Are you drinking enough water?

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Happy New Year! I have a feeling that many of you have already started working on some new healthy resolutions this weekend (or maybe you are waiting to start them on Monday), so I wanted to make sure you start the year off right by drinking lots of water, too. Perhaps it should be one of the habits you work on for this month’s challenge?

megan drinking water

Drinking water is not only a great way to “crowd-out” unhealthy beverages, like sugary drinks, caffeine, and alcohol, but it’s also KEY to supporting your kidneys, one of the body’s most important detox organs.

The kidneys are responsible for filtering our blood, to remove waste and excess fluid from the body. They are so important, we are born with two just in case one stops working! (Without them, we would die in a matter of days.)  They’re basically your body’s “trash collectors.” The waste that your kidneys remove are transported to the bladder as urine, but they need plenty of water to keep the waste moving out. Without enough water, your blood will become concentrated and that can reduce the blood flow to your kidneys– slowing down and potentially damaging your natural detoxification process.

If that’s not reason enough to keep drinking water, keep in mind that drinking enough water can also keep your body’s hunger signals in-check. Sometimes we can mistake hunger for thirst, so be sure to drink plenty of water before reaching for an extra snack!

filling water bottle with water

The easiest way to keep yourself hydrated, and your detoxification system running at its peak, is by keeping a glass of water nearby. I do this by always having my favorite glass water bottle on hand, and I’m super-excited that Mighty Nest is including this particular bottle in their January Fix. If you’re not familiar with the Mighty Fix, it’s a subscription service provided by Mighty Nest that helps you make gradual changes towards healthier living. For just $10 each month, Mighty Nest will send you an item that will help you make the transition to using more non-toxic items in your home.

I feel like I can’t say it enough– TRANSITION is key to creating lifestyle habits that stick! So, this “fix” is the perfect (and affordable!) way to try new things in your home, one month at a time. New Year’s resolutions are often broken, but this is such an easy way to make meaningful changes for your health year-round.

orange water bottleTo help you get started, new MightyFix subscribers who use the code below will get a Lifefactory 12 oz screw cap glass water bottle, covered in a shatter-resistant silicone sleeve, for just $5 as their first FIX! (It’s normally $18 + $5.95 shipping.) To get this great offer, sign up for the MightyFix using the promo code DETOX2017 (automatically applied if you click the button below to sign up).  That code will tell MightyNest to discount the MightyFix to $5 and to send the water bottle as your first month’s MightyFix.  MightyNest has a limited number of water bottles available for this promotion so make sure you act quickly!

Note: Use this promo code DETOX2107 to sign up for the MightyFix— the discount code takes $5 off the $10 monthly price, and your first delivery will be this glass water bottle. (All bottles are orange like the one you see me using in the photo above.) I hope it helps inspire you to drink more water all year long!

Reader Feedback: What resolutions are YOU working on this year? I posted mine here, and plan on tracking it with my printable calendar today!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Mighty Nest— a generous company that offers exclusively non-toxic products to make healthy living easier and donates a portion of each sale to local schools.

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I drink tons of water throughout the day, but I’ve read that you shouldn’t drink right before or with meals-I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this! Thanks!

    Megan Gilmore

    Yes, that’s right! I recommend drinking water first thing in the morning, and in between meals so that you don’t dilute your digestive juices. When you eat a hydrating, healthy meal you shouldn’t need much water during the meal, anyway! It’s usually only sodium-filled unhealthy meals that leave us feeling super-thirsty while eating…


      Thank you! I need to be more aware of this. I eat healthy (most of the time) but I always drink so much water! Think its just a habit, if its in front of me I’ll drink it 🙂

        Laura ~ Raise Your Garden

        I feel like I maybe I drink too much water if that’s possible and I’m considering cutting back. I know, big weirdo here. But these bottles are spot on for my kids and husband who hardly drink any. I want one for each of them. Okay, so my New Year’s resolution is odd, but here it is…..just to relax more, enjoy life and not be so obsessed with calories, and yes, eat that cookie, eat that muffin, enjoy some ice cream. Celebrate life and how good it is!! It’s good to be alive….isn’t it?!?


          I agree with you! My New Years resolution is to stop being OCD 🙂 I drink too much water then have to get up 1-2 times a night which isn’t healthy. Do you know how much water is good- not too much nor too little?


I have exactly the same bottles (orange and green), LOVE them! No plastic, less garbage, happy environment!


Do you filter your water?

    Megan Gilmore

    Yes, we currently use a reverse osmosis filter which makes our water taste amazing!


      Thank you!

      Krista Sayre

      can you share the filter you use? I am looking to get one. thanks!

Dr. Deborah @

This looks like a great bottle. Thank you for the pointer.

Wanted to echo the good advice to avoid drinking much during meals, for the purpose given, of not diluting digestive juices – and add one more tidbit. (Personally, while I’m cooking, I try to drink about 16 oz so that I’m hydrated before the meal, and need little during – when your stomach is empty, it doesn’t take much time for water to pass on through.) Also for digestive strength, it’s a good idea to avoid drinking ice water. Room temperature (or warm) is much better, as very cold substances will cause vasoconstriction on surfaces they touch. When you drink cold water, the “surface” contacted is the lining of your stomach, and the chill will decrease secretions, which is going to impair digestion (most especially if you’re drinking with your meal).

Dr. Deborah


i used to have one of those bottles! I accidently left it in the car in the winter and it got too cold and broke. But they are great


I decided to try the MightyNest subscription and ordered the water bottle but they only took off $5 from the total. The water bottle wasn’t $5.00.

    Megan Gilmore

    Sorry! The water bottle comes in your first MightyFix, which is $10 a month. So the discount is supposed to take $5 off the $10 price, and then they send you the water bottle this month for a total of $5. I’m sure they’ll fix it for you if you contact their customer service!


    Hi, Valerie –
    The MightyFix is $10/month and this promotion allows NEW MightyFix subscribers the chance to start their subscription for just $5. This Lifefactory bottle normally costs $18 + $5.95 in shipping so it’s a deeply discounted product welcoming you to the MightyFix. We hope you enjoy being on the Fix. Please contact us at if you have any questions at all.


      Will the code stop working when mighty fix is out of the life factory bottles? I want to recommend it to friends but don’t want them to end up not getting a bottle.


      MightyNest called me and we figured it out. Yesterday my water bottle came in the mail and love that I got the blue one. Thanks for your help Megan! Now I can put my essential oil in my water and not get any toxins from plastic.


I’m considering joining Mighty Fix. It says, “use this promo code” but there isn’t one listed. ??

    Megan Gilmore

    Hi Michelle! Sorry for the confusion. When you enter your email address in the box above, Mighty Nest will email you the special promo code!


great info! thanks for the code. i am going to try the water bottle! some medical conditions may require a water restriction such as, congestive heart failure. just FYI :).

Princess Pindy

Thank you so much. Just placed my order. I have been wanting to buy one. I hope this year is wonderful for you and your beautiful family!!


We have had a RO water system for many years. Recently I have read articles saying it is OK to use the RO water during cleanses but not on a long term basis because it lacks necessary trace minerals. The articles also stated that continual use will cause the body to leach these minerals from other parts of the body if one is not getting the amount necessary. In a perfect eco system these trace minerals would be available for drinking, cooking and bathing. I try to remember to add a very, very small amount of Himalayan salt to help replace what is missing.
Comments please.


This is a great, concise artile! Thank you! And the comments are helpful too. My question is, do current Mighty Fix subscribers get this bottle in their next shipment? I started my “Fix” at the end of the year and it’s been fun!


What is the difference between the mightyfix subscription and the mightynest subscription? Thanks.

Vanessa Cassani

I have one of these bottles! In all honesty I haven’t used it very much I usually ending up just carrying around a BIG mason jar instead.

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