How To Make Homemade Almond Butter

I hope you have some patience.

Because you’ll need it, if you want to make your own homemade almond butter.

Patience, almonds, and a food processor. That’s it!

I’m not a very patient person, which probably explains why I haven’t made my own almond butter up until now. I tried making it in my Vitamix once, but the powerful motor was almost too powerful for this particular process–> the moment I smelled something burning, I gave up! (I’m still not sure if it was the motor or the almonds burning…)

It should be noted that softer nuts, like cashews and macadamia nuts, are easily turned to butter in the Vitamix. And rather quickly! Almonds are just trickier.

With all of the almond butter recipes I’ve been churning out lately, I figured it would probably be a good idea to try making my own again.

Not only is homemade almond butter cheaper than the store-bought stuff, it also gives you greater control over the quality of almonds you’re eating. Almonds don’t need to be raw for almond-butter-making (especially if you’ll just be baking with them later), but I do think it’s important that they’re organic. If nothing else, the “organic” label ensures that chemicals aren’t used in the pasteurization process. Yuck!

So, not only will you have the satisfaction of having made your own almond butter, it’ll also be at a fraction of the cost, when compared to the organic jars at the grocery store. Win, win!

Here’s how:

Update: This process is a LOT faster if you warm the almonds in an oven first. I place mine in an oven preheated to 300 for about 5-8 minutes, until they are warm to the touch. This helps their oils release faster in the food processor, and they don’t seem to get any hotter than they would from the friction of the food processor, anyway. 

To get started, add the almonds to the bowl of your food processor, fitted with an “S” blade.

Depending on the size of your food processor, you can grind up to 4 cups of almonds at a time. I recommend sticking to about 3 cups, to make the process move a little faster.

Snap on the lid, get the food processor running, and let it do all the work!

Be prepared, the food processor will be running for a while. You’ll notice that the ground almonds will start to collect around the edges of the bowl, so be sure to stop and scrape down the sides every few minutes, just to keep everything blending evenly.

Depending on the amount of almonds you use, and the size of your food processor, you’ll notice a change start to happen around the 10-15 minute mark.

As the oils are released from the almonds, they’ll start to stick together and form a large mass that moves around the bowl. You’ll also notice that the almond butter is getting rather warm… this is why I don’t recommend spending extra money to use truly raw almonds. They’ll be “cooked” by the time this process is over, anyway!

After about 20 minutes of consistent processing– right about the time when you think you’re never going to wind up with almond butter– magic will happen.

You’ll finally have a grainy-looking almond butter.

Don’t worry, you’re almost there!

After a couple more minutes of processing, your almond butter will become smooth and creamy.

Even smoother than some store-bought brands. (If you’ve ever bought Trader Joe’s raw almond butter, you’ll know what I mean– there are always chunks of shell in there!)

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How To Make Homemade Almond Butter
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1.5 cups
A creamy almond butter that's more affordable than the store-bought versions!
  • 3 cups almonds
  1. Place the almonds in a food processor fitted with an "S" blade. Secure the lid and allow to process for 20-30 minutes, stopping and scraping down the sides as needed throughout the process.
  2. The almond butter is ready with the oils have released and the resulting butter is very smooth and creamy-- this takes more time than you'd expect, so be patient!
  3. Transfer the almond butter to a sealed glass jar, and store in the fridge for best shelf life.

You can use the resulting almond butter immediately in one of your favorite recipes, or transfer to a sealed glass container to store in the fridge.

A few tips about making your own almond butter:

  • You can use raw or roasted almonds. Raw almonds take a little longer, and freshly roasted almonds break down into nut butter faster, if added to the food processor while still warm. (You can dry-roast your own almonds for 10-12 minutes at 350F).
  • Feel free to add salt or spices, to your own personal taste.
  • Don’t use soaked almonds (without thoroughly drying), or add liquid, for longest shelf life. It might be tempting to add something like vanilla extract, but added moisture will reduce the shelf life greatly.


If you haven’t tried it yet, I hope you’re inspired to try making your own almond butter in the near future. Just like making your own almond milk, once you try it, you may never want to go back to the store-bought stuff again!

Reader Feedback: Have you tried making your own almond butter, or other nut butters?


  1. sam says

    I am making my nuts butter all the time. I have one trick that save you 10 or more minutes when you warm nuts almonds in dehydrator or in oven for 2 hours 110F or longer they must be warm and than you put them to Food processor it takes only 5 minutes to make nut butter. I do not know why it is so, but I have tried it many times from fridge and took much longer.

        • Megan says

          I think other comments below have mentioned using the Ninja. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, but you might want to heat your almonds first, to make the process go faster.

          • says

            I know this is an older post, but I just tried making almond butter in my Ninja-the food processer bowl, and it’s been going for an hour, with scrapes every few minutes. Still not at the creamy stage yet…

      • DarlaB says

        Hi Megan

        I have a Blendtec with a “twister” jar. IIt almost makes nut butters effortless.

        My recipe is ¾ cup raw almonds, 1 ¼ cup raw cashews, (or 1 and 1, depending on my mood at the time…LOL) plus ¼ cup roasted, salted pumpkins seeds.

        I roast the almonds and cashews for 10 to 15 minutes and throw everything in the twister jar hot with a generous tablespoon of coconut oil.

        OMG!!!! It has such an awesome flavour! I have to be careful though as I am quite regularly tmpted to just sit and eat it with a spoon… ha ha ha

        Love your recipes!!
        xoxoxo, Darla

          • Leslie says

            I’ve read reviews that says the BlendTec has problems with the bottom seals and they wear out frequently…..have you have this problem?

          • Deborah Cox says

            Leslie~Blendtec are the best high powered blenders. Matthew Kenney, the world’s BEST raw plant-based chef uses Blendtec in all his restaurants and schools. I have one and it is better than all these other blenders put together. Never had any issues with mine and have never heard of anyone that I know having issues. In fact, Vitamix’s stole blend tecs blade and over all design. Blendrec took them to court and WON! Vitamix had to pay out millions.

    • Donna Jean says

      Hi I have a Hamilton beach they all work really well and very affordable surprisingly for how well they work and I use mine a lot. :)

      • Deb says

        I tried it in my old, tried and true Hamilton Beach and it burned out! Boo hoo. Not a hint of butter after 12 minutes, and then, the machine died!

  2. says

    I always make all my own nutbutters and they taste unbelieveable and are SO much cheaper and healthier than store-bought! My almond butter only takes about 5 min. in my BlendTec. I add about 1 or 2 T. of liquified coconut oil or grapeseed oil to the blender first, then add the almonds. It goes much faster when you add a little healthy oil. Give it a try!

    • Marilyn says

      Have you had success with hazelnut butter? I’ve heard that the reason real hazelnut butter is so smooth is they grind it for 24 hours. I’m wondering if a Blendtec might do the trick, though.

  3. says

    I’ve made almond butter before, but for some reason I’ve not made it raw! Which is weird considering that’s what I use and like the most. It’s always helpful to have a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it! :-)

    • Dave says

      First time I tried to make raw, it took almost 1 hour.

      Next time it took 14 minutes. The difference was that the second time I warmed the raw almonds a little by holding them in a metal strainer basket over the outlet of my wall heater! I did not check the temp of the almonds but I’m guessing they weren’t more than 110F. Less work, less time!

  4. Mirte says

    Thanks for sharing this recipe. Ive tried it today and it turned out great. Nut butters are quite expensive in the Netherlands and this way I can make it cheaper and.. I got to say ILOVEEE the texture of it. So smooth awesome!

  5. Jeanne says

    Love this! I usually just put the nuts in then go watch tv for 20 minutes…somehow the scraping takes care of itself! Also love with sunflower seeds!

  6. Michele says

    Can someone comment a little more about the specific cost difference? I have been making fresh almond milk for years, but tend to go through almond butter faster. I don’t know how much butter 3-4 cups of nuts will make. Almonds are expensive!

    • Derrick says

      honestly. I think you save no money. 1 pound of 100% natural Almond butter, with not added ingredients whatsoever from Trader Joes is $5.99. The cheapest price i’ve found for almonds is $5.99 per pound at Sprouts farmers market. They are raw and the cheapest anywhere. That said. I did get some on sale at sprouts for $4.99 last week but that ended. I think you do it to have piece of mind with what your eating or the pure joy of accomplishing something. Oh and honestly, I think mine tastes better than any store bought brand I’ve tried. Just like my bbq ribs, ha ha.

      • Marianne says

        FYI…The almond butter made from organic raw almonds is $14-$15 a jar (small jar) at Sprouts. You can get the non organic made with toasted almonds for much cheaper. I think that is where the price difference comes in…organic – raw vs non organic.

        • diane says

          Hi there. I’m making my own almond butter today. But I often buy Trader Joe’s Organic Raw Almond Butter for 6.99 a jar.

      • Shelby says

        Do you have a Costco nearby? They have gone up in price there as well, but are still slightly less $5 a pound.

  7. says

    Wow! This looks amazing. I have to try this today.. now where did I put my food processor. By the way, do you add sugar, salt or spices to the butter? Or just plain almonds?

  8. says

    I love how your photos show the transformation of the almonds into almond butter and the various stages you’d expect to see. I’ve never tried to do this, but I probably would have given up (or started to add other things) after about 10 minutes if my almond butter looked all powdery and clumpy. Thanks for the great tutorial! :)

  9. E.J. says

    I tried making the almond butter today using leftover raw almonds and my food processor. I roasted the almonds in the oven just as you suggested. They turned out amazing. I love the color and the personal satisfaction you get from doing it. Thank you so much. I found your website by accident, I have been reading The Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose and came across your link. I have tried a few of your recipes (Cauliflower Pizza Crust, Frozen Almond butter Fudge, 5 Minute Massage Kale Salad, Peanut Butter Blondies, and Paleo Pankcakes, etc). Your website opened up a whole new world in my kitchen. I also love how I can follow your recipes pretty much word for word and it comes out to my taste, it’s a rather rare thing in my book. Please please keep the recipes coming. Thank you!

  10. Marlene says

    I like making my own nut butters because the store bought ones are so full of sugar and I am a type 1 diabetic, my husband is type 2, so yeah those ones are out. I also made my own almond milk this morning. My son was amazed. Also make my own nut flours because we live in a very very small town where not much is available. I am so glad that I found this site, I put it in my favorites and will be visiting it often for keeping my family into more healthy living. Thank You Detoxinista*

  11. Amanda says

    Thanks for the recipe! I am looking forward to trying this. One question, though – how long does this last in the fridge?

    • says

      Hmmm… I go through a jar of almond butter about every 2 weeks, so it definitely lasts that long, but I imagine it would even last up to a month or more.

  12. Arielle says

    Right, so I tried this last night but for some reason my almonds never made it to the 10-15 minute mark change. They went to flour, then to slightly clumpy flour, and finally got a little gluey right at the bottom but that’s it :( I persisted for more than 30 mins and did lots of scraping down because after a minute or two the flour just mounded up at the sides and wasn’t really getting churned at all. I finally broke down and added some oil, but even that didn’t fix it and I had to add some almond milk before I could get the whole thing to churn really well in the food processor. I suppose what I made is usable but more like a savory marzipan texture than almond butter. Please can you tell me what I’m doing wrong? I really want to make my own almond butter! The only things I can think are maybe my food processor isn’t good enough (but I don’t think so) or that I didn’t dry the almonds well enough after rinsing them. Could that have done it? I’m thinking of roasting the almonds before my next attempt. Thanks for your help!

    • says

      I’m surprised to hear that the oil didn’t help! Perhaps the moist almonds made the difference. I wouldn’t recommend rinsing them without drying them in an oven or dehydrator afterward. Hopefully toasting them in the oven next time will give you a better experience!

      • Arielle says

        I persevered and ate all of my weird marzipan butter (because I hate wasting food) and when it was finally gone I tried again with roasted almonds…and it worked like a charm!! Thank you :)

        • Jo says

          Arielle I just did the same thing! 1 hour later and my almond butter is still almond glue, even after adding oil, AND my processor’s broken down twice! Time to give up and go to bed, trying again tomorrow with roasted almonds! :)

        • Sara says

          “Weird marzipan butter” sounds delightful in its own way as well! (It may just be me, but I’d eat that stuff out of the tube if I could.) 😉 Thanks for the tips!

    • Derrick says

      one trick that helped me when they wouldn’t break down was once it became almost like pasta dough is i got frustrated, took it out and put it the microwave for about 45 seconds. Not sure the exact time but enough to get it hot. I put it back in the food processor and it immediately became smoother and more even (about the grainy stage). In about 5 more minutes it started to became butter.

    • Lili says

      I had the same issue when I first made almond butter over a year ago now. I found that it was to do with the bowl size of my food processor. As soon as I added another few cupfuls it worked as per instructions above. The jug/bowl on my processor was 1.5L (I’m in the UK). I love nut butters. I’m still attempting to per-fect coconut butter!

  13. Kari says

    I always make my almond butter after soaking/sprouting the almonds first for 12 hours and then dehydrating them in my dehydrator on a low temp over night. It turns out so delicious with a little coconut sugar and healthy salt. This way it is more nutritious and digestible.

    • Lourdes says

      Hi! First person i read to soak and dehydrate the nuts. I’ve never den my own almond butter but would love to give it a try. I like to soak them for better digestion, then dehydrate them since thats what Megan suggests. Could you please guide me thru the process of dehydration? I will use the oven cos i don’t have a dehydrator yet. For how long would I do t and on what temperature?
      Thank you!

      • says

        I also soaked my almonds in salt water overnight and then dehydrated them in a dehydrator at about 100 degrees F until dry and crisp. This is much lower than the lowest temperature on most ovens, which is hotter than is really desirable if you’re trying to preserve the nutrients in the almonds. Of course, they heated up during the process of blending them into butter, but I’m not really sure how hot that was. I had a tough time with my food processor because I had to scrape the sides many many times. I wish I had read this thread before. There are some tips here that would have been useful!

  14. Ivy says

    Hi amazing instructions. Made it and love it. Just wondering how long can this butter store in the fridge for? Does it need to be stored in the fridge? Thanks. Regards ivy

    • says

      Yes, it should definitely be stored in the fridge! I’ve kept mine in the fridge for up to a month, so it definitely seems to last that long, if not longer.

  15. Erica says

    Thank you for the detailed breakdown; it helped a lot to know what to expect. I did as another suggested and warmed the almonds ahead of time and that seemed to make the process go a lot faster. After 10 or so minutes, I’ve got a nice amount of almond butter! And given we’re living overseas in China and can’t find almond butter anywhere; this is now my new way to make it. Thank you, thank you!

  16. saleena says

    hey your a ledgend thanks for the recipie its in the making at the moment but so far much more successful than yesterdays attempts with other recipies xx

  17. Linda says

    Thanks for the additional info, regarding how long it can take for raw nuts. I purchased raw from the bulk section of Whole Foods… never again! They did take longer but they were stale, which increased processig time too, and the flavor just wasn’t there. Your info was great… THANKS!

  18. Robin Lavaux says

    Do you think using a NINJA blender will work as well as the food processer? My fp is really old and not sure it will run for 20 mintues, lol

    • says

      I’ve never used a Ninja before, but I assume it would work! I’d recommend toasting the almonds in the oven first, to make the process go faster.

      • peter says

        I almost gave up…then, like you said, I ignored the process of scraping the sides down, and walked away. But I was peeking from my living room and sure enough the build up on the sides began to fall to the bottom and like you said, just like magic in about 5 more mins. I had Almond Butter.
        Although I paid $6 for the raw almonds at Trader’s, about the same price as a jar of Almond Butter…it was fun though.
        Oh, one more thing, I did dehydrate them first as one person suggested. Thank you, P.S. I’m trying your Mac-n-Cheese next…..a healthy Mac-n-Cheese!

        • says

          Yay! I’m glad it worked for you. It definitely does take some patience, but I think it’s worth it! Plus, the organic raw almonds from Trader Joe’s are still cheaper than a $12+ jar of organic almond butter!

          Hope you enjoy the Mac n’ Cheese!

          • Lindsay says

            Just a an FYI, the Trader Joe’salmonds are steam (flash) pasteurized, so even non organic wouldn’t contain icky processing chemicals.

        • keri says

          try BJ’s or costco (your local bulk store). I get a big bag for 10$. not sure the weight but its a much better buy then TJ’s,.

  19. Karen says

    FYI for anyone trying to make a certain amount, I found that 3 cups of almonds yieled approximately 1.5 cups of almond butter..

  20. Marisol says

    I will try it. I need a food proccessor. :( I wished I saw this before I soak the almonds. Somehow in my mind soaking them sounded it like the thing to do. I was making almond milk for my son. Maybe that’s where it came from. Thanks anyway. I see myself making this soon.

  21. Nancy says

    I made almond butter using my Blendtec Twister Jar. But even with that, it still took about 10 minutes (takes about 90 seconds to make peanut butter). And it scratched the jar up! Thank you for posting this food processor method, including the various stages and time frames. Very helpful. I have an order of non pasteurized, raw almonds coming directly from a farmer and can’t wait to soak them, crisp them up, and turn them into almond butter.

    • Therese says

      Check with Blendtec … your Jar must be faulty. I just bought mine about a month ago and use it for my butter. It is done in about 40 – 50 seconds. I do one cup and a 1 tbl of coconut oil.

  22. says

    I use my old Champion juicer to make almond butter–it is quick and easy for roasted nuts-(I don’t use raw). you need the extra part (can’t remember the name) that is all plastic instead of a screen). It is a pain to clean up but a small flexible rubber spatula helps to get all the butter out. Also you can order fresh raw almonds directly from CA growers through ebay–much cheaper!

  23. Clapton says

    Thank you for the directions. Very easy. I dumped the almonds in the blender right out of the oven. The process took me less than 10 minutes with the Ninja blender.

  24. Coco says

    I make almond butter in my Vitamix all the time. Never smelled anything burning. And it only takes 4-5 min max!! I haven’t purchased any butters in years. Sunflower seed butter was made last night :-) Love your site!! The Raspberry Chocolate chip Muffins were a huge hit this season…..even with my non-paleo and “unhealthy” peeps!!

    • says

      Hi Coco,

      I would also like to try making almond butter in my Vitamix. What speed do you recommend and/or do you “pulse” the blender? Also,
      do you buy raw almonds and roast them first? Do you put them directly from oven into Vitamix or freeze as some people do? Most of the posts all agree to roast or dehydrate first. Thanks for your tips!


    • sara says

      How do you make it in your vitamix?? Mine does NOT cooperate it just overheats and shuts off! I use raw almonds and the vitamix reps on the phone said to either use roasted almonds or add oil but that it will not work with just raw almonds in a regular vitamix (i.e.: not the dry mix container). Any tips?? Thank you! :)

  25. ladycamry says

    i was watching dr oz and saw almond butter helps belly fat loss,so there was a receipe for almond butter to make and he added oil,is that good to add or not before I give it a try.

    • says

      I don’t think it’s necessary to add the oil. Try warming the almonds in the oven first before processing, for a quicker homemade almond butter!

    • says

      It lasts a long time when kept in the fridge. I’ve never had a jar go bad before I use it up, so I’m not sure… but at least a month!

  26. Jessica says

    Unfortunately, this did not work out so well for me. I have a Cuisineart food processor and all was going well until about 15 minutes it….not only does mine look really dark but there was steam coming out of the top, almost like the butter it was making was cooked. The processor was so hot I was afraid to keep processing it. The consistency stayed the same from minute 7-15/20. Not sure what else I can do? The consistency it is right now is smooth when brought together but crumbles easily, nothing close to creamy. Any suggestions?

    • says

      The steam is actually normal, so is the HOT processor! The processing warms up the almonds, which is when they release their oils… making the almond butter get creamy. It sounds like you just needed to let it go a little longer! Scraping down the sides regularly helps, too. Also, if you don’t want to worry about burning-out your food processor, try toasting the almonds in the oven for 5-10 minutes before adding them to the processor. That way, they’re already hot and ready to release their oils!

  27. says

    Like Coco, I make homemade almond butter with my Vitamix blender. Unlike her, I have had the problem of overheating the machine, either smelling a burning or plastic smell or having the blender shut itself off with its automatic sensor. But I have learned how to avoid that. I kind of pulse it and let the blades come up to their full speed between each pulse. I also keep the almonds in the freezer and start with frozen almonds, that keeps the nuts themselves from being cooked and also helps keep the machine cool. It takes me a couple of minutes altogether, and I agree that once you start making your own almond butter you won’t be going back to store-bought!

    • says

      Hi Mary,

      I would also like to try making almond butter in my Vitamix.
      Do you buy raw almonds and roast them first, then putting them in the freezer? Most of the posts all agree to roast or dehydrate first. Thanks for your tips! Cindy

  28. Lily says

    Hi, I tried to make my butter with sprouted almonds but I forgot to dry. what can I do now they are sitting in my ninja blender all crumbed up together. hoping you reply to this post wih a solution thank you in advance.

    • says

      I’m afraid you’ll wind up with a soggy nut butter at this point, so you may want to try turning it into some sort of sauce! Try making the Creamy Asian Noodles that I have posted in the recipe section!

  29. Brieana says

    I am new to the paleo diet and I’m a baker by profession. In my experiments with new recipes, almond flour and butter have the best flavor and texture. To say it’s inexpensive is an understatement!I love this recipe!It saves me money and time in the grocery store. I can control the salt and the sugar intake. I was a little nervous when my almonds turned into a rock hard mass spinning around my Cuisinart, but the results are creamy and delicious! Thank you so much!

  30. Louise says

    Such a shame. Followed the instructions and tried to be brave like Peter but killed my processor before the ‘magic’. It’s going to cost me more than a jar of almond butter to replace :(

  31. Danielle says

    Oh my gosh i am so excited.. it took me two days to get almond butter, but by golly I finally got it! I was using a 1 1/2 c Proctor Silex (the cheapest one at Fredmeyer), but it never went past crumbs. That could have been because I didn’t have patience. So I used the in-laws Hamilton Beach processor (you can put whole pieces of food in it) and just over 20 mins later, voila! I did think that the ball of almonds was going to just spin and spin in there, but about 6-8 mins later it started to crumble apart and result in almond butter!! Woot Woot! Also, the bulk almonds I bought was more expensive than the 12 oz jar of MaraNatha’s creamy almond butter.

  32. Kelly says

    Thank you, Megan for the almond link. In one of your previous posts, you said it’s best to buy organic almonds. I noticed the ones above are not listed as organic. Do you buy these? Thanks for your time.

  33. Kim says

    Made the almond butter for the first time tonight and immediately made flourless muffins with it. Delicious! The kids had one before bed and requested another in their lunch tomorrow. :) Can’t believe I wasted so much money on store bought nut butters when it’s so easy to do at home. Thanks so much!!

  34. Deanna says

    Thanks for the tutorial. I made my first batch of almond milk, almond flour and almond butter today. I’m a little confused about the almond butter though. I thought it had gone to the smooth consistency point so I added some honey and salt. It seemed to stiffen a little after that. I know you said you don’t add anything to yours and you roast them (I used raw and from the freezer because it’s what I had, where I keep them and the oven was busy with the almond flour). Could it be the additions that made it stiffen up or was it just not as far along as I thought?
    Also, if I didn’t take it far enough, can I now place it back in my Ninja and continue to process it?
    I appreciate your help…

    • says

      Hmmm… I’ve honestly never added anything to my nut butters, so I have no idea what happens to them when you add honey! If the almond butter was creamy, like the kind you’d buy in the store, then it sounds like you did it correctly! I’d guess it was the honey, since it can thicken things up. And I have no idea how it would respond to being blended again– I don’t want you to break your blender to find out! Maybe you could stir in a little oil, to thin it out?

      • Deanna says

        Well, I’ve never bought it from the store before. I’m kinda jumping in (with 4 kids and a tight budget, I just try to make it myself before I buy). I hope that’s not a silly thing to do.
        I’ll try a little oil and keep at it and see where it takes me. Again, I appreciate your help and insight!

      • Katy says

        Mine also seized up after adding honey. I just kept adding coconut oil a little at a time until it returned to normal. Took a decent amount of oil, though. But it tastes amazing now! :)

  35. C.S. Reed says

    Husband mixed in cinnamon and honey. I don’t know what he did, but it turned out tasting like pumpkin pie filling. lol

  36. Kimm says

    Thanks for the detailed photos. I made this yesterday in my cheap food processor and it turned out good! Had to let the processor “rest” for a bit when it got really hot. Was afraid of burning up the motor. I’m going to take my stick blender to it tonight and see if I can make it ultra smooth. Right now it’s ever so slightly grainy. I’m frankly being overly-picky at this point, though.

  37. Lisa says

    Hi! Thank you again for all of your posted recipes! They are changing my life. I’m having so much fun in creating my own homemade products & no longer buying store products, as I now make my own almond milk, almond milk cream & now as of today, almond butter! It didn’t take long at all. I crumbled up the almonds in food processor & then transferred that over to the vitamix, mixed until it all looks like play dough texture (must use tamper) & then put back into food processor & soon enough it was all turning into a nice smooth almond butter…it all took under 10 minutes. I would say 3 to 5 minutes from processor to vitamix back to processor & then another 3 to 5 minutes for the playdough glob to turn into smooth almond butter in the food processor. I used only 2 cups of almonds to try out, so I don’t know if it would take longer with 3 cups.

  38. Shamira says

    Just made the almond flour without the skin! And it turned out wonderful! I did cheat a little though…I put a teaspoon of almond oil to help the nuts blend faster. Hopefully, it won’t ruin anything!
    Other than that I’m so happy I found this…almond butters are wayyyy to expensive!!


  39. Kristi says

    I tried to make a small batch of this. I took a half cup of raw almonds and blended for about 15 minutes. It went from crumbly to looking like brown, cookie dough. And it tasted like cookie dough. O.o do I need to make a larger batch??

  40. says

    Yippee! I really didn’t think this was possible but I wanted to try it so I did. I roasted 3 cups of whole almonds in a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes. I have a small Handy Prep Cuisinart food processor and, at first, I put all 3 cups in it which filled it to the brim. After the almonds got to a fine chop, I decided I had too much in the processor so I took out about 1/3. Then I kept pulsing and alternately scraping down the sides. It finally got to a point where I had to break up the mass in order to keep in spinning. And, then, low and behold, it started to behave as the “detoxinista” said it would – and I had almond butter! I emptied the processor, added the remaining almonds and finished up with those. When I do this again, and I will do it again, I will probably put 1 1/2 cups of roasted almonds into my little processor and make two batches. I almost filled a 2 cup container with my AB. This is amazing. I seemed to happen in a relatively short period of time. I did find out it needed some salt but I think I will just add salt to my cookie recipe and that should be fine. Also, I had purchased some almond butter to make a new cookie and with the leftover butter, I decided to make almond butter cookies. I added a tsp of almond extract to the recipe and I think I could have added more. I used an old Betty Crocker recipe for peanut butter cookies and this is what I discovered. When I put the fork marks in, they disappeared as the cookie spread and turned out to be thin and crisp. I had also added some chopped almonds (I love nuts!) and I absolutely loved these cookies. I tried not to cook them too long because I didn’t want them to be too hard. They were mouth-watering and I am going to make them again since I made this AB. This is the most fun I’ve had in the kitchen for quite some time! Try it, you’ll like it.

  41. says

    I used your recipe tonight with three cups of raw almonds, purchased today at Costco, for 20 minutes in our Kitchenaid food processor, and it worked exactly as you described, not only creamier than the Trader Joe’s brand, but noticeably better tasting. I took the temperature of the almond butter with a meat thermometer while it was still in the processor at its warmest, and it was about 150 degrees. From what I’ve read, cancer-causing substances are not formed unless the almonds are roasted at 170 degrees or above. I don’t imagine I’ll be buying almond butter again. Thanks for the recipe.

    • Amy says

      If cancer causing substances are formed above 170 degrees, does this mean when cooking/baking with almond flour, milk or almond butter at 350 degrees, I should be concerned? Sorry if a stupid question. I’m new to grain-free baking!

      • says

        Definitely not a stupid question, and I think that one is still out for debate! I think they key with almond flour baked goods, just like any other baked goods, is that they should be considered a “treat” and not a daily indulgence.

  42. Sara Dianna says

    Hi there! About how long will the almond butter last? When should you consider throwing it away? Thanks for the recipe!

    • says

      I have no idea how long it will officially last, but mine seems to be perfectly fine even after spending a month in the fridge! Just make sure it’s always kept chilled.

  43. Stacy says

    I’m confused. I bought a bag of raw almonds from Sam’s Club & made the almond butter. It turned out pretty good. But then a friend said I was suppose to soak them first? So do I need to throw what I made out???

    • says

      Soaking almonds is best for digestion, but you should NOT processed wet nuts into almond butter. If you want to soak them first, you’ll have to dry them completely before grinding them into almond butter. I rarely have the patience to do that myself, so I don’t always soak and dry the almond first, but it is technically better to do so.

      • ADecker says

        Could you clarify why must the nuts be dehydrated if they are soaked? Why couldn’t you soak, rinse, pat them dry and use them for nut butter?

  44. Chris Redshaw says

    I actually made almond butter in the Vitamix last night and it turned out perfect… on high for about 30-45 seconds, scraped down the sides and pulsed a couple times and it turned out fabulous!!! The problem is, keeping my little spoon out of there every 5 minutes!!! :)

  45. Tracey says

    Awesome and delicious. However, I did make my almond butter in the Vitamix. It took a bit of work of stopping and starting quite a few times, but it was amazing and worth it. I put a little bit of cinnamon, a pinch of salt and just a tad bit of stevia. I ate it on Granny Smith apples. YUM!

  46. Ashley says

    I made this tonight and it is AWESOME! Thanks for the great explanations and steps. It was easy and I will make more once this is gone!

  47. Amy says

    Do you need to soak almonds (for digestion) if you are using blanched (with no skin). Or is this only for raw with skin on?

  48. Delphine says

    Hi Megan,
    Thanks for the recipe, it is awesome!
    I was just wondering if you soaked the almonds beforehand?

    Thank you

    • Megan says

      In my 12-cup processor, I need to use 2-3 cups of almonds to get it to work. Also, it does take a LOT of patience! You may just need to process the batch longer than you think.

  49. Katie says

    I just made homemade almond butter with my vitamix! I added lite salt and honey to give it a little more flavor. Thanks for sharing! It only took me 3 min. with the vitamix on the variable low speed.

  50. Susan says

    A Champion juicer also works well for making raw almond butter. I process the raw almonds through the juicer using the blank screen and then blend the almonds (with sea salt) to a smoother consistency in the VitaMix. This step draws out more oil from the almonds, otherwise the almond butter is too dry. I have only used raw almonds so results may vary with roasted.

  51. says

    I just found your blog the other day and have enjoyed a few recipes. Thank you. I have also been teying to make my own almond butter and have loved the crumb mixture i have been getting, but frustrated it was not a butter, now i know i just need to proccess it a lot longer.

  52. KL White says

    Thank you for the recipe. I only have a 2-cup Cuisinart food processor so wasn’t sure it would work. But it did! I had to pulse it a lot and keep wiping down the sides. But it worked. I blanched my almonds first to remove the skins as there is a tiny bit of cyanide in the skins. But even though air dried they were very moist. To dry out I tried both just drying the almonds at 190 degrees for 45 minutes and then a batch that was truly roasted. The first batch that wasn’t roasted took forever!! Still too much moisture. I think I will try sprouted and dehydrating the next time. The second batch which was roasted was so fast, even in the little processor. So drying out thoroughly really is important. Thank again again.

  53. Jane says

    Just made almond butter in my magic bullet! Wow. I’m never going back to the store bought stuff EVER AGAIN. Thanks for the tutorial!

  54. Lisa says

    I made almond butter in my cheap food processor. It took a long time and I was afraid that the motor would burn up but just when I was ready to give up, guess what, almond butter! I just bought a Vitamix and it did not do a good job on the almonds. I see what Megan was talking about. I am using the almond butter because I would never throw food away but it’s not as good as the previous batch I made in the food processor. Thanks for the recipe and tips Megan!

  55. Jacquie qood says

    Oh my goodness…how awesome I found this. I just started gluten-dairy free living and use a lot of almond butter. I thought…geez I have to drop another 11 bucks for a jar of almond butter…so I thought…look it up on line and found your site. It turned out perfectly. Thanks for the detailed instructions. I am going to spenD a lot of time looking through all your stuff. thanks aGAIN! i’M SO EXCITED!

  56. jessica says

    Just made what I think is almond butter. It is smooth warm and I see a little oil separation. I was reading how- to on your site and decided after it had become crumbly and sticking on the bottom and sides to remove some and stick it in the microwave for about 30 seconds (my microwave is weak)njust to warm it a little since I saw the heat first advice after they were in my processor. Voila! about a minute later it was getting smooth and silky. Five minutes more and I think it is almond butter. Thanks everyone for the information and especially to you Megan.


  57. lk says

    Oh my god.I finally found the perfect recipe for the almond butter.
    I love how you started off by saying one needs patience which I sometimes lack. I appreciate the pictures too. Very simplifying. I mean it. I see a few blogs but they don’t inspire me to try it out. On the other hand, we make something similar to this in India by soaking the almonds over night, processing them and adding it to sugar syrup. It is a sweet/dessert and if kept in the fridge, it will stay. But it cannot be used as a butter like yours. Thanks a ton for this recipe. Do try out our Indian dessert called “Badam halwa” when you have time. It is to die for, if you allow yourself to indulge once in a while.

    Thanks again !!

  58. Randie says

    I made almond butter after soaking the almonds overnight and didn’t know about drying the nuts before starting the process. Now the almond butter has a strange taste after about 4 or 5 days in the fridge. Do you think it has gone bad?

    • Audra says

      I have! Worked great. I just shook it every now and then to get the stuff that went up the sides to come down. I roasted as suggested and got almond butter identical to the stuff in the fridge.

  59. says

    Great write-up on how to make almond butter. Yes, you DO need patience, but it is so worth the effort!

    One note, we try to buy our almonds from the farmers markets. Raw, organic almonds sold at the store are still pasteurized due to a California regulation put in place in 2007.

    We even contacted Whole Foods. Whole Foods confirmed that their raw almonds have been treated with steam heat.

  60. says

    I made the butter this evening. Yes, it did take a long time since I did not roast before starting. Well worth the wait. I only added a bit of sea salt before putting in the frig. I did have a wonderful mix of my fresh almond butter, organic raw honey, a bit of nutmeg and vanilla. I spread it on Granny Smith apple slices. It tasted like caramel
    apples. Fabulous!! I will definitely try toasting them before starting this project, but I now have some great almond flour for breading my baked fish. YUMMY.

  61. henk says

    Does this work with hazelnuts too? cause one time i put some hazelnuts in the food processor, but it became powder and it went all to the sides.. then i quit cause i thought it wansn’t going to happen.

  62. Roxanne says

    I just made my first batch of almond butter in my food processor and it turned out great. My batch took less than 10 minutes to process after heating up the almonds in the oven. So I am new to this website. I went to the store looking for almond butter and they didn’t have it. I needed to get almond butter for a 3 day cleanse that I’ll be starting soon. I’m so glad that I found this site and am definitely looking at all the recipies. Thank you so much. Your directions and pictures were easy to follow.

  63. Jean says

    WOW!!! I used an old magic bullet that I was going to throw out last year, but I worked great. I used the short cup with the grinding blade which is that flat blade. You can’t make a very big batch but it is faster than I thought. Pulsing and scraping is the key. I can’t wait to try all your recipes. I found your site by accident and have been reading all afternoon. I want to make ice cream with avocado tonight. Thanks

  64. Hannah says

    This recipe was great!!! I used soaked and dehydrated almonds and it turned out really good!! I have already used it to make almond butter fudge which is an amazing dessert recipe!! I can’t wait to try other recipes of yours!

  65. hez says

    Sorry if this was addressed in an earlier comment. I’ve been making almond butter for a few months now and it never seems to get as “fluid” as yours (or the Trader Joe’s kind). Is it because I’m not running it in my food processor long enough (20 min or so)? I do get a little nervous when it’s been running so long and hasn’t gotten to that point yet. I’m worried that the almonds will break? Do they do that? Like if you mix whipping cream too long, its whipped cream and then curdled/butter. What I come out with is fine, just a little more stiff.

  66. Briahna says

    Thought I would let everyone know that back in 2009 they passed a law that even “organic” almonds have to be pasteurized. There are a few almond farms that can get away with this and still sell truly raw organic almonds. I buy mine online!

  67. ali says

    I absolutely love your recipes! I had a few almond questions since I now have made your almond butter and vanilla almond milk.
    I used organic for both butter and milk…but not raw. When should I buy the raw almonds and does it matter whether I use organic or raw organic? And if I am just eating the almonds should does it matter?
    Thank you!

    • Megan says

      I always look for organic almonds, but they don’t necessarily need to be labeled as “raw,” since they aren’t technically raw in the USA anyway. I do prefer to avoid roasted almonds though, because the natural oils found in almonds can be damaged with high-heat, and that would make them a less healthful snack, however you are using them.

  68. Carmen Whittaker says

    After going to Trader Joe’s once, twice and not having Almond Butter, I thought of doing my own Almond Butter, what a concept!!! I never thought of doing my own before, now I think I will never buy it at the store again!!! Thanks, I’m sure I can follow your directions.

  69. Maureen says

    I am so excited to have found your site. We moved 6 weeks ago to a villa in Spain. At first, we were disappointed that we could not get almond butter out here, without sugar. Then my husband had the idea to make our own. We have about 35 almond trees on our property. Well, I think I have been lacking the one ingredient that you mentioned…patience! I have a very powerful Bamix, but after 5 minutes I have given up every time. I had no idea that we had to keep at it for almost 20 minutes. My husband will be so happy! Right now he is eating “almond powder” on toast for breakfast, every morning. Thank you so much for your help!!!

  70. Susan says

    I’ve been making my own almond butter for a while now, since I got sticker shock at my local natural grocery. That stuff was incredibly expensive and didn’t even look appetizing. I’m guessing that the amount of time it takes depends on your food processor. Mine takes only 10-15 minutes (I can only put 2 cups of nuts in mine, which has an 11-cup bowl. My almond butter looks appetizing and tastes wonderful. It’s definitely worth the effort to make your own.

  71. Jacquie qood says

    wow amazing. The first time I didn’t warm the almonds in the oven and they still turned out fab. The second time I did heat the almonds in the oven and they were done like in 10 min. How fun this is!

  72. Uvo says

    Thanks to your beautifully illustrated guide, I was able to successfully make my very own almond butter for the first time today. I am super excited and just want to say thank you!

  73. Mary says

    Thanks for posting this recipe! I bought a bag of organic almonds from Whole Foods & used up the rest of an old bag I had… so in all I had probably 3 1/2 cups of almonds. It only took 15 minutes give or take with some scraping of the processor, and those 3 1/2 cups of almonds turned into almost 16 oz of almond butter. I spent half of what it would cost for a full pound of organic almond butter on the almonds so I’m happy. My husband loves almond butter and I’m glad to have found a way to make it much more cheaply than the store bought version.

  74. Tonya says

    I absolutely hate peanut butter, but love almonds. Never tried almond butter, but I did today. And it was…fantastic! I have no seasoning and it tastes so good! Thank you, for I am not a patient person and without knowing to wait, wait, wait, I would have thrown up my hands and tossed the batch!

  75. asia says

    I needed almond butter for your pumpkin bar, so ifinally made my own almond butter. I didn’t have any food processor but I had an “s” blade for making powders, it worked!! I am so excited. Thanks for your detailed recipe instructions.

  76. Wendy says

    Love this so much! Almond butter is so expensive around here. I made my first batch with roasted almonds (my house smelled amazing!). It kept in the fridge for about a month. I just made another batch this week, only I used 2 cups hazelnuts and 1 cup almond (roasted the raw ones again). Our family loves Nutella, but I don’t like all the sugar and other junk that’s in it. So I added cocoa powder and raw sugar to the batch until I got the desired flavor I was looking for. My 14yo even loved it.

    We bought a Vitamix earlier this year, but I haven’t attempted to make nut butter in it yet. Using my food processor worked just fine for this. I’ll definitely be making more of my own nut butters from here on out. Thank you for posting this!

  77. says

    Thank you so much for this post. I have wanted to know how to do this for so long, but never felt I had enough information to tackle it. Now I feel like I could do so with success. And I won’t have to depend on a questionable grocery store product. Wooty, woot woot!! (I’m sounding like my grandkids, now…) Off to the processor! Thanks, again. :)

  78. Shauna says

    I am excited to try this! I have a blentec and I saw a few people tried their blenders and it worked! However, you think it will be too powerful for this recipe? Also, since you put it in the fridge, does it get really stiff? That is the only downside to some of the organic butters for me, trying to spread that on toast is miserable! Thanks for sharing!! =D

    • Megan says

      If you let it process long enough, the oils from the almonds will release and the butter doesn’t get too stiff in the fridge. Mine is actually really creamy! Regarding the Blendtec, it’s up to you. I tried it in my Vitamix once, and I was too scared to let it continue because I thought the motor sounded like it was working too hard. The food processor takes longer, but it’s been consistently successful for me!

  79. Cindi H says

    Thanks for posting this recipe. It helps having the photos of important stages in the process. The only bad thing is store bought almond butter no longer tastes as good to me.

  80. Jason says

    If anyone is interested in raw almond butter, I found that by freezing the almonds first, they havent gone over 115° during the butter making process. I’m sure this will differ depending on what type of food processor you use, as well as other variables, but I have found that it works for me.
    I order my unpasteurized almonds from a grower in CA and this method keeps my almond butter truly raw.

  81. Mariam says

    hello! Made this today, 2nd time lucky as I didn’t have enough patience first time around! Its delicious and I’m never buying it again!

  82. Cocogirl says

    I just made my first small batch of almond butter in my Vitamix!!! Thanks for your detailed instructions and tips…it turned out wonderfully delicious!!! I’m from Panama (Central America) and nuts are crazy expensive here. They have organic almond butter at the organic store but it’s $21 for a 14.5-ounce jar!

    • Lori D. says

      I also have a Vitamix and want to make almond butter. How much almonds did you use and how long did it take? Thanks!

  83. Drew says

    I have not been blending long enough, now I see I was at the door step, just missed taking the extra step. I am going to make some today using sea salt and walnut oil, may add some pecan as well, along with a little honey to see what I come up with.

  84. Rachel Cate says

    Megan, i know that this post is quite old now so you may never get to reading this comment, especially now that you’re busy with your new addition (he’s gorgeous)but I just hadto share this tip. The vitamix will make almond butter but you have to use at least four cups at a time of raw frozen almonds (raw almonds that you freeze yourself). Place in the large jug and pusle on high using the tamper. It only takes about 2 minutes and because the almonds are so cold to begin with they machine doesn’t heat them up too much and they stay raw. I actually think that this almond butter tastes identical to the Artisana brand. Hope this helps anyone with a vitamix that wants to try making almond butter.

  85. Ann says

    I need some help, I have started making this almond butter and I have gotten past the dry powdery stage and I thought it was at the butter stage but it is now a glue. I need to know what to do to fix. Any suggestions??? HELP!!!!!

  86. Ann says

    Ok, so I went and added cold processed coconut oil to the almond butter and it worked. The taste kind of reminds me of an almond joy. :)

  87. Annalisa says

    I roasted the almonds before doing this and it only took me 5 MINUTES of food processing to get almond butter!! Amazing!
    Thanks for all of the amazing recipes!

  88. Melanie M says

    This was really easy and very delicious. I used my food processor, and it only took about 15 minutes to get to the really creamy butter stage. I’ll definitely be using this in many of the Detoxinista recipes requiring almond butter.

  89. Francene says

    I am trying to make almond butter in my food processor and my Ninja and it is only being broken down into a very fine crumble. What am I doing wrong? Can something be added to assist in the break down or are these a wash?

  90. Winter says

    I am new to almond butter – making and I have no idea how it should taste like,,,,,, two days ago I tried it out and as I was losing patience and hope the miracle happened ….it turned into a paste and I added a little of coconut oil and honey and a pinch of salt. It all seemed fine till I tasted it….it tastes dry …now, I have never tasted almond butter before, so I assumed it should be smooth and silky like real I right? Or is almond butter different? Mine is dry though a layer of oil is sitting on top of the butter. Is this normal or did I do it wrong smewhere??

  91. Kiki says

    I added hazelnuts to my recipe. I also did soak them (makes them softer). Just store in the fridge. Another great butter is made using chestnuts. I cannot find those in my upstate grocer.

  92. Mitchell Sackson says

    Fantastic! We could not eat the almonds because they were too hard. When I stumbled on your almond-butter recipe I said “why not?” It went exactly as you stated; time wise and picture wise. The Cuisinart worked just find. Made a small amount just to make sure. Now to incorporate it in a few recipes. Any suggestions?

  93. Judy says

    I just made this and it is wonderful! I love that I know how fresh it is and the cost sure is a lot better than buying it in the store. Thank you so much for posting it!

  94. Kristin Towle says

    Just finished my almond butter and it is AWESOME!!!!!!!! The process was EXACTLY like you said….I loved this tutorial…I would of quit thinking I was doing something wrong…..near the end it was finally beginning to look like almond butter but it was still grainy….I waited another 3-5 minutes then the magic happened!!! smooth and creamy!!!! I used 3 cups of almonds,pinch of sea salt,tad bit of coconut oil and honey! THANK YOU

  95. Kathy says

    Just made this with the remaining 2 cups of almonds I had on hand. I dry roasted the almonds first as suggested and it was super easy! Thank you, I will never be buying store bought again! Delicious!!

  96. Ana says

    Thanks so much, I had no idea it was so easy to make yourself!! I must have a good processor as the entire time to make it was only about 7-8 minutes! Yum!!

  97. Betsy says

    Thank you so much for posting this recipe. In Mexico we still don’t have the luxury of finding almond butter or too many gluten-free and dairy-free products. The ones I have found are expensive and high in calories.

    I put the almonds in the oven at 400°F for 20 minutes, and then placed them still warm in the food processor, and it was done in less than 10 minutes!


  98. Sue says

    I roast raw nuts and make my own trail mix and had a little over three cups of almonds left. So I decided to try to make almond butter. Found this recipe and gave it a try. I set the timer to scrape the sides of the food processor in 10 minutes. The almond butter was ready when the timer went off! My husband has NEVER liked almond butter but I made him try and he actually liked it. Thanks for making a convert out of us!

  99. Nikki says

    I just made almond butter starting with store bought almond meal that I slightly roasted in the oven for a couple minutes. Used my ancient Braun food processor and it took about 2 minutes total – completely creamed! Comparing this to the 20 minutes others are talking about I would DEFINITELY recommend starting with almond meal to cut back time (and minimize risk of burning out a food processor). I then proceeded to add almond milk, stevia, cinnamon, nutmeg. and a pinch of natural unprocessed salt to make a creamy dip for apple slices. This is soooo good. I am afraid of high calorie foods and generally stay away from nuts, but couldn’t stop tasting this (I made it for my sister).

  100. Jenny says

    2:40 so far and I have nothing that looks like almond butter. A very stiff almond paste, and a food processor that needed to cool off for half an hour before I could try some more, and that’s it! I am using a Kitchen Aid 7 cup basic food processor, with the S blade. I started with about 12 oz of soaked almonds (cold from the fridge)and quickly realized that was probably too much, so removed about 2/3 of the now coarse almond meal. I even switched the whole thing to the original pitcher-like Ninja with three tiers of blades with lots of scapeing, like every 30 seconds. Same amount of scraping in the food processor! What have I done wrong??

    • Ken Moren says

      Needs to be dry before you start… if you have a dehydrator use that to dry out your meal; otherwise put in the oven to dry. Spredd it out well to minimize the time and thus the potential for spoilage. When completely dry put in the food processor still warm and it should work in a few minutes. Good luck.

  101. Molly says

    I make this all the time in my vitamix and it takes about 2 minutes! Just don’t worry about the noises the machine makes and make full use of the tamper! If you are going to use the vitamix, however, it works better in bigger batches. 3 or 4 cups of dry roasted almonds is perfect. :)

  102. Cathie says

    Hi, I made AB tonight on impulse. I had left over almonds from a bark I just made and thought it would be great to try it out. I read quite a few of the responses on here and decided to put my almonds in the microwave for 45 seconds then in my Mini Cuisinart Food Processor. I have only used this once and forgot you have to hold the grind/chop buttons. Yay me! Any-who, I let it go on for about 10 minutes and scraped the sides a couple of times. It got to the clumpy stage fairly quickly considering the smallness of my processor. I gave the processor a little break as it was getting a bit warm. Once I started grinding it again – after 5 minutes it all of a sudden went from clumpy blobs to a really nice smooth cream and it was blending so nicely! After tasting it, I decided to add a little bit of brown sugar, a pinch of Honey Crystals , and a pinch of Sea Salt. Now – when I say I am a huge Peanut Butter fan…I’m a HUGE fan! But I have to say, now that I’ve tasted this Almond Butter – I will be making this from now on. It is DELICIOUS!!
    What a great site Megan ~ Thank you!! I can’t wait to check out the rest and see what yummies you have for me to try!

  103. says

    Hi Megan!
    I’ve been reading around for tips on food combining and was curious as to what you eat almond butter with. I love having it on apples or English muffins, but I know you’re not supposed to mix fruit with proteins or starches. What do you suggest eating it with?

    • Megan says

      I typically eat almond butter with ripe bananas– they are the exception to the fruit rule, and can be eaten with nuts, seeds and dried fruits.

    • Cienna says

      I LOVE putting almond butter in my oatmeal. It makes it so much better. Also, a lot of healthy desserts require it, like this super yummy & healthy dairy & gluten free rice pudding or these banana oat pnacakes. It tastes amazing to put a spoonful of it in oatmeal- along with a spoonful of coconut oil, cinnamon, vanilla, agave syrup or raw honey and a dash of salt. (:

  104. Tony says

    I tried this in a NutriBullet… was scary at first, but it turned out very good and in less time than I expected.

    • Debbie says

      Tony, did you roast your almonds first and which blade did you use? Have been wanting to attempt in my nutribullet but don;t want to blow it up lol how long approx did it take and did you just pulse it on /off? thanks

      • Logan Diaz says

        It’s really use to make any kind of nut butter in the Nutribullet. Simply throw in any kind of nut, whether it be raw or roasted it won’t matter. I used the milling blade first to break it down but then the regular blade to whip it into butter. It was really fast, like just a few minutes.

  105. Ruth says

    Thank you, Megan! I actually made this today when I thought I had some almond butter for a recipe — and didn’t! It is amazing! I like it so much better than the “all natural” kind with no added sugar or preservatives that I buy –and it certainly Is cheaper! Thank you! :)

  106. says

    I just made this tonight and am so thrilled with my results – it’s so good!!

    I used a KitchenAid food processor and briefly toasted almonds. I was worried my FP would overheat or die but it totally took it like a champ!! Thank you for posting this, and thank you everyone for the awesome comments & advice! :)

  107. Mar says

    I used the Ninja food processor. I don’t know if it was too strong, or if I was doing something wrong. It took over an hour to make. In the end, it did come out, but there was no running it for 10-15 minutes at a time. As soon as I would turn it on, the crushed almonds would stick to the sides immediately and stop moving, shredding or blending. I had to turn it off and on almost every minute and keep stirring. Towards the end, it started smoking. I was excited to make this, and was disappointed. My daughter loved the final product however. If anyone else has tips/tricks with the Ninja, I’d love to hear.

    • Rochelle says

      I too used the Ninja professional when I tried making this. I’ve made almond butter with a different processor and never had any trouble. It’s been an hour and the Ninja is so loud and it was smoking so I gave up! My almond stuff is in a bowl in the kitchen. I was trying to look up recipes with my failed attempt. But you said it finally worked?? I will continue to try, but I wasn’t sure if it was okay for the almonds to be in the processor for that long. Is there a point of making almond butter, the almonds won’t go to a creamy texture?

    • says

      Thanks for this information. I am trying to use a Ninja Professional model to make almond butter and I was not sure if it was working properly. Most of the almond mixture seems to be on the sides and the motor is hot. This is my third time of letting the motor cool off. But since it worked for you, I will keep trying…especially since I need it for a recipe that I have already started!

  108. Kim says

    I just stumbled upon this recipe and it worked great! I toasted my almonds for a few minutes before putting them in my food processor and from there it only took about 10-12 minutes to see the magic happen :) Thanks so much for posting all of the pictures along with the recipe. So often there are only two photos, one showing all of the ingredients and one showing the finished product. I liked being able to have a visual on what almond butter should be looking like throughout the process.

  109. Bart says

    I attempted to make almond butter with chocolate and carmel(similar to Nutella. Starbucks has a cocoa with carmel packet which can be added to coffee. I made the almond butter then when it was just about ready I added the Starbucks packet. Was hoping for a Snickers taste. I was disappointed. The taste was there, but very faint. I am now thinking of added cocoa powder and carmel sauce at the end. What do you or your followers think? Any helpful suggestions? Not sure if I should add the carmel as a sauce or as nuggets and let the blender do its work on them. I looked at the Nutella list of ingredients and they add skim milk. Should I try adding that as well? Anybody have any experience with what I am attempting that might have some helpful suggestions? Thank you for your site it has been a wonderful experience making the AB.

  110. Leah says

    I absolutely love how this almond butter tastes! Unfortunately though, mine seemed to come out extremely thin and almost runny. Is there a way to keep this from happening?

    • Megan says

      It’s runny directly out of the food processor, but it typically thickens up for me once it’s chilled in the fridge.

  111. Stephanie says

    Is it supposed to have a spicy kick aftertaste? I’ve never purchased or made almond butter before this so I wasn’t sure if the taste was a result of burning them or because I didn’t roast them first.. Thanks!

    • Lori B. says

      Are they fresh? Maybe they were rancid? I always store my nuts in a deep freeze (not a frost free freezer that is connected to your fridge) I also store all my natural butters in the fridge.

  112. Lesley says

    I have made almond butter before, but not for a while. I Used your site to refresh my memory, thanks again for a great site. Do you have any recipes that almond butter can be used in? Thanks again!

  113. CB says

    Don’t know if this is considered against homemade almond butter etiquette, but I coated the sides of the processor with coconut oil, which prevented the meal from sticking to the sides, causing it to constantly fall into the center. It made beautiful butter in no time.

  114. janet says

    You can actually make almond butter in your Vita-Mix & it’s much quicker. The trick is to add a little coconut oil to the almonds because they don’t have as much natural oil in them as peanuts or other nuts have.

  115. Sarah4 says

    I am a patient person, but couldn’t wait those last 5-10 minutes, so I threw a little less than a tablespoon of unrefined coconut oil in to the almonds and 3 minutes later I had almond butter. Next time I’ll try to be a little more patient; just didn’t have time for patience today. 😉 It’s DELICOUS!

  116. Lori B. says

    Just used 1 1b raw almonds from Trader Joes $6.00. Put it in my Cuisine Art food processor. In the beginning I had to knock down the crumbs on the sides about 5 times in 10 minutes, then I just let it run for another 10. It clumped like when making a dough, then as it got hot and started steaming it melted into a nice smooth cream. :) I added 3/4 tsp real salt and it filled a pint mason jar perfectly. Instead of Justin’s $9.00/lb butter, I am going to check out Dekalb Farmer’s Market in Atlanta to see how much organic almonds are per pound to see if i can save even more. :)

  117. Michaela says

    I have a Breville food processor and although I had to stop it about 8 times to quickly scrape down the sides (coconut oil tip duly noted!), the butter was done in 15 minutes. And it tastes great! Thanks for the recipe.

  118. says

    I make almond butter the same way, but I always sprout the almonds first. This provides so much more nutrition and is much more digestible. All you do is soak the almonds for 12 hours in salted water. You will notice a teeny white bud appear on the pointy end. Rince, then dry on low heat in a dehydrator or oven for 12 hours.

  119. Chris says

    So organic ensures that yucky chemicals aren’t used in the pasteurization process? Are you an idiot? Or do you not know what pasteurization means? maybe I’m the idiot, but last time I checked, pasteurization is just heating the food up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15 seconds or so. I don’t know what chemicals are needed to achieve a higher temperature, except gas or nat. gas… Maybe you don’t know what organic means. I don’t know. Anyway, I hope your shit works, because if I gotta go on another page to find out how to make almond butter, it would just take too much time out of my day.

    • Megan says

      When this law was passed in 2007, two methods of pasteurization were suggested: steam heat or exposure to propylene oxide gas. If the almonds are exposed to the gas, they can’t be labeled as “certified organic.”

    • Paula says

      Ignorant. You must be a very unhappy person with a miserable life. Otherwise you would’ve given your ‘knowledge’ without using words like “idiot” and “shit”. If you know everything, why look at these sites for information?

  120. Mel says

    I love crunchy almond butter. I haven’t tried it homemade yet, but look forward to making it. I like almond butter on brown rice cakes for breakfast.

  121. Noodle-berry says

    Just made this; absolutely divine! Took me about an hour ‘tho, as my poor little processor threatened to give up the ghost on more than one occassion!
    But well worth the effort.
    That being said, it didn’t work out any cheaper than buying it in the healthfood shop; organic almonds are very here in Ireland. If anyone knows where I can buy them in bulk I’d appreciate it hugely!!

  122. FoolishCop says

    Just made this this morning, and just as you say, after seemingly thinking nothing was going to happen, voila! Almond butter! Good thing, too, because I think I burnt out my food processor’s attachment motor. Right after it turned to cream the blade stopped working, which was fortunate.

    I’ve been making my own almond milk and have developed quite a store of almond flour. I figured this would be a good way to use some of that up. I probably had it running at too high of a speed though. Next time, after getting a replacement part, I’ll run it at a lower speed. I do have a Ninja system with a number of attachments. Maybe I’ll try it in one of them. Great stuff though!


  123. Caroline says

    I finally made AB and it was awesome. Thank you! Question…how long do you think this will keep? I’d love to make extra as a gift to a friend

  124. says

    I have been making my own almond/walnut butter for a couple months now. Needless to say my husband and I will never go back to eating that over processed stuff in the grocery store ever again. Not only is it all around better for us you save money and you know what you’re eating at the same time. Next time going to throw some cashews in as well hey why not. yummy

  125. shirl says

    I love this link – thanks for all the tips – but please can you advise me what food processor I should be using. I dont have a huge budget and live in the UK. Thanks

    • Megan says

      I don’t think the almond meal would make a very tasty butter. Most of the fat and flavor go into the almond milk, which is why almond pulp is so difficult to work with in recipes. Please let us know if you have any success, though!

  126. Rochelle says

    Please help! I’m using the Ninja Professional processor and I’ve been in the kitchen for an hour!!! I finally gave up because nothing was happening and it started smoking. I stopped it more than 10 times to scrap the sides down. I still have my almond stuff sitting in a bowl. I added coconut oil, but not to the sides of the processor. Any suggestions?!?!?!

  127. says

    Thanks for the encouragement to make almond butter. One note: the reason it takes so long in a food processor is that this tool isn’t the best at releasing the oil from the almonds, which is what makes the “butter” finally happen. What worked for me was to use an old-fashioned, hand-cranked (inexpensive!) meat grinder first. One pass, and then into the food processor, which took less than two minutes to produce creamy almond butter.

  128. Diane says

    I tried making AB from almonds I had soaked in water. Using my vitamix . I got a fluffy mix after much effort, stopping, scraping, adding oil, hearing lots of terrible noise. I finally stopped out of frustration. Do you think I did not process long enough ( probably 5 to 10 minutes) or was it the soaking part? Can anyone give. Me advice?

    • Megan says

      Yes, soaking the almonds will create a fluffy texture. Next time, make sure you dry your almonds completely before grinding them, as any extra moisture will affect the results.

  129. Lori says

    I made almond butter in the Majic Bullet. Small amount, maybe 3/4 – 1cup of roasted almonds I had on hand. It only took about 5 minutes. Just pulse it a bit or maybe pre-chop them so it’s not so hard on the motor. It works well because it’s small. I just needed 1/2 cup for a cookie recipe and that is what I ended up with. :)

  130. Rachelle says

    Just made this in a Cuisinart 9-cup food processor. I didn’t time it, unfortunately. Maybe 15-20 minutes? I paused a lot in between scrapings because I didn’t want to overheat my processor. It did get hot, but not super-hot. I used the tip to grease the bowl with coconut oil first and didn’t have much of a problem with sticking. Best of all, it turned out absolutely delicious. I just added a pinch of salt, no sweetener. I used non-organic raw almonds from Costco, which I got for $17.99 for a 1.36 kg bag (3 lb). Three cups of almonds weighed out to 451 grams (a smidge under 1 lb.) and cost $2.65.

  131. says

    When I saw a jar of organic almond butter in my local supermarket today for $23.99 I couldn’t believe it. Determined to do better, I bought raw organic almonds at the food coop, roasted them and followed your recipe. I used my food processor to turn them into butter and did the coconut oil trick. Added a little celtic sea salt too and voila, a delicious almond butter for less than $4 per jar! Thank you Megan!

  132. Mil says

    So grateful for all the information you provide, about how almonds are called raw, when in fact they aren’t, the instructions on how to make almond butter, can’t wait to start saving $$, and I am thinking you probably have an almond milk recipe which I will look for after this thank you!

  133. Angie says

    Hi, I just made my first 2 batches of almond butter today and they turned out fabulous. I get my almonds at Costco 3 lbs for about $9 which is way cheaper than buying it already made. Thank you sooo much! I absolutely LOVE your website! Blessings!

    • Megan says

      I keep mine in the fridge for about one month. The time may vary, but as long as it smells and tastes good, I keep using it. :)

  134. Leona says

    Thank you so much for specifically calling out just how long this takes. I attempted it once before and quit way too early because I just knew I must have done something wrong because it wasn’t becoming nut butter-just a big lump of nuts. I do believe it’s time to give it another try.

  135. lisa says

    This was perfect. added some pink salt and it was really delicious. then I added carob chips and 4 dates…it was unbelievable! Thx for this recipe. ill be making this as opposed to buying it from now on!

  136. Barbara says

    Hi! Looks pretty simple except for the fact that I don’t have a food processor. Can I use a blender instead? (I apologize if that is a stupid question)

  137. Purnima singh says

    Heya hi
    Love ur recipe
    Please guide
    Since i cant really find organic and m a little allergic to eating almonds with cover – at times they give me stomache
    So is it alright if i used almonds without their cover ?

  138. Purnima singh says

    And please tell the shelf life ..
    How long will it last in refrigator ??

    Wud u recommend same way for peanut butter ?

  139. Sheils says

    Any tips on where to get a good deal on almonds other than Costco? Justade it and it’s awesome! Also what is a good deal per pound for almonds? Thanks!

  140. Fenny says

    I tried this last night, but didn’t get the same result like you did.
    After over 20 minutes the almonds still looked very lumpy, I added oil and finally it was buttery smooth!

  141. Felisa M says

    About using the Vitamix, the smell. The Vitamix is so powerful, that prolonged use would require the use of ice cubes to cool down the mixture
    otherwise you are cooking the ingredients. The Vitamix will make a hot soup or a smoothie, depending on your desired results. I will try your recipe with the Vitamix and homemade ice cubes ( filtered bottle water)
    I love your Website, Thank you!!

    • Megan says

      I wouldn’t recommend adding ice cubes when making pure almond butter– any added moisture will ruin the result. This is why I use a food processor instead of my Vitamix, to avoid using such a powerful motor.

  142. Felisa M says

    Well I read the other comments and see that others have added extra ingredients. I think we all agree that you have a great recipe, but adding a few other ingredients will not ruin the batch. My intention was just to help others not burn out their machines, like some of them have.
    The Vitamix is a very expensive machine and first learning how to use it is is crucial.

    • Megan says

      Yes, you are welcome to add other ingredients, like salt, oil, or even honey (at the end of blending), but water in particular will ruin the texture almond butter and will make it very prone to mold– giving it a significantly shorter shelf life. I just don’t want you to waste your (expensive) ingredients!

      Adding ice is a brilliant move for many other recipes to prevent the blender from overheating, it just doesn’t produce good results in this particular recipe. (Many people have reported it being “fluffy” instead of creamy.)

  143. matthew says

    This did not work 1 hour and still dry clay, i bought a 300 hundred dollar cuisinart super pro food processor. Still dry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. Karen says

    A good place to get almonds inexpensively is the bulk foods dept. at Winco, especially if they are opening a new one. I got some for $2 per lb.

  145. lindielee says

    I’ve been working for over two hours with my old Cuisinart and still don’t have butter yet. I soaked them overnight and put them in my dehydrator to dry. I didn’t roast them – but I’ll try that next time.

  146. says

    I used my vita mix to make almond butter. Because of the fast motor, yes it did achieve a smooth consistency. So I transferred the dry mixture to a magic bullet. Still little success. I decided to add a small amount of coconut oil. This helped somewhat. I didn’t want to add too much coconut oil As it would obscure the taste of almonds.
    After one half hour, I still had a very coarse mixture. I gave up and put it all in the jar which is fine because I use the butter in protein shakes. The clean up in my kitchen took as much time as making the almond butter. Got to tell you, I am not convinced that this method is better than buying a $5.00 one pound jar of organic raw in Trader Joe’s.

  147. Ruth says

    I made this all the time, and the only key to make it nicely smoth without adding any oils or moist to make it creamy is patiens!!!!! if your turnout lumpy or to dry, you need to spend maybe 5 to 10 extra minutos, and it will turnout the way is suppost to be. I like adding 1 tsp of coconut oil but after my butter is ready because I like the smell.

  148. Susan says

    Would you mind sharing what kind of food processor you’re using?
    Thanks much? Love the website! Very nice!

    • Megan says

      I have a 12-cup KitchenAid– it’s old, so I don’t think they make the exact same model anymore, but it still works great!

  149. Barb says

    I was wondering if it would take the load off the food processor if you grind them first or is most of the time after they become flour like?

  150. amy stumptownbound says

    Worked great for me in my food processor. I was scared at first that my motor would overheat but it was fine. It came out great. Thanks for the receipe.

  151. Jackie says

    I just made this using raw almonds in my 18 year old cheap (didn’t care if I burned it up) Hamilton Beach food processor took about 30 minutes to get smooth and it turned out great…will make again & thanks for the great recipe!

  152. Mallorey says

    I am thanking my lucky stars I just found your website!! You have so many amazing ideas! I just made the almond butter in about half the time with organic sliced almonds!! It tastes just a delicious!!

  153. Karen says

    I roasted the almonds for 15 minutes. I had smooth almond butter in a much shorter time in my Cuisinart, maybe ten minutes if that. Very similar to making peanut butter. My only complaint is that it’s too thin, hope it thickens up a bit in the fridge.

  154. Joanne says

    I just found your website and wanted to say thanks. I needed a cup of almond butter and had no idea about it. I’ve just made it in my food processor and it was super easy – thanks soooooo much :)

  155. Sarah says

    Just made this for the first time- THANK YOU for the heads up on the time it takes… the 12 minute mark and things really changed! Super smooth and tasty. I used roasted almonds and added salt, nothing else. After 15 minutes it was like liquid silk. Thanks again!

  156. Jan De says

    The use of a fairly cheap coffee/spice grinder (can be bought for less than $20) shortens the butter making time hugely.

    Grind the almonds in a coffee/spice grinder for a few seconds (producing a powder) and transfer to a food mixer. You can then achieve almond butter in a matter of minutes. Occasionally I add a little good quality Maple Syrup and sometimes Manuka Honey as an immune system booster when anyone in the family has a cold or flu.

  157. Lezley says

    Thanks so much! Made the raw almond butter yesterday in my mini Cuisinart and it took probably 12 mins total to get the consistency that I like. Just salt and raw almonds….perfect! Today I decided to try some pecan butter and it took much less time. Love how easy this is!!! So much more economical! I’m following Haylie Pomroy’s Fast Metabolism Diet and this is a great method for phase 3 and all of the healthy fats that you eat!

  158. Jeanne Wenzel says

    Haven’t tried the recipe yet, would like to know if you can use slivered almonds to make the almond butter

    • Megan says

      That’s just the blade that works best on my food processor– feel free to use any other machine or blade that works for you!

  159. Amber says


    I really wanted this to work. I only had about 2 cups of Almonds, so I tried it with that. I guess there weren’t enough almonds since I had to keep scrapping the sides every few seconds. An hour later, still no butter!!!

    So after that horrible attempt, I tried using Sunflower seeds and I don’t know why, but the lumpy flour kept getting stuck underneath the blade which resulted in me stopping every minute to remove the blade so I could scrap the hard pieces.

    It was a waste of money and time, of course.

    Maybe a better attempt at this in the future, but right now I’ll stick to the store bought butter.

  160. Emmy says

    I made this using the twister jar of my blendtec. raw almonds only and in less than two minutes, i had great almond butter. yum!

  161. Zach says

    Just wondering how many of you have followed through with this recipe… and how many of you have had to replace your blender/food processor since then?! I want to try this recipe, but don’t want to burn out the motor in my blender in the process! is a heavy duty processor like a robot-coupe required for such a task?

  162. meriem says

    i made 2 jars of this for mothers day (mum and grandma). it worked out beautifully. i used a food processor and as mentioned in the article you need patience i almost added oil because it was taking for ever! thank god i didn’t the oil extracted from the almonds was enough. i added a bit of salt and sugar. it tasted perfect. I am sure mom and grandma will appreciate this tomorrow 😀

  163. LILY says

    I just bought a vitamix yesterday. One of my main reasons was to make nut butters… i’m sad after reading all the comments about it not working so well. Is there any hope it will work? i got the dry container too….

    • Lori D. says

      Hi Lily, I haven’t tried making almond butter with my Vitamix yet but a few people have posted here that they used their Vitamix with great results. Someone posted their almond butter turned out perfect. They set their Vitamix “on high for about 30-45 seconds, scraped down the sides and pulsed a couple times and it turned out fabulous.” So I hope this helps. Others have posted they froze their almonds first so the almond butter did not get too warm (stayed raw) to avoid the blender overheating. While I have an older Cuisinart 11 food processor, the bowl is not BPA free. I called Cuisinart and they said their bowl, lid and “pusher” (i.e. tamper), are now BPA free as of 2102, but not all their plastic is BPA free. They do sell BPA free replacements, but it’ll cost over $100. So I’m glad you have a Vitamix to make almond butter because their website says their containers are BPA free.

  164. Laura says

    Hi,thank you for this recipe. I tried it using roasted almonds but after more than 30 minutes I gave up. I did the first 20 minutes in the food processor but after not seeing any improvement I transferred the lumpy mix to the blender. It got better afterwards but not as creamy as I expected (actually a bit dry). Could you please make me any suggestions? Should I use raw almonds? Is it normal to be so dry? Im not sure if I did something wrong.Thank you!

  165. Danielle says

    I’m so glad I found this! I’m from NZ and have just started trying the Paleo diet to live more of a healthy lifestyle. 200g of almond butter is $12.99 where as I can get 450g raw almonds for the same price!

  166. LaBella says

    I made some tonight using the cuisinart food processor – placed in oven at 400 for 10 mins (may have left it too long) – any who – followed your directions from here, no salt, sugar or coconut oil was added and only stopped it once after 2 mins to scrape sides. I want to thank you for this recipe. Mine came out a bit more brown than your pictures but again I may have left it in oven too long – I think 5 mins would have been best. I tried on some multigrain toasted bread and it was heavenly!!!! Placed in a mason jar and into the refrigerator – very smooth, and great taste. Took about 15 mins in cuisinart food processor.

  167. Katie says

    Hey Megan,

    Thanks so much for posting this recipe!

    I bought raw almonds, and soaked and dehydrated them (in my dehydrator) and assumed this would treat them at a high enough heat (they were in the dehydrator for nearly 6 hours.)

    I’ve had my almonds in the food processor for nearly an hour after it hit that initial “cakey” texture, and it’s still doughy, not silky and smooth.

    Do you think it’s because they weren’t roasted at a high enough temperature?

    This is the processor/blender that I own, so I figured it work!|dc_28903465036%7C-%7C86279013750USA

    I’d appreciate your insight :)

    All The Best,

    • Megan says

      My guess is that the almonds weren’t totally dry in the middle after dehydrating. If there’s even the slightest bit of moisture, the almond butter won’t turn out as silky smooth. There’s no need to roast them, but maybe try dehydrating them overnight next time? The only other thing I could think of would be that they didn’t process long enough or you didn’t use enough almonds– make sure you use at least 3 cups of almonds for each batch, and sometimes it can take up to 30 minutes of processing. (If it isn’t smooth after 30 minutes, I’d try adding a little bit of oil to help facilitate blending.) Hope that helps!

    • Megan says

      I’d process it until it’s completely smooth, then add in some extra nuts and process again briefly so it has a chunky texture.

  168. Rachael says

    Thanks for the great ideas and pictures and great directions! My mom just stopped her statins and no more margarine either, She’s been nuts about almond butter lately as a substitute – almond butter and raw honey on a nice piece of gluten free toast. It’s so good to know it can make it here at home for her, knowing that at the very least it will be fresh oils entering her system and not rancid (which, I hear, that taste can be masked by the roasting process). It was a hot day so I just heated up the almonds in a pan in the stove. Worked like a charm. Took exactly 10 minutes. Thank you so much!!! They are waiting in two pretty mason jars for her to get home, and this is going to be part of the holidays this year, I’m sure!!! you’re awesome!

  169. Karen says

    I Have what might seem a strange question – I like whole and flaked almonds, but hate the taste of ground almonds and marzipan (I’m not sure why when its the same nut but hey ho, I have strange tastebuds!) My question is – before I attempt to make some butter and find that I don’t like it – does it have a strong marzipan flavour or is more like the original nut? (Told you it was strange :-) )

  170. Sue says

    Made this yesterday and it only took 15 minutes to make creamy almond butter. I chopped the nuts with my chopper and put in 180 deg oven for 1 hour. Put it in food processor and WOW. Magic happened. Tastes great. Thanks so much. Love your web site

  171. says

    This turned out perfect in my Cuisinart! Roasted first for 12 min then promptly processed. Took 30 min. Thank you for the easy instructions!

  172. messy says

    Oh my god, that took about a thousand years. I have a very powerful machine but it was put to the test! And I realised you just need a lot of almonds if the machine’s bowl is big.

  173. Jasmine says

    SWEET! Totally doing this, I have been eyeing almond butter for a couple weeks, working to get my kids off of Jiff PB! It is like $8-$12 for a little 16 oz jar – I can’t do that!!!!!! Now, I know peanuts aren’t as healthy, but can you do the same with peanuts so I have peanut butter for making certain things? Does it need any oil added for the peanuts?

    • Megan says

      I’ve actually never tried it with peanuts, so I can’t say for sure. I’d try it without the oil first, then add it if needed.

  174. says

    Just made this using you method and it’s the first time I’ve ever successfully made almond butter at home! It’s just at the stage first before being suuuuper smoothie and I’m so excited. I have this visionary food processor and it made it in in less than 10 mins. Thank you!

  175. Suzanne says

    I wish I would have read all these comments before trying this. I used an 11-cup food processor, and it took over an hour for the magic to happen, and I was telling my husband I wouldn’t be doing it again. Now I think I might try some of the tips above and have a better experience. I did get a nice creamy butter after all that time, but my back hurt from standing at the kitchen counter for so long. :) Thanks for your website!!

  176. Becky says

    I use my Champion juicer (with the plate and not the screen on) to make almond butter all the time. Way quicker. It doesn’t get quite this creamy, but I might try putting it in the food processor for a little bit after putting it through the juicer to see if it helps…..otherwise I normally add a little coconut oil to give it a creamier texture. We usually don’t have to worry too much about shelf life as it’s gone in a few days anyway! :)

  177. Amber Reid says

    Saw this easy recipe and had to try it immediately! I dry roasted the nuts (and because of life as a mom, did not get to blending them until they were almost cold–took a break to plant some sunflower seeds in egg cartons with the chickadees). Anywho, blended in my Cuisinart for 10 min and achieved perfection; placed in pint jelly jar; slapped a chalkboard label on it, and voila–The best almond butter ever!! The only question is ‘what is the best way to store and for how long?’

  178. George says

    Where is the info on what setting to use? I’d suspect “BLEND” but it never hurts to ask “how’d you do it”?

  179. Veronica says

    I made this today and it worked nicely. Thanks for the tips.
    I have one thing to suggest to everyone that is worried about their machines;
    I took my time with this. I have a two year old and a 7 month old so I can’t spend 10 minutes blending and I was also worried about how my ninja pro would handle it. I let it rest for a while in between goes. After scraping the sides twice I’d let it rest, attend to the kids and come back. Towards the end ( at the creamy stage) I let it go for about 5 mins at a time. Did this twice.
    Also keep in mind contacting the manufacture of the machine and ask it it can handle so many minutes continues running.

    Thanks again…now to make some biscuits.

  180. Maria says

    Hi, I loved this tutorial, it work out great for me, followed all the instructions and the result was perfect. now, I was wondering, is there anything I could add to the butter to make the flavour less “dry”. I know is confusing, because my butter is quite smooth and silky, but when I went and ate it it leaves a “dry” sensation in my mouth. Also, I love to eat this with a spoon but I assume it is better to have a partner in crime with this bad boy, any recommendations?

    • Megan says

      I think oil would be the only thing that might help the texture, but I’m personally used to it as is. I like to eat almond butter with sliced bananas, but it would also be great on celery sticks or baby carrots.

  181. Lishka says

    My Bosch blender became broken :( But I’ve made a cup of butter, not so smooth as on pictures. I guess I’ve spend like an hour for it and at the and I’ve added a few spoons of olive oil to finish the process)

  182. christy gerhardt says

    in the 1970s (yes, dinosaurs roamed the earth back then), i had a champion juicer. my partner’s brother got a job where he drove past the almond orchards after the almonds had been harvested. he would stop and glean whatever almonds had been left behind on the ground (still in their fuzzy shells, of course), and split them with us in trade for almond butter. the champion juicer makes great nut butter and is fast. if you see one at a garage sale, snap it up (they were made to last). it took longer to shell the fresh almonds than to grind the almond butter. i still have the juicer and it works just fine…but alas, i no longer live near the almond orchards.

  183. TJ says

    I might suggest updated the receipe to say ‘roasted almonds’, as it’s been over an hour and I’m still mixing the almonds. Wish I had of know before starting… going to take longer then I thought.

  184. Marita says

    I make almond butter in my Vitamix. I use 500g of almond and add about 60ml of Grapeseed Oil as well as a pinch of Himalayan salt. I have timed myself – 50 seconds and it is done!

  185. Phyllis says

    Just made some almond butter using my new Cuisinart food processor. It worked like a dream and took less than 10 minutes! Totally worth the new food processor cost! I did roast the almonds first as you suggested. It turned out very creamy and delicious. Next time will try adding some spices!

  186. Jackie says

    Has any one made almond butter in the Breville BREBFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor?
    I have made it a few times and it has worked fine but twice….the unit got so hot that the first time the blade cut through the bottom of the bowl, and I got it replaced by Breville, they sent me a new one and I was making almond butter and it again got so hot that it melted the bottom of the bowl, spilling scalding hot almond butter out of the unit that actually burnt my finger….I have seen many recipes on the internet for almond butter, and I am following the recipes, and also stop the machine any times through the process to scar the sides….Breville will now not replace the unit a second time…I believe this unit is not capable of the job of making almond butter, has anyone had this happen with this particular machine. Thank you.

  187. SweetTeaJamboree says

    I just tried this recipe with Costco brand almonds and my Cuisinart food processor. It has been going for 30 minutes and I’ve been scraping the bowl every so often and nothing. All I have is a bowl of ground up almonds. There seems to be a LITTLE bit of oil, however not enough to make some creamy almond butter.

    I ended up adding some honey, thinking that would help and now I’ve ended up with what looks like tan rice krispies. This is beyond me.

  188. Izabela says

    Wow!! It really works :)
    I have just made my very first almond butter!
    I was always thinking that my machine (Siemens MK554) was too slow or otherwise too weak to manage a nut butter. You convinced me to be patient and it paid off beautifully.
    Thank you soooooo much!!!

  189. says

    I am so going to make this butter tomorrow or event today! :) I’ve just bought some nice almond, I can’t wait to try it :) Thank you for all the tips 😀

  190. says

    With over 400 comments on this post, I don’t think mine will get read, but anyways. I have to thank you for this recipe, allthough I havn’t tried it out yet. But I gonna do so, when I’m finished writing. I goolged how to make almond butter and yours was the first result that came up. I thought it wouldn’t be possible to make your own, because most of the processors say so. But there’s hope 😀

    Thanks and I’ll try it!

  191. Michelle says

    I made this with my Nutribullet and it worked so well! I “roasted” the almonds on the stove in a pot for a few min and then put into the bullet and after about 10 min and stopping every min or so to scrape from the sides I have awesome almond butter! I am so pleased and will never buy expensive store bought again!!

  192. Miri says

    HELP! so i soaked the almonds, then dehydrate and roasted. Place it in my food processor and I made butter in 2 minutes!I was so happy so I added a pinch of salt and one Tbsp of maple syrup, start mixing and everything turned into a solid mass !!!! why??? What can i do to make it soft so I can spread it? I don’t want add any oil . Can you help me to understand what went wrong and how to fix it ? Thanks !

    • Megan says

      I’m not sure of the science behind why that happens, but I’ve seen almond butter get thick and sticky when I add maple syrup to it, too. I’m not sure how to fix it once that happens! (I don’t think adding oil would help.) I’d probably just press that version into a pan and stick it in the fridge or freezer so you can enjoy it like fudge!

  193. Joanne says

    I have a Ninja 1500, bought and soaked raw almonds, dried them on a dehydrator over night, but them in the Ninja and got nothing but very finely chopped almonds, tried to add a little olive oil and nothing. Just finely chopped almonds. Any ideas?

    • Jessica says

      I used a ninja professional and I had to just keep blending and scraping the sides it probably took 35 min to get the butter the consistency that would work. good luck!

  194. Jessica says

    I am so glad that I found this blog. I tried to make my own almond butter according to instructions on another blog and they were to bland 1 min then scrape down the sides and blend 2 more min and scrap the sides again and then 1.5 min more and done! well that just gave me some almond meal. I left the mess in the processor and went looking for better instructions and found yours! Thanks because now I have some lovely almond butter. I have a ninja professional and I think it took longer than 20 min but I don’t think my almonds are roasted. I bought them at Costco and the package didn’t say. your instructions are clear and the pictures helped a lot with what to expect and once I saw them I realized that it was just beginning the process and needed to keep going. I was worried about the heat and you explained that away for me. I am ready to try many other recipes now too.

  195. says

    Wow! You were certainly right about the patience factor required for this nut butter. I have been cringing at the cost of almond butter in the grocery store lately and decided to give those almonds a whirl (literally). It was also an exercise in patience :) Thanks for the recipe and tutorial!

  196. Janice Briggs says

    Great instructions! I eat almond butter spread on stalks of celery for breakfast. Delicious. Sometimes I stir in pine nuts when I can find them.

  197. Lucy says

    Oh my! That took me over an hour. I did soak my almonds but they were fully dry before I started (2days drying and half a day in the sun) I still don’t have a good consistency but I have simply run out of time. I think the recipe is good, but I won’t be trying again until I have a better processor., if ii ever do try again…

  198. Carol R says

    I just did this – and WOW – you are right. I will never buy it again. My fresh almond butter was sooooo much better!!! It is cool how all of a sudden it comes together at the end. I am in nut butter heaven right now!

    Without this great, picture laden tutorial I don’t think I would have made it to the end of the process. I would have probably pitched it part way through thinking it wouldn’t work. Thanks!

  199. Palyn says

    I’ve now made two batches of almond butter, following your guidelines. I lightly toasted three cups of raw almonds in the oven, and let them cool for just a bit before putting them in my Cuisinart Prep 11 Plus food processor. It went amazingly quickly, and I had satiny-smooth almond butter in just about six minutes! (Which was good, because it was a noisy process). And I had to scrape down the sides of the processor bowl only once. For the first batch, to be used for almond butter cookies, I didn’t add any other ingredients. It was rather bland, but perfect for its intended use. For the second batch, I added a small amount of kosher salt and a couple of teaspoons of raw sugar, to make it more palatable as a replacement for peanut butter. No need to ever buy ready-made, organic peanut or almond butter again. This way, I can control the quality of the ingredients. Thanks – simple but genius!

  200. Linna says

    As long as it doesn’t get above 118 degrees it is still considered raw, so even though the almonds do get heated up during the process of making the almond butter, it’s still not enough to make it not raw!

  201. says

    If you are going to spend all of your time to make your own almond butter, and probably destroy your food processor at the same time. Then take it form me, and a actual almond grower, do not buy your almonds from trader joes. Trader Joe’s does not sell fresh nuts. If you want good tasting butter then you need to always dry roast and use quality Nonpareil variety almonds. Trader Joe’s sells a majority of low quality nuts. you get what you pay for…

  202. Lynn says

    I was so inspired reading this blog. It’s been difficult to get Almond Butter where I had previously… Trader Joes and Costco. Since the Almond Butter recall a few months back it has not been at Costco and the times I’ve seen it at TJ they now have cashews in the ingredients and I don’t want cashews in my almond butter! So, I tried it in my Vitamix and it worked well. I used 4 cups of the raw almonds I get at Costco and 4 T of grape seed oil and churned away on hi for about the 1st 25 minutes (stopped a number of times to use a large spoon and scrape around to mix up top and bottom) and mainly on med. for last 15 minutes. Yep, took about 40 minutes but the results were well worth it! One recipe I saw called for Sunflower Oil (or maybe Safflower oil?) or peanut oil but I only have grape seed oil so I googled and found someone who uses that for their Almond Butter. So thanks for the inspiration and getting me past the hump of fear to try!

  203. Frances says

    I made this a few days ago. It came out great. However, today I made protein balls in it and tried making almond butter again and the motor whirs but the blade doesn’t spin. Googled and the manual says not to run it for more than a minute at a time. It’s a Hamilton Beach I’ve had for about 9 years or so. Very disappointed.

  204. says

    Oh wow! I’m sooo glad I saw your post, I never had such gorgeous almond butter as the one I tried this afternoon, and I waited, and waited and waited and WOW!!!!! I always gave up way before and added oil, and now I didn’t add anything and it’s fantastic. I have a Thermomix and the temperature went up to 70C while it was churning (about 160F)… but it worked! Thank you! thank you! thank you!!!!!

  205. Mohsin says

    Great recipe. Thank you much. It was a ‘smooth’ kind of butter. I want to make ‘crunchy’. Could you please help me?

  206. Krissy Kay says

    No one has mentioned using sliced almonds. Would’nt that make the whole process faster? Im going to slightly roast and try. Anyone try this yet?

  207. Krissy Kay says

    My Q is above. OMG… Just used 2 cups sliced almonds. Roastd 10 min at 350. Put in Vita-mix hot with a little salt and grapeseed oil. I had almond butter in 1-3 min. I got a 32 oz bag at Sams Club, but $13!!!! Worth it, no busted motor. Yes, i know, it wasnt organic.

  208. Betty says

    Just made my very first almond butter in a very old GE Food Processor. works great. Hadn’t made peanut butter since kids were home 30 years ago…will start again because it is better.

  209. HealthHappy says

    I wanted to make a Spiced Almond Milk recipe I saw on Simple Green Smoothies, but I didn’t have any almond butter. So I thought, “Ha, I’ll just make some. Can’t be too hard.” Found this recipe, and, voila! It came out great. I used organic raw almonds, and it didn’t take too much time. Knowing it was going to climb the sides of my Cuisinart, ball up, get warm, get grainy, and then creamy were all good to know. Knowing what to expect was really good. My spiced almond milk was delish too! A tip at the end of that recipe to put it in the Vitamix after heating it up was fabulous. Made the drink nice and frothy. Between the two recipes, it was well worth my time this morning! Yum yum!

  210. Heather says

    Hi just wondering I have a optimum blender with just the one blade (it’s very similar to a vitamix) would this be ok to use. I have blened almonds before and it blends them up in 3 mins but it was not to make butter.

  211. says

    Great recipe, thank you! HOWEVER I did something wrong! It was looking great, creamy smooth. Then I added some honey and it turned out real thick and course. It didn’t matter how long I kept it in the food processor (started smoking) it just wasn’t going to get smooth again. What did I do wrong?

    • Megan Gilmore says

      Yes, adding a liquid sweetener will do that. You can add oil or water at the same time to help keep it smooth– I usually add water to mine, but that does shorten the shelf-life of the nut butter to about a week or so in the fridge.

      • says

        I will do that with my next batch! Instead of remixing what I already have, I made some of it into little balls and rolled them in melted chocolate for a healthier treat!
        Next time I will add water or oil as directed.
        Thanks so much!

  212. Monique M. says

    I’m still waiting for mine to finish lol it’s been much longer than 30 minutes. >_< Hopefully the wait is worth it. This is my first time making a nut butter.

  213. anya clark says

    How much almond butter does this make, in grams? Also does almond butter have a much weaker flavour than other nut butters, so is it better for baking with?

  214. Annie says

    Just successfully made my own homemade almond butter for the first time!!! Thank you- exactly on point that patience was key. Used a Sunbeam hand handle mixer- perfection! So excited. Thanks

  215. Emily says

    I have tried to make my own almond butter and it stayed as crumbs for about 20 minutes, so I carried on blending, and now it’s just like a greasy dough ball – it’s not creamy at all? Do you have ant tips please? I feel so sad it hasn’t worked :(

  216. Christine says

    Hi, I thought it’s easier to digest if you sprout the almonds first. Could you do that and dry them in the oven?

    Thank you, I’ve been wanting to switch to almond butter for a long time (from Peanut butter, which isn’t so good for me personally to be eating), but am worried about digesting unsoaked/unsprouted almonds. Am I wrong about this?

    – Christine

  217. says

    I like making my own nut butters because the store bought ones are so full of sugar and I am a type 1 diabetic, my husband is type 2, so yeah those ones are out. I also made my own almond milk this morning. My son was amazed. Also make my own nut flours because we live in a very very small town where not much is available. I am so glad that I found this site, I put it in my favorites and will be visiting it often for keeping my family into more healthy living. Thank You Detoxinista*

  218. DataBased says

    Like Palyn commented above, my experience was about 6 minutes from the time I turned on the food processor. I did roast my (2 cups of) almonds before beginning and was prepared for a 20 minute wait. Imagine how surprised I was to find it happening so quickly! My blender has an edge scraper built in, which I’m suddenly very thankful for – and of course, I’m completely thankful for you posting this tutorial! We’re thrilled to be able to make our own almond butter.

  219. Bluet says

    Hi ! I don’t have a food processor but a strong blender, can I use my blender to make this almond milk ?
    thanks !


  1. […] Yesterday we dove into the world of peanut butter. With peanut butter allergies so prevalent these days, I’d like to give you some alternatives. Today’s feature: Almond Butter. I didn’t even know almond butter existed until about a year ago. While almond butter choices at the store are more limited, there are a few to choose from. Again, look for a minimal ingredient list. Stay away from added sugar and oils. All you need is almonds and maybe some salt. A good quality almond butter is usually pricey though. If you are lucky enough to live by a Trader Joe’s you can pick up a jar for about $5. Since I don’t, I prefer to make my own. You can’t beat the smell of fresh roasted almonds in the oven, and seeing them magically transform into butter in my food processor! For a tutorial, head over to one of my favorite websites: Detoxinista […]

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