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Weight Loss Instant Pot Recipes (and Meal Plan!)

best healthy instant pot cookbook

The Fresh & Healthy Instant Pot Cookbook is loaded with quick & easy recipes, made with real food ingredients– without using processed seasoning packets or refined sugar. There is a photo for every recipe, along with the nutrition information you might need, and all of the recipes call for ingredients that are easy to find in your local grocery store. (I’m a lazy cook myself, so if it’s not easy I won’t make it!)

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Hurry! My “Thank You Gift” for YOU is about to expire…

If you’re looking to lose weight, or would simply like some meal plan guidance to make your busy week a little easier, I’ve got just the thing for you. It’s a new bonus e-book loaded with healthy weight loss recipes for your Instant Pot, plus 3 weeks of meal plans! 

instant pot weight loss recipes

To help celebrate my new book, The Fresh & Healthy Instant Pot® Cookbook, I’ve created this bonus companion guide filled exclusive Instant Pot recipes and my go-to weight loss tips to help you reach and maintain your goals over the long term.

This is my gift to YOU for pre-ordering the new book.

When the book is released on Tuesday, October 9th, the preorder bonus will expire so make sure you download your bonus ASAP. (Scroll down to the bottom of this post to redeem your bonus e-book, using your purchase receipt.)

instant pot meal plans

Here’s what you’ll find in the 52-page bonus program:

  • The 3 keys to reaching your ideal weight
  • A healthy eating formula to set you up for success
  • 3 weeks of complete meal plans, including 3 meals + 2 snacks each day
  • Bonus lists of both Vegan & Low-Carb recipes to help customize your plan
  • Pantry shopping list
  • Printable challenge tracker
  • Instant Pot Resource guide, to help you learn your electric pressure cooker
  • 6 exclusive Instant Pot recipes
  • 6 preview recipes from The Fresh & Healthy Instant Pot® Cookbook

The exclusive weight loss Instant Pot recipes you’ll find in this PDF aren’t published anywhere else, and include a photo for every recipe and the nutrition information you might need, just like all of the recipes do in my new cookbook!

Exclusive Healthy Instant Pot Recipes

healthy instant pot recipes

The exclusive recipes in this guide include:

  • Vegan Butter Chickpeas with Cauliflower Rice (cooked in the same pot!)
  • Curried Chicken Salad (with vegan option)
  • Lightened-Up Burrito Bowls (another one-pot meal)
  • Sesame-Ginger Lentil Salad
  • Un-Stuffed Cabbage Bowls
  • Italian Chopped Quinoa Salad

All of the above recipes are either already vegan, or they include a tested vegan option, so that everyone can enjoy these flavorful meals.

In case you didn’t know, almost ALL of the sauces in my new cookbook are naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan, to accommodate a number of diets. That means even if a recipe calls for meat or fish, you can easily swap out the protein for another favorite that fits your dietary needs.

You can get more details about the new cookbook, and see the full table of contents in this post.

Healthy Instant Pot Preview Recipes

fresh and healthy instant pot recipes

The following preview recipes from The Fresh & Healthy Instant Pot® Cookbook are also included:

  • Healthy Hummus
  • Chicken Tikka Masala (with vegan option)
  • Eggroll in a Bowl (with vegan option)
  • Lentil & Walnut Tacos (my favorite taco filling!)
  • Kung Pao Chickpeas (with rice that cooks at the same time)
  • Instant Cauliflower “Fried Rice” (no food processor or grater necessary)

UPDATE: This bonus offer has now expired. 

Thank you so much for supporting my new book. I hope you’ll love the recipes and all of the full-color photos for each one. I’m so happy with how beautifully it’s turned out!

This 52-page bonus e-book is my gift to YOU for supporting The Fresh & Healthy Instant Pot Cookbook. It includes my go-to weight loss tips and recipes, a 3-week meal plan, and exclusive pressure cooker recipes. (Vegan & low-carb options included!) #instantpot #cookbook #healthy #weightloss #recipes

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Amy W.

I always want (need) more tips on specifically how to make one pot meals. I’ve never tried it because I’m so nervous it won’t work!

    Megan Gilmore

    I was nervous to try them at first, too! But now that’s what I use my Instant Pot for the most. I love throwing everything in there for dinner and having it ready without standing over the stove! There are lots of options for that in the new book, and the directions walk you through each step.

Sherri R

Can’t wait to try the sesame-ginger lentil salad! We use your recipes all the time and I especially appreciate the vegan recipes!


Thank you so much for the awesome bonus! I’ve been SO looking forward to your new book. Can’t wait to make some good vegan dishes!


I shared your books link with my friend who’s still afraid of her IP. She got an IP on Prime Day, and her husband has been the one doing all the cooking with it!

    Megan Gilmore

    I was so scared of mine when I first got it, too! I hope the book helps!

AdEle resteepo

Hi Megan!
I love all your recipes, and I’m stoked about the bonus. I’ve had my instant pot for a while now, but I’ve only cooked pot in pot once. Your recipes are so easy to follow, and they never disappoint. I’m ready to try cooking two dishes simultaneously!

Sherri R

Shared in an email!


Chicken tikka masala in the instant pot sounds good to me today!

Kimberly h.

I would love to learn how to make a “casserole” type meal, my daughter says a “bean soup”, and I’ve often wondered if it is possible to make a healthier sweet treat i.e. like a dutch oven style cobbler or something. I realize making a fruit “crisp” would be difficult bc I don’t think things typically stay crispy in a pressure cooker, but yeah, something like that – “Pie in a Pot” – a different healthy version of pot pie, savory or sweet.

    Megan Gilmore

    There’s a fresh apple crumble in the new book that’s SO good! It’s not quite as crispy as a traditional crisp, but it’s still got all of the flavor and texture there, while being super-easy!

Cassie Baker

I would love to try the Kung Pao Chickpeas with rice! Sounds amazing.


I love soup recipes for the Instant Pot! A vegetarian chili would be great.

Anna Rude

I’m excited about the shakshuka recipe. My kids love that!

Karen CAmp

Hi Megan, I love your sight and recipes you send me. I’m on a tight budget, hope I ein! Would love to see a beef stew

Colleen Cole

Looks like it’ll be a great cook book!

LeeAnne Paulenoff

Healthy Buffalo Chicken Dip or Buffalo Califlower!

Julie Barron

My daughter bought me your new cook book for Mother’s Day. Can’t wait to receive it! Still don’t have an instapot yet but will definitely be getting one soon.

Nicole Lockhart

I’m interested in all things vegetarian Indian/lower carb! I love my big instant pot but keep thinking I could cut my Sunday weekly prep time in half with a second pot!


I’m really curious to try a dessert recipe in the Instant Pot! And in general I’m excited to use your new cookbook to integrate the Instant Pot more into our cooking routine – right now it’s just a once in a while appliance.

I’ve shared the link with a couple friends who want to get more out of their instant pot for the bonus entry.

Karen CAmp

Hi Megan, I emailed your email to sev. friends, copied you for 2nd entry.Love your recipes!


Chicken paprikas

Rochelle Chakraborty

I would love to try the Eggroll in a bowl. I’ve seen so many good reviews about it!

Cheryl Contreras

I would love to make a fish with sweet potatoes in an IP

Melissa K.

My wonderful very old pressure cooker has kicked the bucket. I’d love to try an instant pot.
I love cooking under pressure. I make veggie broth, vegan rissotto and SOUPS and BEANS! yum!


I would love to try desserts in the IP. I have made plenty of savory things but have yet to try desserts – mostly because I am not a big cheesecake fan 🙂 If I were to win, this IP would go to my mom. Thanks for the chance!


I’d love to know some more flavorful recipes that are vegetarian/vegan. I love your recipes, but others outside of your website that I’ve tried are lacking flavor in the Instant pot. It’s like it zaps the spices or something? Or maybe they don’t have time to cure. I haven’t run into that with any of your IP recipes though. Also, dinner recipes that are V/V but not rice based. Thanks so much! I’m soooo excited about the book!

    Megan Gilmore

    I think you need to use extra seasonings with the Instant Pot because there is no evaporation, like there is with traditional cooking, which concentrates the flavors.

Jacqueline Muscha

I don’t own an Instant Pot but have been so curious about them and trying one. I really want to try the burrito bowls.

Rochelle Chakraborty

I shared the link!! It looks like a great cookbook!

Melissa K.

I sent the link to my friends on facebook, too!


Lentil & walnut tacos!

Rachael Ball

Thank you for this! Would love to see a jambalaya recipe!

Francesca S.

I’d like to make one pot meals and more healthy meals!

Thanks for sharing your recipes!


I would like to try them all they sound so good but my first would have to be the Egg roll in a Bowl and Unstuffed Cabbage Roll Bowls, Yum Thank you for these wonderful recipes and Awesome opportunities, I have the updated kind you use on the stove, but just aren’t comfortable with it and would love to try this. Thanks


I would love to see a ribs or beef roast recipe! I make these all the time and love trying new sauces and ways to make them. I dont have an instant pot yet so Id love to win!

Stephanie F

I have always wanted to try Egg Roll in a Bowl, and never knew there was an Instant Pot recipe! And I’ll be sharing via Instagram!


Can’t wait to try the chicken tikka masala! I absolutely love the eggroll in a bowl and look forward to branching out to try new things with this book!

Danielle Blue

Thank you for this! Soooo excited for your cookbook. I’ve been terrified of using my IP and have been a little overwhelmed by it–especially when it comes to adapting other recipes not originally written for the IP.

I’m really looking forward to learning how to cook multiple dishes at the same time to reduce time cooking and cleaning. Multiple pots and pans and dishes to clean after every meal is so exhausting after a day at work and takes away from playtime with the kiddos before they go to bed.

I’m also really excited to learn some new, healthy meals. Love your site!

Also, I’ve shared the link to your book with my mom and friends. 🙂


Oh my goodness! So excited to try all the recipes in this book! Especially because we’re vegan. It’s so exciting to know every recipe has a vegan option!!! Love that you do that! Really, I love all the work you do. We had Kung Pao Chickpeas for lunch from the crockpot. Can’t wait to use your new book to try them in the InstantPot!

HoLly Flynn

I would love to try the lentil walnut tacos! 🌮
I do not have an Instant Pot😕
So this would be such a wonderful prize to win! And of course I would totally buy your new book! 💜

Crystal webb

I’d like to try cooking steel cut oats in a new instant pot!


Excited to try any kid friendly recipes in the new book. I emailed the link to a neighbor who just bought an instspot and she is super excited to get a book full of healthy recipes!

Lauren denius

Chicken curry


I would love an instant pot especially since becoming a first time
Mom and finding myself with a lot less time to spend in the kitchen! I would love to make a yummy tortilla soup or other veggie loaded soup that I don’t have to stand and stir and watch on the stove for an hour plus!


Any type of “One pot” vegan meals!

Colleen Daiger

I would love to win an instant pot! I’ve read all about it in The Plant Paradox.
I have really been enjoying your recipes. Every recipe I’ve tried is delicious! Thank you!


Thank you for the chance to win. All of your recipes look amazing, but I don’t have an instapot so I am crossing my fingers (and toes!) and hoping I might win so I can order your new cookbook and try them all. Thank you.

Sandra slusarzyk

My family loves chickpeas but they do take a lot of time to “spice” up. I would want to try the Kung Pao Chickpeas recipe if I won the Instant Pot!

Also just shared the link to your new cookbook on my Facebook page.

Good luck with the new cookbook.

Thank you!

Sandra Dillon

Just bought my instant pot and looking forward to your cookbook. This entry is for my daughter who wants one but husband says they don’t really need it

Linda McElwee

Megan, I enjoy your newsletters and the recipes that you share. Our daughter is due within a few weeks. I have shared with her several of your articles about healthy eating while pregnant and also nursing. I already have your EveryDay Detox cookbook and am looking forward to your new Fresh and Healthy Instant Pot Cookbook. One of my favorite things to do is read several of your recipes and then adapt them to the ingredients that I have on hand. I am better at reading recipes to see what things will taste good when cooked together, but not necessarily following the recipes to the letter.

Will you have any recipes suitable/specific to the 3qt. Mini Duo Instant Pot in your new cookbook? I realize that cutting ingredient amounts in half is an always an option. Also ideas on pans to be used for pan in pan cooking in the smaller sized Instant Pot would be helpfu.

I use my 3qt. Mini Duo Instant Pot often especially if I am cooking just for myself, but have been considering the 6qt. Instant Pot so I can make enough to freeze for future meals. Therefore, I’m excited to enter your giveaway. Thanks for all of your healthy and tasty ideas.

April Kegley



I would start with chicken tikka masala… but then made each one of your instant pot receipes 😂 I discovered your blog this year and I am beyond blessed! everything I made so far is amazing. I do not own instant pot yet but while I do I will keep cooking more of your stuff!
Thanks for inspiring and helping me to make healthy choices ! ❤️

Ali Andrews

Really want to try your take on vegan tikka masala! Its my absolute favorite Indian dish. Definitely plan to order the e-book now that I am back to work and need easy recipes for my toddler, 6mo old, and hubby to enjoy with me! Having an instapot would make meal time sooooo much easier on this mama!

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