Why I Stopped Using Stevia

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If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you may recall that I used quite a bit of stevia back in the day. I used it in chocolate milkshakes, my morning tea, sugar-free desserts, and even my salad dressings. I basically used it all day, everyday.

recipes with stevia

You may have noticed that I don’t use stevia in my recipes or daily routine anymore, so I thought I’d take a moment to share why.

First, let’s talk about why I tried stevia in the first place. I embarked on my first Candida Cleanse in 2011, following the protocol laid out in Natalia Rose’s book, Detox 4 Women. While following the program, I cut out nearly all sugar (even the natural sugar found in fruit) and satisfied my sweet tooth using stevia instead, because it is marketed as an all-natural, zero-calorie sweetener that isn’t supposed to impact your blood sugar or feed yeast overgrowth. (And killing off yeast overgrowth is the goal of a Candida cleanse.) I followed this protocol strictly for 30 days, and then stuck with the general guidelines for several months afterwards before incorporating more fruit, grains and cooked starches, and animal protein into my diet again. Even when I returned to a more “standard” diet, I continued to use stevia because it was such an easy way to sweeten things throughout the day. I carried a bottle in my purse at all times!

However, I started to notice a few things after using stevia for several months, even long after my diet returned to normal:

  1. I craved more sweetness. At first, it took a while for my taste buds to adjust to the flavor of stevia– I actually didn’t like it right away. But once my taste buds adjusted, I couldn’t get enough of it. I started using it in everything, and I noticed that the more I used stevia, the more I wanted it. At one point, just 2-3 drops of liquid stevia was enough to satisfy my sweet tooth in a mug of tea or over a salad, but as time went on I found myself adding much more than that to my drinks and meals to get the same satisfaction. In a way, it felt like the sweetener was skewing my taste buds and I needed everything to taste sweeter to enjoy it. I also found myself craving desserts all day long, and when once a small piece of dark chocolate would satisfy my evening sweet tooth, I soon needed to eat the whole bar to feel the same sense of satisfaction.
  2. I lost my period. The real tipping point for me was the fact that I lost my period while using this much stevia. Though some people could write off a missing period as a sign that the body is “detoxing,” it was a big red flag for me– particularly because I wanted to get pregnant in the near future and hadn’t had a period for nearly 6 months at that point. I was willing to do anything to regulate my cycle again, so I decided to give up stevia completely, to see what would happen. My period returned within 4 weeks, and I was overjoyed! I actually tried adding stevia back into my diet again, just to see if my cycle was affected (and because I was a total stevia addict) and my period disappeared for another 2 months… so that’s when I decided to give it up for good. Of course, I can’t say for sure that it wasn’t something else that caused my cycle to be out of whack, but because pregnancy was my priority at the time, I wasn’t willing to take chances. (On an anecdotal note, two of my close friends also had issues with their cycles and recently decided to give up stevia as an experiment, even though they didn’t use it frequently– and they both saw their periods return within a month.)
  3. My gut-instinct told me to stop using it. Most zero-calorie sweeteners, even natural ones, have always had a “too good to be true” feeling to me, and my gut instinct has always been to NOT use them. My mom is actually allergic to aspartame, so I’ve always steered clear of the mainstream artificial sweeteners to be on the safe side, but I’m not totally convinced that all zero-calorie sweeteners (even natural ones) don’t still contribute to excess insulin being released into the body. The body is programmed to release insulin when your mouth tastes “sweetness,” so if there is no sugar for the insulin to metabolize, I’d worry that it would remain in the blood stream and potentially lead to hypoglycemia, which comes with side effects of anxiety and hunger.

I also find it interesting that Elaine Gotschall, author of Breaking the Vicious Cycle, has deemed stevia “illegal” on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). She notes that stevia’s molecular structure resembles that of a steroid, and therefore it probably has physiological effects on mammals– it’s just hard to tell whether those effects are good or bad. And while stevia is marketed to have zero impact on blood sugar, my mother (who is Type 2 Diabetic) has found that stevia does, in fact, spike her blood sugar similarly to any other sweetener. So, I take all claims with a grain of salt!

It’s also worth noting that some cultures may have once considered stevia a form of birth control. I was advised by a mentor to stop using it before I wanted to get pregnant, which is what led me to even consider that it might be affecting my cycle in the first place. If it can affect my hormones to the point that it might be affecting my fertility, I don’t feel that it should have a regular place in my diet. (However, I do know several women who have gotten pregnant while using stevia liberally– so it definitely shouldn’t be considered a form of birth control, as it doesn’t affect everyone the same way.)

Clearly, what’s right for me might not be what’s right for anyone else, but I did want to address why I no longer use stevia in any more of my recipes, and why I don’t offer modifications using stevia. I do think using stevia leaves, from a fresh plant, might be a totally different story, since the sweetness wouldn’t be nearly as concentrated as using the commercial liquid drops and powders– which are processed to an extent. I can only speak to my experience with using the liquid drops, which as far as I can tell, are fairly concentrated.

For those of you who do still want to use stevia, you can still find some of my older recipes here.

Reader Feedback: Have you tried stevia and if so, do you still enjoy using it? 

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I find it interesting that you were sweetening things all day long. Also that most of the comments here involve ‘what about monk sugar, what about molasses’ etc. Why not learn to want to eat sweet things all day long?? I drink Shakeology and that has a little stevia and that is it for me. Almost anything can affect you if you consume too much. Also, not all stevia is naturally derived. But my main point is we need to examine why we are looking to sweeten everything all day long.

    Jessica a

    I agree. Maybe there is an underlying issue why you are craving so much? I was craving sweet and other things for while until I did a heavy metal detox then magically went away. I was so happy and all along using stevia. I’ve had my period regularly, no changes but I only use it in my coffee and don’t crave it at any other time. I just basically replace it when making something sweet but I rarely do. Maybe an overconsumption like with anything is not great. I also have never used the liquid and only use organic powder which requires a tiny pinch.

    Megan Gilmore

    I think it should be noted that I didn’t have the urge to sweeten things all day until I started using stevia. My cravings for sweetness increased the more I used it. Once I quit and started eating more fresh fruit, my sweet cravings have diminished and I don’t feel the need for dessert most days– which is something I needed daily when using stevia. Of course, that’s just how it affected me. I feel much more balanced without it.


Thank you for this post. I felt like I was the only one who couldn’t eat Stevia. For me I don’t feel good and can tell my body does not like it. I was struggling with what was wrong with me when so many places highly recommended it as “healthy” especially for Candida. But for me I could tell it wasn’t right. Thank you again for making me realize that perhaps I am not the only one out there not using Stevia.


Is gotten a taste for your molasses cookies and recently adjusted that recipe several times using Yacon Syrup. The flavor works well with the spices. I added a whole lot more ginger and everyone loves it.
Thanks for your information.


Thanks for sharing! I got addicted to stevia too and was constantly searching for something sweet, stevia or not.

Because the isolated form of Reb A removes the bitter element, I think it’s easier to over do it!

As for the comment above, many people can do things in moderation, maybe we’re just not those people. Lucky you!


Stevia has had no influence on me whatsoever. I use a little in my a.m. coffee or tea and oatmeal and that’s it. In fact, while using stevia, sweets have become quite disgusting to me. I have the memory of how I used to like them, but if I allow myself to eat something, I just about gag. Everything is way too sweet for me. The memory doesn’t live up to the reality. Every once in a great while on July 4, I will eat a small scoop of coconut milk ice cream, and I noticed the last time I did eat it, I didn’t really enjoy it very much. I guess I’m blessed to have gone in the opposite direction while using stevia. I count my blessings.

Jessica a

Interesting fact, Japan uses stevia as their main sweetener. All of their sodas are sweetened with stevia since aspartame is illegal in that country.

Christina Giunta

Hi Megan! Thank you for sharing this! So interesting . . . I too stopped getting my periods while using Stevia (Truvia) everyday but, I did not link it to the Stevia until reading your post here. Coincidentally, I recently stopped using Truvia because I switched to Xylitol for the dental benefits. And, what do you know — my periods are normal again! But, as I said, I did not realize it may be related to the Stevia until reading this. I just thought it was my age (I am 51) but I was so confused because I have always been so regular — every 28 days. Thanks for sharing!


    TRUVIA IS NOT STEVIA!! Read this:

    Megan, were you using real, natural stevia or one of the many pseudo-stevias?

    Everyone using “stevia” needs to read actual ingredients on the label. Most are mainly sugar alcohols like dexitrin, malodextrin, erythitol. Even “Lily’s” stevia chocolate I was disappointed to find uses sugar alcohols, which can cause intestinal problems.

    Products should not be allowed to be labelled as stevia just because a little stevia is ONE of many incredients!

      Megan Gilmore

      Katie, I was using a natural stevia at the time– it was before many of these fake stevias came on the market! (Definitely before Truvia existed!)

      I did at one point try the Lily’s “stevia sweetened” chocolate bar, and I’ve never been so sick in my whole life– it wasn’t until the aftermath that I realized the erythritol was responsible for my symptoms, and after that I made a point to ALWAYS read labels when anything is marketed as “stevia-sweetened.” Ugh.


Hi there, i was kinda picky about sweetener that I might not want to do because those sweeteners such as Stevia and Splenda are not natural sugar. i do know that we have to avoid refined sugar that is bad for us; however I would say that honey is probably the best natural sweetener because it provided very rich nutrition that our body need such as for energy resource, support immune system and to reduce anti-inflammation. Also, I am having an issue about people who want to go below the carb less than 40 gram of carbs; in which I found it to be difficult. Is it better to eat clean wholeheartedly instead of just going on special diet such as Atkins 40 (no more than 40 gram of carb) and Keto? I have noticed that some people who are in amazing shape still eat those real foods in complex carbs such as vegetable, fruit, whole gain, oatmeal, etc. I used to follow my gut when eating. I only eat when I am hungry, stop when I am feeling full and do not eat when I am not hungry. Right now I am struggling to listen to my body. Ugh Need to go back and read the book about “instinctively eating” again to remind myself.


    Stevia is one of the few natural sweeteners, it is a plant extracted sweetener. I have used for a long time and had no issues.


    I find that whenever I am struggling to listen to my body when it comes to sweet/carb cravings, it’s due to a candida flare-up. It literally controls your brain in that way. Grapefruit seed extract is awesome for zapping these flare-ups, and of course it helps to eliminate sugars for a while to get physically and mentally restabilized.


I would like to see a grain free recipe for self saucing pudding like the Fry’s Cocoa one.


    The Merry Maker Sisters just posted plans to release a grain-free self-saucing chocolate pudding. Video on Instagram looked amazing. Check out their blog!


      Thanks for the information. i will check that out.


I read your post on no longer using STEVIA. What sugar free sweetener do you suggest using now??

    Megan Gilmore

    I don’t recommend using sugar-free sweeteners. I’d recommend using a touch of raw honey or fresh ripe fruit when you need sweetness.

Michaell | Foodscape

Great post! I remember in college that we did research/experimented with Stevia. Research shows it greatly effects hormones and I decided right then and there I wouldn’t mess with it until I was done having kids. My best bet has always been to stick with “whole food” sugars. It is possible to do! Ever since I switched the sugars in my house, I have an instant headache when I have sugar somewhere else. Goes to show processed sugars really have a different effect on our bodies. I wrote a post on it here: http://foodscape.vanillaplummedia.com/sugar-the-good-bad-ugly/

    Megan Gilmore

    Thanks for sharing!


Megan what sweetener would you recommend we use? Thanks

    Megan Gilmore

    I stick to natural sweeteners with calories and nutrients, such as raw honey, pure maple syrup, and fresh fruit.

Andrea pawluk

Use coconut sugar!!!! It’s actually GOOD for you! And it has a low glycemic index .. I swear by it. And it doesn’t make you crave more sweet things all day. I love sweet and I’m completely off my sugar cravings for over a year now.

Ida J.

Hi! Great recipes. I found this website while researching cauliflower recipes. I have been using my cream of cauliflower as a vegan cream sauce, since forever. In fact my cream of broccoli soup is made with cauliflower as the “thickener”; cream of cauliflower does not make the kinds of gluten-rich-silky soup that Corn Starch or Wondra can but it’s healthier and the taste is similar.

I went gung-ho on Stevia when it came out decades ago. I had to stop using it when I developed Fibromyalgia, Lupus-Scleroderma wit the attendant pain. My doctors and pharmacists suggested that the Stevia might be exacerbating my body aches and pains. I know this, when I try to eat some Stevia I am thrown into severe body and joints, aches and pains.

Since Medieval times refined sugar from whatever source, was considered Medicine and could only be distributed by the Apothecary (old time pharmacy). In the movie “Mary Poppins” …just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down… We have archeological evidence that both sugar and honey have been used to heal uninfected wounds. Uninfected wounds, freshly open skin, immediately applied will help stop the wound from becoming infected!

Stacey b

A few years ago I did an elimination diet. I did not get hives at all (I had been suffering from random hives for a few years) After Two weeks I decided I was done the diet and grabbed a coffee with 2 splendas. Three hours later I was covered in hives. I immediately stopped using Splenda. I still have issues but not to the extent I had. My skin responds to pressure with hives (wearing yoga pants or skinny jeans for more than a few hours). I feel this will always be with me and is due to having introduced Splenda into my system. I am not convinced that it is not having an effect on people even if it doesn’t manifest itself in a noticable way


Yes I do believe there is a underlying affect in using Stevia, I have given it up because I notice the same thing in my coffee in the morning, I have resort to just cut how much raw sugar I use in sweetening my drink. There is nothing better than natural product.


Stevia Use. I began using stevia about a year or so ago, but always bought the one that said it was 100% stevia, and did not have any erythritol or inulin (after I’d tried the liquid form). The powdered form was easier for me to use. About a month ago I was shopping for another container of NOW stevia, and noticed that the new bottles all listed inulin as an ingredient. The volume hadn’t changed, nor had the label except for the addition of inulin. Since I’ve been having a flare-up of my Ulcerative Colitis for the last 9 months, I wondered if the NOW stevia had always contained inulin, but wasn’t listed as an ingredient, and if this was causing/exacerbating my colitis. (inulin can cause diarrhea!) I stopped using the stevia immediately, and switched to honey. The severity and number of mad dashes began to decrease. ( 14 mad dashes to the can in 1 1/2 hours is NO fun!) I’m hoping that the situation will continue to improve. I had no idea that stevia affected one’s hormones too! Obviously, it’s not something I’ll be using in future.

Mommy A

Stevia exacerbated my interstitial cystitis.


Hi there, I think if you grew a stevia plant and just picked a leaf to sweeten your ‘whatever’ you would find that it is actually natural in this form and would have little impact. It’s not hard to grow in a pot. It’s the autumn in NZ and I’m about to pick the leaves and put them in the freezer in a bag for th winter use, until the plant sprouts again in the spring. Cheers


Thank you for writing this honest and informative post! I don’t use stevia much (maybe 1-2x per week) and so I haven’t noticed much of an effect on me but I will really consider cutting it out if I’m trying to get pregnant! Great resource!


wow! I don’t know how I happened upon this post and these comments, but I’m so glad I did! I’ve been an avid stevia user for quite a while. I had worked up to about 7-8 liquid drops in my morning coffee — one or two cups a day. I only bought organic sweet leaf stevia. I lost my period over the last few years, would only get it a few times a year and chalked it up to my age – I’m 51. I always always fight sugar cravings and sometimes it’s bad. I’m constantly watching my weight but just can’t get over my sweet tooth. UNTIL — I read this post and stopped using it as a trial last Thursday. I had a headache the first day and couldn’t stomach coffee without sweetener, so opted for tea instead. And guess what??? Got my period 3 days later! — Not kidding! And I’m totally in control of my sweet tooth – no cravings so far! So far so good!!! Who would have guessed???

    Megan Gilmore

    Wow, that was fast! I’m glad to hear you’re doing so well! 🙂


what about marple syrop or agave?


    Agave should be considered a no-no as it’s controversial in terms of GMO’s and might contain HFCS (high-fructose corn syrup) especial if it’s not from a reputable source.


Wow this is so interesting! I never tried it but that is crazy that it made your period go away!


Did you lose any weight when you stop Stevia

    Megan Gilmore

    Well, I got pregnant soon after stopping stevia (yay!) so I didn’t lose weight immediately, but I did weigh less after my pregnancy than I did before. Not sure if stevia affected my hormones regarding weight or not, but I definitely wasn’t any skinnier thanks to using the zero-calorie sweetener.

Natalie Fritsch

After reading this article back when in March, I immediately forwarded the link to my friend. She hadn’t had her period in over two years and we had both used stevia regularly. We mostly used stevia to sweeten tea, coffee, and the occasional baked good. She had been to several doctors over the years to try to understand why she wasn’t having her period and it seemed she was a medical mystery in a because everything was checking out fine. Well after reading this article we both thought we’d do a little experiment and stop using stevia for at least a month to see what would happen. Within three weeks, my friends had her period, with stevia being the only underlying factor, it seemed to be the main reason why she wasn’t getting her period for all that time…
As for me, I noticed that I definitely craved sweet things less and am now able to enjoy my coffee or tea without masking its flavor with stevia. It makes you wonder if it can have affect her to the point of not having a menstrual cycle, then what kind of hormonal affects is it having on others even if they are having a regular cycle? After the month of no stevia, we both decided we were much better off without ever using stevia again.

    Megan Gilmore

    I’m glad you both found this helpful. I definitely crave less sweets now without the stevia, and I’m so happy for your friend that her period returned so quickly! It definitely makes you wonder how hormones might be affected, regardless of losing your period or not.


I’ve been eating fudge with stevia. Haven’t had any problems so far, besides resisting the urge to eat the whole batch at once. I have had problems using energy drinks with artificial sweeteners though. It might be time to do a little experimenting. Try cutting it out and see if you notice a difference.


I eat a lot of stevia since I don’t eat much sugar. I’ve also had the privilege of going to a specialized kinesiologist who is fantastic and can assess how certain foods affect my body. I first started using the dried white powder, but I eventually stopped cause my body didn’t like it. Not as pure. Now I use the more pure liquid from Sweetleaf and my body quite likes it. No effects at all, I’m hypo glycemic so I certainly know about blood sugar, and it doesn;t affect it at all. One thing I’ve learned from years of muscle testing, is that every body is different, and some people cannot tolerate things other people easily can. That doesn’t mean its bad for most other people. If your body has an allergic response or just doesn’t like something, then your body systems go wild and it can affect you adversely. I can’t eat mangos or chickpeas etc…whilst most other people can. I think stevia is fantastic and my body seems to love it.

daphne caprio

gives me a migraine


Hmmm… I’m facing a dilemma here. I quite using Stevia 11 days ago. The same day I quit smoking. But for the past two weeks I have been CRAVING sugary foods non-stop. I am aware that smoking can have these effects on you but I’ve quit before and never in my life have I craved sugar to this degree. I find myself walking to the fridge every hour.

Now, my question is this… Do you perhaps think that by quitting Stevia, my body is reacting in the same way it would when quitting sugar? Although your body does not respond to Stevia the same way it does to sugar, perhaps the brain is still effected in the same way. The moment food hits the tongue, digestion starts. So when Stevia hits the tongue signals are sent to the brain, the same reward signals that of sugar?

I cannot handle the constant cravings and on the verge of getting myself another bottle of Stevia tomorrow 🙁

    Megan Gilmore

    If it were me, I’d eat some fresh fruit every time I had a sugar craving. Since I’ve increased my fruit intake, I rarely have cravings for desserts anymore.


When it comes to Stevia, what I have found is that most people use it and say that they are using it because it is a “natural” sweetener, and they are most often using it in the powder form. However, Stevia is only “natural” if you are using it in leaf form. The powder form of Stevia goes through about 40 different processes to get it in to the powder form, so it is actually highly processed. I don’t think most people take this into consideration when thinking about the Stevia they are using.


I stopped using stevia. Even though I was purchasing one that said it was 100% stevia, I later discovered that this powdered form contained inulin that was NOT listed in the ingredients. I have ulcerative colitis and inulin caused a flare-up that was severe and violent daily diarrhea. Try going 14 times in just over an hour, all the while suffering severe cramping! It took me a year to finally figure out what was causing it. Now I use honey or sometimes maple syrup as a sweetener for my tea and porridge.


Both my husband and I started using Stevia to sweeten our coffee in the morning last year. Within several months, I noticed my periods became terrible. Increased flow, terrible cramps and lots of days of breast tenderness. My period had never been that bad before. Also, my husband started to experience ED. We went on a vacation at the end of the year and then traveled to family over the holidays, so no Stevia for almost a month. Everything was better by the end of the month and I started finding articles on the potential side effects of Stevia and we completely stopped. My period was back to normal after the second month and the ED had completely resolved. I told a friend what happened to me as she had been going to the doctor for hormonal issues for months. She stopped the Stevia and her symptoms disappeared also.

    Megan Gilmore

    I’m so glad you guys were able to figure it out! Thanks so much for sharing your story.


      I am so glad I stumbled across this article. I am trying to conceive my second child, and we have been trying for 4 months. This summer, I started using the Beach Body program with fidelity and stopped using Splenda because it wasn’t clean. I have been using Stevia since then. When I got off of my pills at the end of July, my cycles were absolutely crazy (and still are). I’ve been very worried because with my first child, it literally only took 1 month of really trying for me to conceive. I plan to stop Stevia immediately. I just wondered if you were able to conceive once you stopped using it. Thanks!


      I just switched over from honey to stevia a few weeks back because I was using soooo much honey in my tea. My period stopped, I’m not sleeping, just experienced my first hot flashes this weekend and night sweats! I happened to stumble across your post. Stopping it IMMEDIATELY! I use the 100% organic powder version now, (I had heart palpitations a few years back and tracked it to the liquid stevia drops that I was using in my tea. As soon as I stopped the drops, the palpitations stopped!)


        Manya, you switched to 100% organic whole leaf stevia and your symptoms stopped? Just making sure I’m reading you right and I hope that is the case, because that is what I use. Thank you.


I have been using stevia for about four years now. I use it to sweeten iced tea and my coffee, hot cereal, etc. Over the Christmas holiday my husband pointed out that I was binging on sweets. It hurt my feelings at first, but after much consideration, I realized he was right. I am really struggling with it still. Megan, I just found this article. As I read it, I began understanding why my weight loss efforts have not been very successful. I believe it could very well be my stevia use. I am going to switch to coconut sugar, honey, and other natural sugars. What are your thoughts on monk fruit? Thank you for sharing.


Stevia, even home grown leaf, triggers my allergies and increases my asthma. I get chronic asthma when exposed to allergens like mold, grass, pollen, dust – and stevia was one of the worst of my triggers. Took nearly 6 months to realise as I was looking at the wrong triggers at the time. I’d never touch the stuff again and encourage anyone with hay fever or similar allergies to also avoid it!

Doreen Duggan

stevia was inhibiting my taste for other natural sugars especially in my wine. I stopped and I could taste a fine wine again. I figured that if it was doing that to my tastebuds i should stop using it or I might gain weight.


I have literally tried EVERYTHING to get my period back! It never occured to me rhat Truvia could be an issue. I literally go through more than a tub a week! Ah. I am quitting it and I’ll post any results. Thanks 😊


I got on the stevia train a few years ago because like a lot of people, I read up on Candida, related to all of the signs and symptoms, and convinced myself I had it. Later tests would show I did not. ‘Candida overgrowth’ is a term that really bothers me now. The supposed symptoms are vague and neverending, so anyone reading them can easily believe they have it. I didn’t mind the taste of stevia, but it made me nauseated, so I soon stopped. But do I think it’s harmful? No. Am I worried because some pseudo science enthusiast thinks it’s molecular structure looks similar to a steroid? No. But at the end of the day, we’re running in circles. We demonise sucrose, then we move to sucralose and eventually demonise that, then move to stevia and demonise that too. The best option we have is the original. Sucrose in moderation. If you consume regular old table sugar sensibly and in moderation, sucralose, aspartame, stevia and all the rest become a complete waste of time.


I am 52 and started using liquid stevia thinking it was better than the powder. My weight is up considerably and I still want regular sugar, so I think you are absolutely right! No more for me and I’m switching to your date paste until extra weight comes off. I hope that works.


I’ve been using stevia daily for quite a while, but now will quit. Are there any issues with quitting, can I just stop?


Thank you for your personal experiences and shared concerns with stevia. I use a powdered stevia in my coffee only. If you were to recommend an alternative sweetener (not fruit) but something you can bake with or sweeten coffee with, a general use one, what might that be? And, what would be the conversion/ratio to stevia powder please?


Hi there! Im on a candida clease and just discovered Xylitol as a natural sweetner. Do you think this will ruin my cleanse? It has that ‘too good to be true’ feel to it, So im hesitant but also desperately craving sweets.

Christa Marks

Regarding Stevia, actually the stevia plant is used as Birth Control in some countries so it’s not surprising that you stopped getting your period.

Lynda S. Smith

I have been using Sunrider stevia for over 28 yrs. And Stevita liquid extract less than five. They are the only stevia products I will use. My gut feeling regarding almost all others is they are no better than refined sugar. I use them to decrease the amount of an UNrefined sugar in my cooking and baking and tea. I use the least amount of both UNrefined sugar products and stevia to give a good result. I already had my children so wouldn’t have that concern, but went on to have regular periods until around age 52 I think it could be as all foods…not all created equal…the quality you use affects your end result. grass fed, pasture raised meat, poultry, dairy, and eggs are an example. Good fats bad fads. Not always but probably often you pay more..but the person putting in the passion and hard work to give me better traditionally healthier food I am so grateful to.

Silvana Beloiu

I experienced the same as you. I was not certain if lack of sugar all together or tge use of stevia was the cause of the missing oeriod. Thank you for the advice. I will not use it anymore.


Thanks for the article, Megan. I’m curious if you solely used extracts of stevia? I am using the whole leaf/herb in teas and such and wonder if I have need to worry. Would be interested in your thoughts. Thanks.

Tammy-Lynn McNabb

This is a real hot topic for us at the office – what to use and what not to use. Everyone has their opinions and it’s hard to determine what is right and what isn’t. I strongly side with you in that many of these non-sugar sweeteners mimic other things in your body (hormones, steroid etc). What are you using instead Megan.

BTW, your site is a great resource destination for your followers. Thanks for sharing.

Tammy Lynn McNabb
Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV

    Megan Gilmore

    I just use naturally-derived sweeteners that have calories, like honey, maple syrup, and coconut sugar, and I favor fruit-sweetened things whenever possible. (Like my date-sweetened brownies and peanut butter cookies!) I think they leave me feeling more satisfied compared to when I was sweetening everything with stevia, so I don’t have as many cravings.

Jess Clark

I am a stevia addict. I was just diagnosed with PCOS and have been trying to get pregnant for years. I realized I use a ton and I’m really hoping quitting will help me get my period back. I am so excited the quitting it helped you get your period back!!!


Thanks! I will take all claims with a grin of salt, including yours.


I’m trying to find out if stevia is causing my constant headaches and dizzy spells. How long does it take to get it out of your system?


Im going through weird hormonal changes too- and Ive been seriously addicted to stevia for years. several drops at least 4-5 times a day every day for years!!
I gained 11 lbs in 2 months- i am sweating excessively this water weight every day but keep waking up bloated and puffy. Plants do have a phytoestrogen effect… who knows. But this article is AMAZING NEWS that my intuition is right. I am gonna quit stevia today for a month like you did and see what happens…

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