheat pizza but better for you. I used veggie cheese (Daiya) in lieu of goat cheese and it still worked out beautifully. Delish!!!

    • Lourdes says

      Carolyn, did you cook the cauliflower before juicing it or you put it raw in the juicer? do es the pulp need to be squeezed? Thank you!

  257. Holly says

    Excellent! My only issue is that its expensive and takes a lot of work because I need to quadruple this recipe to feed just me and 3 of my children. If my husband were eating it too I’d have to double what I make (8x the original recipe). Its a rare treat!

  258. B says

    Do we use 4 cups of the original “rice” or 4 cups boiled and strained? because a lot of bulk is lost with the straining.

  259. monica says

    I am completely psyched about this because A: I am grain free B: I raise goats and make my own chevre and mozzerella! I have done the cauli crust before but this one looks much tastier and it gives me something else to put my cheese in! Thanks!

    • Megan says

      It does wonders for the texture! You can leave it out, but the result won’t be nearly as dry and crispy.

      • Cristiana says

        I made it, delicious!

        I am sure the pizza crust will be perfect instead of pita bread to eat hummus or to make a chicken, salad and avocado wrap.

        Thanks and bye bye from Thailand!

      • Lourdes says

        ohhh so the cheese is for the crust to be more crunchy? I was going to leave it out cos I try to avoid dairy as much as possible but if this will make the crust more crunchy i will add it. I thought it was just for the taste. Thnak you Megan!

  260. Patricia says

    Sounds great I’m going to try it.

    Do you have any cacao treats? I thought I tried one before but didn’t see it in your collection. Something you can take on hikes for a good sneak. I believe it had nuts, cacao, coconut and soaked dates .

    Thanks for all your recipes.

  261. Jeanie says

    I tried this recipe as my husband is on a low carb diet, I am on weight watchers, and I wanted pizza. I am not a big fan of cauliflower and hate the way it smells, so I figured if I didn’t like it, hubby would eat it. Well, I was totally blown away, it doesn’t taste like cauliflower at all. I used cream cheese and parm along with extra herbs, cooked it until it was brown and crispy and Yum! Pizza without the guilt, it was way more filling as well. I think I will add some garlic and heavier spices to the crust for more flavor. This crust is a winner, you should try it if your on the fence, you won’t be disappointed.

  262. annie says

    I gave this 4 stars because it was not perfect IMO. I made some changes that make it perfect and EASIER! Here goes…. Instead of boiling the cauliflower, microwave it for 8 minutes. Take it out of the microwave and let it sit for a few minutes, folding it over with a spoon every so often. This allows the steam to be released, reducing the need to eliminate moisture. Once it is cooled, add 1 t oregano and 1 t basil and 2 t chopped garlic. Add the egg, and 1 cup mozzarella 1/2 cup CHEDDAR. The fat in the cheddar helps with crispiness. Mix it up and spread thinly (1/4 inch) on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. MOST IMPORTANT – blot the whole thing several times with paper towels. Change towels as they become wet. When you’ve gotten most of the moisture out, bake it until it starts to turn golden. Then VERY IMPORTANT – carefully invert it onto a new cookie sheet and peel the parchment off the back – see more steam being released – then bake til the other side is also golden. Then top it, broil the toppings and also REALLY IMPORTANT – let it cool for 5 or 10 minutes and you will be able to cut it perfectly. My husband and I love this so much, we don’t even want ‘real’ pizza any more. It’s great with mushrooms, peppers, Gorgonzola, pepperoni along with the usual toppings. I even layer baby spinach over the sauce layer and nobody even knows it is there. Enjoy.

  263. blessed says

    Leave the microwaves alone. Throw the microwaves away. Recipe is ready enough and fast enough. Microwaves are not nutrient friendly. We need to get our kids interest in cooking without popping everything in the microwave. I like the method, the way you explained it and I am on the way to the store to get the ingredients. Back at you when I get finished making mine.

    • kate says

      The microwave is a time saver. I cook everything else from scratch and use fresh ingredients without the use of a microwave. I think I this instance its just a little help. But I totally agree, traditional cooking is the way to go 😉

  264. michelle says

    My husband made this tonight, used parmesan and it was AMAZING! We will try with goat cheese next time :-)

  265. Lisa says

    I am excited about this! No fan of cauliflower either, what can I substitute for parchment paper? That’s the only thing I don’t have! Thanks!

  266. Linda Burns says

    Megan! I was blessed to click on your site: I made the cauliflower crust. It was really good. I had mozzarella on hand and used it. I want to try the chevre on my next pizza. I used pesto, grape tomatoes, fresh basil from my garden, and shredded parm as my toppings. Delicious! The clean kitchen towel is a must! I should have squeezed and squeezed! I thought I had enough liquid out of the riced cauliflower, but I had to use Annie’s suggestion-the paper towels-too. I made two smaller crusts and am going to freeze one.

  267. says

    I have searched high and low, executed many recipes, and this recipe — by far — takes the blue ribbon for achieving the desired flavors and texture of a delicious, gluten-free, carb-free pizza. I used this recipe tonight, and even executed as a thicker crust, it worked fabulously. Thank you for sharing this recipe and making me feel fabulous, even after indulging in a tweaked Detroit-style pie.

  268. Dalia says

    This recipe is amazing! Tried it for dinner tonight. So healthy and carb-less. Thanks for sharing