Avocado Brownies (Flourless & Fudgy!)

These Avocado Brownies are an easy gluten-free dessert, using avocado instead of oil or butter. As a result, you’ll get an extra dose of fiber and nutrients in each bite. My Chocolate Avocado Pudding and Chocolate Avocado Smoothie are such a hit, I just know that you’ll love these brownies, too!

avocado brownies stacked

Benefits of Avocados

Why add avocado to a perfectly good dessert? Most recipes use plenty of butter or oil to give brownies a fudgy texture, but avocado can do the same thing while also adding extra fiber to the mix.

Here are a few more things I love about avocados:

  • They have more potassium than bananas.
  • They are a good source of monounsaturated fatty acids. (Specifically, they contain oleic acid, which has been linked to reducing inflammation.)
  • They may help to lower total cholesterol levels. (source)

Adding avocado to your food may help to increase nutrient absorption, specifically with vitamins A, D, E, and K, which are fat soluble. (source)

If you don’t want to worry about having a ripe avocado on hand, try freezing it when you have one, so you can use it later. Frozen avocado thaws well for guacamole, is the perfect addition to smoothies (like my Kale Smoothie), and you can also use it thawed to make this brownie recipe.

avocado brownies cut into squares

How to Make Avocado Brownies

I always turn to Alton Brown for a classic take on recipes, so I started with his cocoa brownie recipe when wanting to make this one. His version calls for plenty of butter and sugar, but very little flour, which I think is key to make a rich and fudgy brownie.

In this case, I’ve swapped the sugar for low-glycemic coconut sugar, replaced the butter with a ripe avocado, and omitted the flour in favor of fiber-rich almond butter. The result is a flourless brownie that is ultra-rich and fudgy! (And naturally gluten-free and dairy-free, to boot.)

avocado ingredients in food processor

Can You Taste the Avocado in these Brownies?

Avocado has a relatively mild flavor that works well in baking, but if you are super-sensitive to the flavor (like I am) I think it does come through slightly on your first bite. If you take a second bite, I find that the flavor goes almost unnoticed! (My husband says he can’t taste it at all in this recipe.)

pretty avocado brownies with avocado in the background

I’ve tried to keep the sugar as low as possible in this recipe, but if you’d like to hide the avocado flavor even more, you can add 1/4 cup of maple syrup to this recipe for a sweeter-tasting result.

For a keto avocado brownie, I imagine you can use a granulated sugar substitute to replace the coconut sugar. I haven’t tested that myself, since my body doesn’t seem to agree with zero calorie sweeteners, but please leave a comment below if you give it a try so that other readers can benefit from your experience!

Avocado Brownies Tutorial (1-Minute Video):

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pretty avocado brownies with avocado in the background
Avocado Brownies (Flourless & Fudgy!)
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
45 mins
Total Time
55 mins

These Avocado Brownies are rich & fudgy, and made healthier by using avocado instead of butter or oil. They are naturally gluten-free and dairy-free!

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: gluten-free
Keyword: avocado brownies
Servings: 16
Calories: 126 kcal
Author: Megan Gilmore
  1. Preheat the oven to 325ºF and line a 9-inch square baking dish with parchment paper. (I like to grease the pan first, so the parchment paper will stay in place.)

  2. You can make these brownies in a single bowl, mashing the avocado with a fork until relatively smooth, or you can make them in a food processor to get rid of all the avocado chunks. (I prefer using a food processor, but I've had good results with both methods.)

  3. In a food processor, combine the avocado (peel and pit removed), cacao powder, eggs, coconut sugar, almond butter, baking powder, vanilla, and salt. Process until smooth, stopping to scrape down the bowl as needed.

  4. Fold in the chocolate chips, then pour the batter into the prepared pan. (Decorate the top with a few extra chocolate chips, if desired.) Bake at 325ºF for 45 minutes, or until the center of the brownies looks cooked-through. (You don't want any jiggle when you shake the pan.)

  5. Allow the brownies to cool completely. The avocado flavor is MUCH more pronounced if you try these warm, so please don't be tempted to taste them until they have come to room temperature. You can place them in the fridge if you want to speed up the cooling process, or you'll have to wait at least 2 hours for them to cool on the counter.

  6. Slice the brownies into small squares and serve. It's normal for this brownie to stick to the knife a bit with you cut them, since they are flourless and very fudgy. Leftovers can be stored on the counter for up to 48 hours, or in the fridge in an airtight container for up to a week.

Avocado Brownies Nutrition (per square): Calories: 126, Fat: 7g, Carbohydrates: 16g, Fiber: 2g, Protein: 3g

Recipe Notes:

  • If you need a nut-free recipe, try replacing the almond butter with 1/4 cup of your favorite flour. (I’d try oat flour or a gluten-free mix, or you could use 1/2 cup of almond flour instead.)
  • If you dislike the flavor of avocado, you can replace half of it with butter or oil instead to ease yourself into the idea. I’d try 3 to 4 tablespoons of coconut oil or butter to replace half of an avocado.
  • For a keto avocado brownie, try using a granulated sugar-free sweetener to replace the coconut sugar. (And let me know how it goes, please!)
  • For a vegan avocado brownie, omit the eggs and replace them with 1/4 cup of all-purpose gluten-free flour, and increase the almond butter to a 1/2 cup total.

If you try this recipe, please leave a comment below letting me know how you like it! And if you make a modification or substitution, please let me know how that works out for you, too. We can all benefit from hearing about your experience!

Reader Feedback: Have you ever tried adding avocado to a dessert? In addition to my chocolate avocado pudding and smoothie, my Avocado Truffles are also popular around Valentine’s Day!

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Can’t wait to try these! Thanks for the recipe.


Just put these in the oven and I can’t believe how quick and easy they are! Judging by how the batter tastes, I think they are going to be amazing. (And I couldn’t taste the avocado at all!)


Can you please clarify step 3 of the instructions, where it says flax seed, but there is no flax seed in the ingredient list? Thanks!


Sounds yummy…. but where did you get this recipe from…in your directions it says flax seed yet you don’t have flax on your ingredients list.

    Megan Gilmore

    Sorry for the confusion! The first two times I made this I included flax seed, but I found it wasn’t necessary in later trials, so I took it out of the ingredients and forgot to remove it from the directions. It’s fixed now!

Rick McCall

Flax seed is in the mixing instructions, but not the ingredients list. How much?

    Megan Gilmore

    Sorry, that’s a typo leftover from one of my first trials. This recipe doesn’t need flax!


Wow, these are so good! You can’t even tell there’s avocado in these brownies.


I can’t believe there’s avocado in here! You can’t taste it AT ALL.


These are so fabulous and fudgy! I have tried quite a few disappointing healthy brownie recipes since I went gluten, dairy, processed sugar, etc etc free last year, but these were exactly what I’ve been looking for! I will play with them in the future to try to reduce the amount of sugar, even if it’s coconut sugar… they were very sweet, so I think they can still be a special treat with less sugar.


Can’t wait to try these out on my co-workers


Thanks for another delicious recipe !
I didn’t have almond butter on hand so substituted peanut butter!


Thankyou for this very easy recipe. I had to substitute some of the ingredients, I used peanut butter instead of nut butter and I didn’t have coconut sugar, so used a little raw sugar and some sweetener. Will definitely repeat it when Avos are cheap. I am in the very North off NZ. THANKYOU. EILEEN


Could you use honey or make let syrup instead of coconut sugar?


These are incredible! Amazing recipe, Megan!


These brownies are great! We did not taste the avocado. Can’t stop eating them!

Melissa Berry

HUGE hit! Even my picky family members loved them! My favorite part was after the entire batch was gone, telling them that they had avocado in them. No one believed me hahah. Thank you for another great recipe!


Used powdered peanut butter and 1/4 white sugar and Used Cacao instead of chocolate chips. Turned out not at thick as your picture, but so yummy. More like cake. Thanks for sharing . Will make again!


I made these yesterday. They were delicious! The only thing is that I’m not the biggest fan of dark chocolate because of the bitterness. I am trying to start eating healthy, so is there any way I can adjust the recipe so that it doesn’t taste so much like dark chocolate but is still healthy?


Amazing. Took suggestions and Substituted the almond butter for the almond flour, light brown sugar for the coconut sugar. Oh and I didn’t have dark chocolate so I used for milk chocolate . Turned out amazing! My hubby loved them.


Can the almond butter be substitute with peanut butter


Really good family loves I added 1 tbsp instant coffee thanks will make this again for sure

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